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Oryx's Civil Protection Application Empty Oryx's Civil Protection Application

Post by Oryx on Sun Jun 09, 2013 6:17 pm

Out Of Character Information

Steam Name: Encorex is Oryx

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:43552410

Steam URL: - Cannot post for the seven days, will post it then.

HL2RP Server Playtime: Well, on this server I just started today, (Amazing server by the way, full of experienced role-players, I like that.) but when I first started to role-play on HL2RP, it was back in 2009 with this old server I have no idea the name it was. Pretty good server, I eventually ranked myself up to CmD for it, it was eventually bought over by some other community and the one that bought it out is also dead now, so all together their both in hell. But off the question, my actual role-play experience other then the one I'm posting about right now was back in 2006 when I used to FalloutRP on some TextRP forums, good times.

I agree not to ask admins to check my application: I remember back when I was a super-administrator for this one server, everyday I would get asked in PM's over and over, "Can you check my application please, it's very good", I know how annoying this is, and if I do I understand it may cause action for myself.

Do you have any experience role-playing as an "Civil Protection Officer"? Lots, my main parts of role-play experience is usually 02-01 when I stay in those ranks, because I love them. My CCA/CpU/MPF experience is high with-in being the rank of 01, 02, EpU, CmD, and EpU (Elite Protection Unit) is to it's stander of what I have for Civil Protection Role-play, and I will bring that experience of what I have to the server.

Regarding Your Character And The MPF
Give an example between your loyalist and an MPF Unit:

/it It is morning, one of the Loyalist citizens ran up to the Civil Protection unit, yelling to him that he has information on a, "Rebellion" encampment west of the city.

Civil Protection Unit 02, ** Looks towards the citizen, shaking his head slightly at the notice of him while kicking his boot to the ground hearing him.

Loyalist, ** Runs towards the civil Protection unit in the distance, waving his hands towards him as he stops right in front of the aura that roams around himself.

Civil Protection unit 02, ** Looks down to the citizen, he then continues to say towards him, "What do you need." as he steps back from the space.

Loyalist, ** Points to the distance down the alley, shaking his head slightly as he mummers out words, "There is a.. Rebellion Encampment out there, I never ran so fast in my life. There was maybe four of them there."

Civil Protection unit 02, ** Clicks the radio that hangs on his chest, speaking into it clearly as he speaks out, "There is a citizen informing that there is a Rebellion Encampment down.."

Civil Protection Unit 02, ** Squints down to the area, as he checks the compass towards the location of where the citizen pointed, he then speaks down to his radio again, "East of here, orders?"

/it The radio eventually blurts out words, seemingly from a High-Ranking officer right after, "We'll check that out later, for now be advised units. We need most of you outside the nexus patrolling, over."

Civil Protection unit 02, looks to the citizen, then back to the radio as he rolls his eyes underneath his mask, looking to the area of where the rebellion camp is supposed to be, "Should the citizen get any loyalist points for this?"

/it The radio blurts out again, speaking of the same high ranking officer who said the command, "Copy, give him three for showing Anti-Citizen activity in the area."

Civil Protection Unit 02, ** Nods to the radio, he then looks back down to the citizen as he speaks out towards him, "Citizen, apply."

Loyalist: ** Nods, then slipping out his Citizen Identification card as he reads it out loud quickly,
"Lee Hornet, 10494." then slipping his Identification card back into his pocket, looking to the ground right after.

Civil Protection Unit 02, ** Gives a brief nod, then taking out his Data pad that hangs off his hand, typing the citizens Data and Identification inside it, typing in the awards and loyalist points the citizen has been giving.

Civil Protection Unit 02, ** Shrugs, then speaking out of his mask while looking down at the loyalist, "Points added.", then looking back to the distance where he said the rebellion camp is, "Alright, you can go." then looking back to the loyalist as he mummers out, "Just don't go there."

Loyalist, ** Nods, then walking down the stairs to the plaza, walking down the side-walk while lightly whistling to a tune.

Give an example between your MPF, and a group of heavily armed rebels:

/it The MPF unit is on a patrol, the patrol code is 'Yellow' due to there being rough rebellion activity in the area, and he then patrols with his MP7 close to his chest, looking around the area slightly nervous. Then there is three rebellion members, inside the building while looking down to the Civil Protection unit, smirking at his appearance.

