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I have decided to follow in Gerby's footsteps with this poll thing as I think it's a gewd idea. :D

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Post by L!ghtn!ng Tr!gger on Sun Jun 09, 2013 12:28 pm


Steam Name: [SN-Op] L!ghtn!ng_Tr!gger
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:36050460
Steam URL: (Sorry, 7 day post limit. D:)
HL2RP Server Playtime: Ever since it was first up.
I agree not to ask admins to check my application.

Do you have any experience role-playing as a vortigaunt?: No I have not. Although I do have a app on another server with a shitload of +support but good ol' admin hasn't approved or denied it yet.
Are you enslaved or free?: I wish to be enslaved

Give an example between your Vortigaunt and a Rebel:
Situation: A judgement waiver occured and Na'tar is trying to find a good hiding spot.
Na'tar: /me sprints down the slums.
Rebel: /me turns the corner to find a vortiguant
Na'tar: /me stops, seeing the rebel and his weapon.
Rebel: /me quickly unslings his MP7, unsure of what to do.
Na'tar: /me raises his hands in the air, saying "This one is harmless!"
Rebel: /me begins to lightly sweat and use his radio.
Na'tar: /me is unsure of what device this is. "This one has....magic?"
Rebel: (RADIO) "Copy that."
Na'tar: /me is unsure of what to do, he just stands there with his hands in the air.
Rebel: "Follow me."
/it The rebel leads the Vortiguant to a water machine in the sewers.
Na'tar: "This one is not parched."
Rebel: /me chuckles, pressing a series of buttons before opening the door.
Rebel: /me beckons the Vortiguant in.
Na'tar: /me steps in, saying "This one is quite intrigued."
Rebel: "Welcome to your new home."
Na'tar: "This one thanks you."
Rebel: "Of course."

Give an example between your Vortigaunt and a Loyalist:

Give an example between your Vortigaunt and an MPF Officer:
Na'tar: /me follows the devilish unit, whimpering as he turns.
GRID Unit: "Biotic! This here's the lobby, as your ugly face would know it."
GRID Unit: /me tosses a broom at the Biotic's feet, saying. "Sweep up any dust, if you mess up, well...........
GRID Unit: "Haha"
Na'tar: /me shakes in fear, bending down to pick up the broom and beginning to sweep, shakily.
GRID Unit: /me unclips his stunbaton, leaning on the wall.
Na'tar: /me looks at the unit quickly, shuddering and holding back tears.
GRID Unit: /me snarls at the biotic while he continues to sweep.
Na'tar: /me has collected some dust, moving it into a pile.
GRID Unit: /me nods
Na'tar: /me continues to collect dust with the broom.
Na'tar: /me finishes with the dust, saying, "S-sir, this one is f-finished"
GRID Unit: /me nods, "Well..........." and indicates to the trashcan across the room.
Na'tar: /me bends down, picking up the dust pile with his hands, shaking and dropping dust all over.
GRID Unit: "/y No you idiot! Use the broom!"
Na'tar: /me looks at the unit, frightened, dropping the dust and quickly picking up the broom as quickly as he can, sweeping the dust over to the trashcan.
GRID Unit: /me just stands there, watching.
Na'tar: /me finishes moving the dust over, gingerly and sweeps up the dust into the can.
GRID Unit: "Good, now follow me."
Na'tar: "Y-yes s-s-sir.
Na'tar: /me begins following the unit
GRID Unit: "/y Did you forget something, Biotic?" /me indicates to the tipped trashcan
Na'tar: /me hurries over to the trashcan, tipping it back and walking back to the Unit.
GRID Unit: "Good, follow me."
/it The Nova Unit leads the Biotic back to his cell
GRID Unit: /me opens the cell, saying, "Get in."
Na'tar: /me responds instantly, walking in to make sure that he doesn't mess up again.
GRID Unit: /me laughs, shutting the door.
Na'tar: /me sits down, and begins to weep.

Your character's backstory:
Na'tar is a young Vortiguant, born on Xen. When the Resonance Cascade occured, Na'tar jumped through, curious. He emerged in a tube filled with a weird liquid. Na'tar, smashed his way through the tube, running around Black Mesa. He killed a scientist and a guard in the process. Na'tar, quickly made his way around the Facility when out of nowhere, a guard fires upon him. Na'tar, panicked, looks around for a door. He finds a large metal door on the other side of the room he is in.He attempts to smash it, hitting his head on the door itself. Na'tar can only see the world turn into a black whirl pool as he is knocked unconsious.

Na'tar awakes in a dark cell, unsure of where he is. He's panicked and tries to move around, but he is bound by bounds all over his body. Na'tar notices a masked man. The year is 2014, having been kept in a chrio-genic freezer by the combine, for years he is a slave for them, learning english along the way. And being beat for misspeaking or even saying a word wrong. His english is phenomenal. The year is 2016. Having met his fellow vortiguants enslaved. Na'tar wonders if their's ever going to be a home away from the combine. Time can only tell.........

L!ghtn!ng Tr!gger

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L!ghtn!ng_Tr!gger - Vortiguant app Empty Re: L!ghtn!ng_Tr!gger - Vortiguant app

Post by Gerby! on Fri Jun 14, 2013 5:54 pm

Accepted - A couple grammar mistakes, but other than that, I liked it. Ask an SA, or owner for your whitelist!

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