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Will 'Guerriero' Johnson - Data File Empty Will 'Guerriero' Johnson - Data File

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Full Name: Will Alexander Johnson
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2
Weight: 157 LBS.
Build: Slim, but also strong.

Hair(Shape+Color): Short black hair. No definite shape
Facial Hair: A rough beard
Details(Scars,Burns etc): Tattoo on back that reads "Remember the fallen"
Hat: A dark-colored beanie.
Glasses: None
Face: Manly. Handsome and dirty.
Top: Long, somewhat bulky body, tanned
Arms: Seems to be normal length, tanned
Hands: Regular length, somewhat tanned.
Pants: Dark-colored pants. Seemed to be torn-free.
Legs: Manly and average size.
Shoes: Dirty, light boots.
Image of character (Picture): (It's the one to the left)
Will 'Guerriero' Johnson - Data File Male111fix2

Backstory: Born in 1989, Anchorage Alaska. Will learned quickly the tools of the trade at a young age. He had a father, a mother, and a brother. He went to school like the rest and did his homework, like the rest. Although he lived out in the woods, away from all the commotion from the big city. That's where he learned to hunt exceptionally well.

He was 8 years old when his father took him to shoot a pistol. For his first time, well.....he sucked. His father wasn't gonna let his son be a wuss however. Everyday for the next 2 years they went to the range, slowly improving his accuracy on the targets. Will grew up with these weapons knowing one day he'd have to shoot more than just a target's head. He was 12 when his father took him to hunt for the first time. Will shot 2 rabbits that day. The cold was to much to keep continuing and they had to leave. Will left with a bitter taste in his mouth. Knowing he could do better.

At age 14, Will made the honor roll. Will was exceptionally good grades and kept them up all the way through high-school. When he was 18, he stood with the other young men and women and walked to receive his diploma. To everyone, 18 meant a lot of things. No more school, jobs, and moving out. But to Will, it meant two things, adult hood and hunting by himself.......

Skipping to the age of 19, Will has moved out of his parents house by now and has himself a house in the more populated area of Alaska, in the big city. One day he recieved an e-mail from his friend if he wanted to come with him on a vacation............to Italy. Will hesitantly said yes, not knowing even what the hell Italy looked like.

While in Italy Will actually became fascinated by the language they spoke. They stayed in Italy for 2 weeks. And Will gazed around the city, completely amazed by the infrastructure and language. By the time Will got home he enrolled in a college in Fairbanks. He wanted to become bi-lingual.

College passed and Will kept up his good grades, actually eventually meeting his wife in Fairbanks. By the time he was 21, he was married and graduated college in . By the time of 2010, he had 3 girls. He absolutely adored them. And he got a job working with Italian immigrants and helping them learn English. He accepted it and began working. When he was at the age of 25, he was called away to New York to help immigrants.....well immigrate to New York and the surrounding areas. After kissing his children and wife goodbye and packing his suitcase, he left.

Now 2 days into New York was when the combine invaded. Will looked outside onto the balcony of his apartment and saw the massive dropships spewing what looked like soldiers onto the street. And the giant hole that was opened a few miles outside of the city. Will quickly evacuated to the military shelter that was located in New York. There was only one thing on his mind......his family. He looked outside the windows and saw what looked pods with legs, and they were massive. Will notices one staring at him through the window, and all that Will can remember what the defeaning shot and the floor crumbling beneath him, falling down a 6-story building, all that Will can remember is that the ground rushed up to meet him very quickly and darkness swallowing him...........



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