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Gerby's Vortiguant Application Empty Gerby's Vortiguant Application

Post by Gerby! on Sun Jun 09, 2013 11:53 am


Steam Name: [SN-A]Gerby!

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:52269753

Steam URL: Still not allowed to post links. POOEY!

HL2RP Server Playtime: About a week.

I agree not to ask admins to check my application.

Do you have any experience role-playing as a vortigaunt?: I do! I've been a vortiguant on a few servers before, twice free, and once enslaved.

Are you enslaved or free?: I would like to be enslaved. Reason being, I haven't had as many chances to RP as an enslaved vortiguant, and would like to experience it more.

Give an example between your Vortigaunt and a Rebel:

Xan'Norl: /me is in the sewers, resting against a wall when he hears some footsteps.

Rebel: /me sprints into the sewers, diving into the water and quickly swimming out.

Xan'Norl: /me attempting to silence his footsteps as best as he can, scurries into a small tunnel.

Rebel: /me doesn't notice the vort, but runs into the same tunnel, before looking behind him, and letting out a sigh of relief. It's obvious he was being chased... But by what?

Xan'Norl: /me looks over his shoulder, seeing the rebel paused, and catching his breath.

Xan'Norl: /me stops, turning his full body around, and staring at the rebel.

Xan'Norl: "This- This one... Meanssss no harm."

Rebel: /me jumps up, quickly unslinging his shotgun by reflex, and flicking the safety off. He only notices the red eyes, not just the vort.

Xan'Norl: "This one is... Friend."

Rebel: /me shakes his head, trying to wake up if this is a dream.

Xan'Norl: "Is this one.... O-kay?

Rebel: /me stops shaking his head, looking up to the vort, "Alright, jig is up, Kaitlyn... Get out of the mask.

Xan'Norl: "Who is this... Kaitlyn you speak of? I know of no... Kait...lyn."

Rebel: /me approaches the water again, splashing a whole bunch in his face.

Xan'Norl: "What is this one doing?"

Rebel: "So... You really are real?"

Xan'Norl: "Yes... This one is... Real."

Xan'Norl: /me approaches the rebel, coming into the brighter area.

Rebel: /me notices it is a vortiguant.

Xan'Norl: "Where does is this one's.... Ho-me?"

Rebel: /me show the vortiguant the way to the vending machine door, before opening it and showing him inside.

Xan'Norl: /me follows the rebel, finally entering the door, "This one is... Amazed by how intricate this one is."

Rebel: /me nods.

Give an example between your Vortigaunt and a Loyalist:

Xan'Norl: /me is pushed out of the Nexus doors by a CCA officer, mop and bucket in hand.

CCA Officer: "Biotic! Get on your knees and clean up that vomit, you filthy pig!"

Xan'Norl: /me allows a tear to slip from his eye, "Yessss- Yesss ssssir."

CCA Officer: /me smacks the biotic on the head with exceptional force, "/y Speak properly, you filthy excuse for a biotic!"

Xan'Norl: "Yes- Yes sir!"

Xan'Norl: /me walks down the Nexus stairs, before finding the vomit, and dropping to his knees.

CCA Officer: "Be back in ten minutes, and I expect the plaza floor to be spotless!"

Xan'Norl: "Yes sir. Right away, sir."

Angela Shepard: /me tilts her head to the side, staring at the vortiguant from afar.

Xan'Norl: /me doesn't notice the loyalist staring at him, instead, he picks up his mop and begins to scrub the vomit out of the plaza floor.

Angela Shepard: /me slowly, but surely approaches the vortiguant, tilting her head to the right again, "Aww.... You're actually kinda cute."

Xan'Norl: /me looks up, but continues to scrub at the vomit.

Angela Shepard: "Do you understand English?"

Xan'Norl: /me nods, continuing to scrub away, "Yessss... This one understand the English."

Angela Shepard: /me giggles, continuing to stare at him. Intrigued by how his superiors treat him, and how he looks.

Angela Shepard: /me slowly lowers herself to her knees beside him, sneakily pulling out a bottle of Breen's Water, cracking it open, and offering it to the vort.

Xan'Norl: /me looks towards the bottle, waving it away, "This one could.... Get in trouble."

Angela Shepard: /me nods, shoving the bottle back in her pocket, "Okay, little thing... If you need some help, talk to me."

Angela Shepard: /me walks away.

Give an example between your Vortigaunt and an MPF Officer:

Xan'Norl: /me sits inside of his cell.. Sobbing quietly as he awaits for orders.

Nova Unit:/me moves to the cell looking to the Biotic in disgust.

Xan 'Norl: /me looks up to the Nova terrified.