Civil Protection Unit: ** Scans his vision across the area, having a slight shiver from the aura that is around him, then going down towards the check point as he stands Guard next to it

Rebel One: ** Lifts his MP7 upwards towards the Civil Protection Unit, smirking underneath his Balaclava mask that covers his face, then pressing down to the trigger as the recoil smashes into his shoulder.

/it The bullets fly out of the barrel, hitting the ground right next to the unit, the ground cement bursts upwards and fly's into little particle dusts into the air.

Civil Protection Unit: ** Throws himself behind the metal trashcan, tugging unto his MP7 as he switches the safety off, slowly taking his head off the cover of the trash-can, looking upwards towards the location of where the shots were fired from the rebellion members.

Rebel Two: ** Aims her Nine-Millimeter pistol towards the location of the Civil Protection unit, firing multiple shots towards the Civil-Protection unit who is dug into cover behind the Trash-Can, keeping her arm shoved towards the stock to reduce the recoil

/it The bullets fly out of the barrel, spraying right next to the units head as they smash into the ground, forming dust of particles in front of units face

Civil Protection Unit: ** Throws himself back towards the Metal Trash can, holding unto the speaker of the radio in panic, yelling inside it as he watches bullets fly over the metal trash can quickly, landing feet's away from him, "I've got three Anti-Citizen personal armed at my 10-20, like, right next to the change center!"

/it The Radio emits a slight buzz noise, it then beeps outwards of a High-Ranking officer, saying inside it, "453, 200, I want you both to support him. I can hear the gun shots from my location."

Civil Protection Unit: ** Raises his MP7 over the trash can, firing multiple blind shots towards their location quickly, slightly closing his eyes as this is happening.

/it Multiple bullets rush out of the barrel, landing next to the Televisions that emit a loud noise, hitting them, one of the bullets pierce through the fence, hitting one of the Rebellion members four times in the Kevlar.

Rebel Two: ** Falls over, holding his wound on the side, he moves around the place like a worm. Keeping his breaths steady as he pushes himself next to the wall that is on his left, shivering to himself as he looks towards the door in front of him with his pistol aimed towards it.

/it Two Civil protection units bust open the door of where the broken Television sets are, then aiming their weapons inside the room both yelling, "Clear!" as they go to the side door of where the rebellion members are both stationed in.

Rebel one: ** Runs towards the door on their right, he opens it up as he looks around the room, throwing himself next to the laundry machine, looking to the door in front of him carefully, aiming his MP7 towards it.

/it Both of the Civil Protection units who entered the room, both go to the side door for a breach, the breach leader then saying, "Prep, lock, three, two, one, inject!" right before he shoots the lock of the door, as they throw a flash bang inside it.

/it The two rebellion members who were in the area both fall over from the flash, rebel two drops her MP7 as she falls to the wall next to her. Rebel One aims his pistol somewhere else, firing rapidly towards that location.

/it The units then enter inside the area where both of the members were at, firing at each one as they are blinded. As they shoot the man who is against the wall, he drops his pistol and his corpse slowly falls over as the Female Rebellion member lays lifelessly on the ground, holding her hand outwards.

Rebel Two: ** Continues to aim his MP7 towards the location of the area they were just in, keeping the stock steady to his arm as he looks towards the door, shaking in fear with the blasts and gun shots that were fired outside.

/it The Units both line up on the door, one of them takes out a Fragmentation grenade as he nods to the other unit, ready to throw it inside the door. Then other unit gently opens the door, as the other unit next to him throws the Grenade, then shutting the door heavily. As they step back of where they were.

/it The Grenade bounces in. It rolls towards the location of the Rebellion member, landing next to the laundry machine as it blows up, spraying shrapnel all over the room, hitting the Rebellion member all over him.

Rebel Two: ** Blasts backwards like a broken Rag-doll, slamming his back to the side of the wall as he slowly goes down it, sliding down the wall as he drops his MP7 with his messed up body and his blown off leg.

/it The Units enter the room, looking at all the blood sprayed all over the room at its location. They eventually go out of the room, calling the other unit to help clean up the mess that is all over the shop and the laundry room.

Give an example between an MPF unit and a free vortigaunt:

/it The Vortigaunt roams the area, looking around the location of where it is in, then scanning its vision down the alley to the other MPF unit that seems to be in the distance of it, the unit then looks to his right, noticing the Vortigaunt as he raises his MP7 to the location of it, throwing himself to the wall next to him.

Vortguant: Looks to the unit, as it preforms his Vortessence to form a Green ball, readying it towards the unit in the distance, keeping a steady look towards the unit.

