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Liberty's Uncivil Projection Application Empty Liberty's Uncivil Projection Application

Post by Liberty Prime on Sat Jun 08, 2013 10:15 pm

Out Of Character Information
Steam Name: .:[GbG] Liberty Prime
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:46158412
Steam URL: /profiles/76561198052582553
HL2RP Server Playtime: An hour
I agree not to ask admins to check my application.
Do you have any experience role-playing as an "Civil Protection Officer"?
Yes, lots of it.

Regarding Your Character And The MPF
Give an example between your loyalist and an MPF Unit:

Me: Sir/Ma'am.
Unit: Citizen.
Me: I have some contraband to turn in.
Unit: Give it to me.
**Me spins her backpack around to his front, lifting out a single magazine of dark matter rounds (AR2 rounds). Heaving, she places them on the floor.
Unit: Where the hell did you get that!?
Me: It was in one of the small apartments in the slums, in a puddle of blood with a blue eyed faceplate.
Unit: You’re coming down for interrogation.
Me: Willingly sir.
**Unit takes the clip off the ground with ease and puts it in his pack.
Unit: Apply.
Me: Heather Anderson, 77933.
**Unit checks his datapad.
Unit: I need you to turn around, I’ve gotta tie you, can’t risk you pressing buttons in the nexus.
**Me turns around and puts her wrists together to behind her back, ready to be tied.
Unit: I won’t tie you too tightly.
**Unit takes a zip tie out of his pack; putting it around the loyalist’s wrists he slides the zip tie into itself, tightening it up a little bit.
**Me cringes as the unit ties her, then turns around and follows the unit into the nexus and down to the interrogation room, where she sees a dark room with one spotlight on a bloodied chair next to a single desk in the otherwise empty room; she sits down on the chair.
Unit: Was there anything else significant in the apartment?
Me: There were large bullet holes in the cabinets next to the where the blood and the faceplate lay, I didn’t pick up the faceplate, I was too scared to do so.
Unit: Did you see anyone in the area?
Me: No, I don’t go in the slums if anyone is around.
Unit: Understandable, don’t want to run into any Anti-Citizen scum.
**Unit pulls out his data pad, flicking it on and typing in the citizens CID. After adding loyalty points he flicks it off and slides it back into his pack.
Unit: Come on, let’s get you back up to the plaza.
*They head up to the plaza where the unit unties the loyalist, both continue with their duties.*

Give an example between your MPF, and a group of heavily armed rebels:

*My 05 is tied to a metal chair bolted to the ground and there are 3 heavily armed rebels surrounding me; it is in an abandoned warehouse with all windows boarded up*
Rebel 1: Why the fuck is he still alive, we don’t need shit from him.
Rebel 2: We can get information from him about the nexus, we may want to infiltrate it and take over the city when we build our army.
Rebel 3: Yeah, try not to kill him until you get as much info as you can please.
**05 mutters rude words behind her mask.
**Rebel 1 punches the 05 in the gut then tries to rip his faceplate off.
**The straps break as the faceplate comes off.
Rebel 2: Oh it's a girl.
Rebel 1: Tell us the easiest way into the CA’s office and we’ll make this real quick and easy.
05: (Yelling) I’m not telling you shit!
**Rebel 2 goes to kick the 05 in the ballsack.
**05 gets kicked in the ballsack, not screaming like the rebels retardedly expected.
**Rebel 3 takes a cloth and rolls it up as he puts it in the 05’s mouth and wraps it around the back of her head.
**05 moans and groans.
**05 tries to kick Rebel 2 in the shin.
**Rebel 2 gets kicked in the shin and goes to throw a hard punch at the 05’s nose.
**05 gets punched in the nose, it starts bleeding and she tries to keep her head up as it happens, as her hands are tied to the chair.
05: (Gasping) Prisoner pod line, plaza, right of nexus stairs, go up the elevators.
**Rebel 1 unholsters his Beretta 92 and puts it to the 05’s head, pulling the trigger.
**05 closes her eyes as the gun is unholstered and shows no resistance against being shot.
**Rebel 2 and 3 start yelling at Rebel 1.

Give an example between an MPF unit and a free vortigaunt:

**DvC is patrolling because no lower ranks active
**Raak'Lin is lurking in the distance following the DvC, getting a little closer
**Raak'Lin forms a ball of vortessence in her right claw
**DvC hears the noise it emits and turns around, unslinging his G36C he aims at the vort
**Raak'Lin traps the DvC in a ball of vortessence shield thing
**DvC opens fire all around him, his shots having no effect, seeing that the vort is losing power and the ball is fading he gets ready, taking aim.
**Raak'Lin loses power and ends the shield ball thing, trying to turn invisible
**DvC sprays everywhere where the vort is
**Raak'Lin gets riddled with bullets
**DvC laughs as he walks over to the corpse
**Raak'Lin's lifeless body gets dragged into the nexus by the DvC

Give an example between your MPF and a higher ranked unit:

Me (04): This CWU would like his union card and a union bio-lock.
01: Has he already had one before?
Me: No sir, he's a new CWU.
01: What apartment number Citizen.
CWU: 4A.
01: Both of you come with me.
**Me nods.
CWU: Yes sir.
**They all head down to the training room
**The 01 walks into the armory and returns with a union card and a bio-lock.
01: Don't lose it or let an anti-citizen get hold of that union card citizen.
CWU: Y-Yes sir.
Me: Alright, I'm going back on patrol.
01: Yes, you are, and take the Citizen out with you.
Me: Come with me Citizen.
CWU: Yes sir.
**Me and the CWU go up the elevator and leave the nexus.

Your character's backstory:

Herbert Moon was a good loyalist in city 17, running his shop and cleaning shit for the MPF to get loyalty points. He aims to become a City Administrator but decided he should become MPF first.He loves the Universal Union.

In Character Information

*It is written in what looks like a fountain pain in a neat font on rough paper*

What is your name? Herbert Moon

Why do you want to become a part of the CCA? So I may server better use for the CCA with the training provided and the ability to enforce the law of the UU fully.

How would you be an asset to the union? I would enforce the UU law with great effort and responsibility, I would do as I'm told and always follow the orders of higher ranks and always bow down to those of senior rank.

Where do you wish to take your CCA career? I pledge my soul to the UU and I aim to become a City Administrator, I thought I should join the MPF first though, as to prove further trust-ability.

What is your age? I am 34 years of age.

*There is a small unreadable signature at the bottom of the paper*

Liberty Prime

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Liberty's Uncivil Projection Application Empty Re: Liberty's Uncivil Projection Application

Post by Gerby! on Fri Jun 14, 2013 6:04 pm

PENDING - A few grammar mistakes, and I didn't like the examples. You have 5 days to edit this, and make it a little bit better before I decline the application, and lock this thread.

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