Nova Unit: /me unlocks the cell stepping inside looking to the Biotic.

Xan 'Norl: /me stands looking to the Unit.

Nova Unit: /y Don't fucking look at me you piece of trash!

Xan 'Norl: /me flinches shaking as he does so, then immediately looks to the Units boots.

Nova Unit: /me laughs to the Biotic, then speaks.

Nova Unit: Come with me Biotic..

Xan 'Norl: Y-Yess ssir.

/it The Unit guides the Biotic outside of the Metroplex and stops him near a large settlement of
trash and vomit.

Nova Unit: /y Biotic!

Xan 'Norl: /me flinches and speaks.

Xan 'Norl: Y-Yess?

Nova Unit: Clean this up, all of it.. Now!

Nova Unit: /me hits Xan with the bud of his Stunstick and tosses a dirty rag onto the floor.

Xan 'Norl: /me tumbles down in tears as he takes the rag and scrubs at the vomit..

Nova Unit: /y Hurry up Biotic!

Xan 'Norl: /me shakes in fear and scrubs the vomit harder and faster as he sobs.

Xan 'Norl: /me scrubs hardly as the vomit slowly chipping some of it off, continuing to cry as he
does so.

Xan 'Norl: /me finishes with the vomit and stands shaking, then moves to the large pile of trash
and dumps some of it into the garbage.

/it A single can tumbles down.

Nova Unit: /y Biotic pick that up right now!!

Xan 'Norl: /me falls down and scoops up the can as quickly as he can, then quickly drops it into
the garbage.

Xan 'Norl: /me walks over to the pile of garbage and again takes most of it up and moves to the
garbage dropping trash.

Nova Unit: /y If you keep that up I will beat you personally! Now clean!!

Xan 'Norl /me continues to sob and grabs the fallen garbage and drops it into the trash, then
moving to the small pile that remains.

Xan 'Norl: /me grabs the final small pile of garbage and drops it all into the garbage managing not to drop any.

Nova Unit: ... Now, come with me.

Xan 'Norl: Yess.. Sssir..
/it The Nova Unit guides the Biotic to his cell.

Nova Unit: /me grabs at the door and unlocks it, forcibly grabbing the Biotic and forcing him inside, tossing him onto the ground forcefully.

Xan 'Norl: /me falls down and lays onto the ground as he curls up and cries..

Nova Unit: /me laughs at the Biotic and slams the door, locking it.

Your character's backstory:


Xan, is a young Vortigaunt from the Xen. Xan was roaming the endless space of Xen when he was ported to the Black Mesa Facility, he then began to panic unaware of the Scientist and looked around inside of the large water like tube. One of the Scientists began to speak to Xan and tried to calm him from his current state, Xan became angered and smashed his way from the tube and grabbed onto the lonesome Scientist and tore him from limb to limb.. Xan than began to panic yet again and dashed from the room blowing the door down unsure of where to go he dashed down a large hallway running through the the large complex, he became under fire as the Guards fired at him as he bolted to the large metal door.. Xan thus hit his head onto the large beam as he reached the door and blacked-out.

Xan finally awoke unsure of his surroundings and quickly looked around as the metal constraints held him down forcefully, Xan didn't know what to do.. All he could do was.. Cry. Xan began to cry out for help and before he knew it an older looking man looked to Xan.. Smiling to him, he than spoke saying "It is okay my friend.. We're going to get you out of here.." Xan looked to the man in sorrow and accepted the man fearing he would be killed. Xan spent three years with the older man learning English from the man and it's meanings, during such things the Seven-Hour-War had already passed.. The older man slowly began to get sick.. Finally, in the year 2016 the older man died from his sickness.. Xan being left alone in the large world.. Eventually Xan himself was captured and taken in as a slave.. Xan is now with his brothers and sisters.. Trapped with surely no hope..

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Gerby's Vortiguant Application Empty Re: Gerby's Vortiguant Application

Post by Gerby! on Sun Jun 09, 2013 12:05 pm

Keep in mind, I will never be voting for myself on the poll.

Thanks you,

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Gerby's Vortiguant Application Empty Re: Gerby's Vortiguant Application

Post by Gerby! on Sun Jun 16, 2013 4:42 pm

Welp... Just gonna go ahead and accept my own app, seeing as no one else will do it, and I've gotten three +Support/+Positive votes... So.....


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Gerby's Vortiguant Application Empty Copied Application

Post by Nerologix on Mon Aug 12, 2013 1:05 am

Ouch. You guys should look at this Wink 

Gerby, you should really put effort into your OWN applications bud.

This is where he got his backstory from:

The proof is in the pudding:


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Gerby's Vortiguant Application Empty Re: Gerby's Vortiguant Application

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