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Personal Information File - Johanna Mason Empty Personal Information File - Johanna Mason

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Full Name: Mason, Johanna. (Middle name: Amber).
Race: Caucasian.
Nationality: Canadian.
Age: Twenty-Six.
Gender: Female.
Height: Six ft. One.
Weight: One hundred, and forty-three pounds.
Build: Athletic (Considering she's been eating once a week for the past year.)


Hair(Shape+Color): Long, flowing hair. Very light, bleached blonde.
Facial Hair: None.
Details(Scars,Burns etc): Currently, none.
Hat: None.
Glasses: None.
Face: Feminine, somewhat cute and pretty. She seems to maintain it well.
Top: Long, slender body.
Arms: Feeble; have somewhat of a feminine/brittle look to them.
Hands: Feminine hands. Small, with long fingers.
Pants: Patched black pants. They look tight, and about as close as you get to leather now-a-days.
Legs: Slender, feminine legs.
Shoes: Simply described, leather hooker boots.
Image of character (Picture):

Personal Information File - Johanna Mason 11gsnbo (One to the very left. I apologize about small size.)



Johanna Mason

Johanna Mason. Born, simply put, a stereotypical 'Pretty' girl. Entering beauty pageant galore, and getting all the boys at school. Even at a young age, Johanna dressed like a 'Skank'. She knew it, the boys knew it, but hell, none of them cared. She went through elementary school with ease. Being born in Canada, there was no middle school. She went straight to high school from grade eight...

...And it hit her like a brick...

She was in no way ready for the harder academics, and even skankier girls. When she thought she was the prettiest girl you could find, she was one of the uglier ones. She knew she had to try harder, but with the new, and worsening academics, both became much, much harder to keep up with. She somehow made it through high school. Yeah, she had her "High school embarrassments", like all girls do, but she made it through.

She decided she wanted to do something with her life, other than pick up guys off the street and become a prostitute. She became intrigued with hunting. She learned to use a bow and arrow, effectively, and even got quite good. At one point in her life, she even wanted to just hunt, and sell the pelts. But she knew no living could come off that.

She had moved out in the country, allowing peace, quiet, and all the hunting you could want. In this, she became resourceful. Making traps, and becoming quite smart. But once again, she knew she couldn't do this all her life. Nor could she keep using her parents' money to pay her mortgages, bills, taxes etc. After a short time, she went to med-school. She was only Twenty at the time, so she could easily make it to a normal college, with her average grades in high school.

She applied. To the nearest med-school she could find. After waiting a few weeks, she was accepted. She went through it, learning how to be a nurse/doctor, and perform simple surgeries. After four long years, she graduated the school, before... You guessed it, applying for a job as a nurse.

She lied, and elaborated on her resume, like everyone does, and eventually got a phone call, "Hello?" She said, picking it up and hitting speaker, "Yes... This is *Hospital name*, calling you to say you've been accepted. Congratulations, you will start tomorrow. We'll fax you your hours, and the directions to the hospital." The voice had replied. Johanna was almost speechless in amazement, before the voice said something again. Snapping her out of it, "Okay?" It had said. She nodded, as if the voice could see her, "Yeah... That's perfect! Thanks!" She said, before hanging up the phone and gathering all her things. She couldn't wait.

The details were faxed to her, and she began work. A normal nurse for a while, but performing little-to-no surgeries.

And, as always, just as life was getting good.... The Combine attacked. Leaving little-to-nothing alive in the hospital. Johanna had no idea what was going on. She hid in the basement of the hospital, hoping for the explosions to be over... And they ended... In blackness. She was somehow knocked out, and was awoken... In City Forty-Five. She is now a normal citizen of City Seventeen. But she's been moved the odd time, and is using the fact she's still a beautiful lady, and her medical skills, smarts, and hunting experience to her advantage.



"You can always say something to hurt your reputation around here... Not like I already have."

"Is that... R- r- real whiskey!?"

*Quotes from before the war*

"Big results require big ambitions, honey."

"In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure."

Extras: None.

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