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Post by Gerby! on Sun Jun 09, 2013 5:32 pm

Hey all, Gerby here.

I was just pondering how great of an idea it would be to make a "Writer's Corner". Here, we can post any of our own stories, and anything someone would write. We can also make constructive criticism upon someone's story. Make sure you follow the rules of the forum (Obviously), but have fun with it.

I decided to start us off. Here's a little Creepy Pasta type thing I wrote a while ago, entitled "Castle Chillingham", which is based off a real place.

Castle Chillingham

Journal entry #1: I am writing this journal from my bedroom, at the lovely Castle Chillingham, it’s really like a hotel in this place. I mean, there’s maids that clean up after me, I’ve got a TV in my room, it’s literally a hotel with stone walls, and some watch towers out front, yet at such a cheap price! This is my first day here, and so far, It’s been great. So much to do, yet the place is beautiful. I’ve just unpacked my things, and after a long drive, I think I’m going to get some rest. Tomorrow I’ll check out the beautiful décor, and possibly go for a short hike in the forest behind the castle.


Journal entry #2: *There is a red stain here, it smells of blood* Don’t worry about the blood, I just cut myself on the hike through the forest. The castle is beautiful, stone walls with a red carpet, a small pattern in the middle of it, and magnificent wooden floors. This lines the entire castle, through six floors. I am on the fourth, room Forty-Seven, and the view is amazing. I’ve invited a friend to stay with me for the night.


No more journals were written, but this is known to have happened.

Jonathan is in his room, sitting at his computer desk. His friend is already asleep behind him on the kind-sized bed. Jonathan continues to stare at the computer, when he sees a shadow out of his peripheral vision. He looks behind him at the window, nothing. Jonathan continues to scan the website he is on, before a loud THUMP is heard at the window. Jonathan instinctively swivels around as fast as he possibly can, and what he sees at the window is the one thing he didn’t expect to see… There, his friend was lying, tied to what looked like the window above, with a slit in his throat. Jonathan screamed, before remembering, his friend was lying in bed, just minutes before he saw this… But when he looked at the bed, someone was lying in it… But this wasn’t his friend, oh no, this was the maid. The maid who he knew from the first night, she had done a great job before, so he had asked if she specifically could do it again. He immediately regretted that decision.

Jonathan sprinted out of the room, and slipped. When he looked back to see what he slipped on, he saw a pool of blood, his friend’s blood. He screamed again, struggling to his feet and continuing to sprint off. He got to the front desk, and rung the bell time after time again, but no one came. It seemed the castle was empty. He tried to leave, he jiggled the glass door, but nothing happened, he was stuck in the castle. He turned around, running for somewhere to hide, but as he turned, he saw her. The maid, standing there with a knife in her hand, and some stupid grin on her face. He screamed again, before running towards her, and hitting her in the face, only for her… for it… to disappear, and reappear right behind him. Once again, he screamed, and began to run, back to his room. He opened the door, and DING…

He was sitting in his chair, his friend lying behind him, watching the computer screen. He assumed he had dose off, and had that dream. He let out a sigh of relief, before seeing the shadow again. He looked back, and nothing. Again, that distinct THUMP at the window. He knew what it was. He didn’t want to turn around, he stayed looking at the computer screen for as long as he could, before curiosity got the best of him, and he swiveled around. Except, one thing was different, there, hanging off the window above him, was the maid. Another THUMP, and there, dropped a second body, his friend. Both with their throats slit. Once again, he realized his friend was in the bed just a second ago, but this time, when he turned around, there was indeed someone in the bed, but… This wasn’t his friend. This was the hotel manager.

Jonathan screamed, and repeated the exact same thing that he did the last time, except, this time it was the manager instead of the maid tormenting him. He ran back to his room again, opened the door, and DING…

He is sitting in his computer seat, staring into the computer screen, with his friend lying behind him, when that shadow is seen again. Another THUMP. This time, when he turns around, he sees the manager dangling off the window. Another THUMP, this time the maid, and another THUMP, this time his friend. He turned around, and lying in the bed, was the concierge.

Again, the exact same thing happened, but instead of the manager, or the maid, it was the concierge. Once again, Jonathan ran to his room, opened the door, and DING…

He was sitting in his computer chair, scanning the website, when he saw the shadow. He turned around, nothing. He turned back around, only to hear the THUMP, and turn around once again. This time, the concierge dropped down from the window, then the manager, then the maid, then his friend… Then, he was staring down from the fourth floor window, attached to a rope.

“At least the view is amazing,” he muttered to himself, before choking, and dying. This is the last time anyone had ever seen, or heard from Jonathan again.


Yeah, I realize it's pretty bad, but hey, I wrote this a while ago... I hope you guys enjoyed it, and feel free to post your own stories, or anything of that sense.

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