Civil Protection Unit: ** Comes out of his cover slightly, firing multiple rounds towards the Vortigaunt, attempting to shoot it at its lower waist or legs.

/it As the bullets go out of the barrel, the Vortigaunt unleashes its Vortessence towards the unit, clashing towards him in a ball of lightening that strikes right next to him. Right after the bullets impact him on the legs, making him fall over slightly as he starts to unleash another Vortsessence around him.

Civil Protection Unit: ** Slides towards the other wall, spraying random bullets while he is doing so, missing each one. He then hugs the wall as he sticks out his MP7, firing multiple rounds towards the Vortigaunt constantly.

/it As the Vortigaunt unleashes his Vortsessence around him to a large green ball, the bullets impact it, doing no or little damage towards the Vortigaunt as it eventually runs out, it then starts to do another Vortsessence, keeping himself steady.

Civil Protection: ** Jumps out of his cover, aiming towards the Vortigaunt quickly, firing multiple round towards his location as he keeps a steady and firm grip, pushing his left leg outwards to reduce the recoil of his MP7.

Vortiguant: ** Unleashes his Vortsessences towards the Civil Protection unit, right as soon as he does so multiple bullets impact him on the chest and in the head. He falls lifelessly on the ground on the side.

Civil Protection Unit: ** Slams backwards from the Vortsessences impact him in the Kevlar, he fly's towards the wall that stands behind him like a corpse. Once in impact he imminently falls unconscious, slowly falling to his side as he mummers a few words out, dropping his MP7 on the ground left of him.

Give an example between your MPF and a higher ranked unit:

Civil Protection Unit 05: ** Carefully walks into the SeC's office, shivering to himself. He slowly gives a salute as he says, "Sir." right after, then dropping his arms down as he stands in attention right next to him.

SeC: ** Spins around on his chair, looking towards the unit in front of him, crossing his arms carefully as he inspects each of the units figures, then carefully saying out, "I see that you must be, 0456?"

Civil Protection unit 05: ** Gives a brief nod, then saying out slightly slowly from the Evil Aura that reigns around the SeC's office, "Yes, yes sir.. That's me."

SeC: ** Stands up off his chair, looking towards the unit as he steps behind him, looking towards the black marks that stand on his chest, giving a slight evil grin under his pitch black mask.

Civil Protection Unit 05, ** Shivers as he inspects them, looking around the room, then scanning his vision back forwards. Attempting not to make any eye contact with the commander who goes around him.

SeC: ** Stands behind the unit, shaking his head as he speaks around him, "Unit, do you want to know.. What happens to a dog when it limps."

Civil Protection Unit 05" ** Speaks out nervously, keeping himself still at attention as he looks to the wall, "Er... It gets healed."

SeC: ** Moves his way around the unit, as he takes out his revolver, leaning against the desk while looking towards the unit, shaking his head with a Devilish Chuckle, "No, it gets killed... By the owner."

Civil Protection Unit 05: ** Closes his eyes underneath his optics, continuing to stand at attention while facing the wall, his hands form a ball while they appear to be slightly shaking.

SeC: ** Shakes his head again, then moving right in front of the unit as he says to him carefully, "Now listen to me, if you limp. You limp. If you die, you die. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

Civil Protection Unit 05: ** Looks down slightly, as he says in a slight non-audible tune, "Yes.. Sir." as he shakes his head while looking to the ground, he then scans his eyes over the SeC's boot in slight shame.

SeC: ** Chuckles, putting his hands over the units black mark, while ripping it off and stepping back, crossing his arms carefully while looking down to the unit. He then says towards him in a amplified tune, "I don't want to see you limp, I want to see you improve. All the units here need to improve, including yourself. Show your division that your one of their units, not a limping dog. Do you understand me now?"

Civil Protection Unit 05: ** Looks upwards, giving a brief nod as he says in a more louder tune towards him, "I understand sir, I will make myself better then who I am."

SeC: ** Nods towards him in agreement, then looking towards the door, pointing to it as he says out in a motive way, "I want you to go out there, and remove another one of your marks when you are ready, don't limp."

Civil Protection Unit 05: ** Nods, then saying "Yes sir." before turning around on his heel, giving a salute right before he opens the door and walks out, he then scans his vision across the hallway and the other hallway, walking out of the Nexus while continuing his patrol he was doing earlier.

Your character's backstory:

Spencer was a strong and agile boy, he worked with his father at building and repairing the vehicles that would be sent to him each day. When Spencer was twelve, his father would train him towards mechanical and engineering processes towards vehicles and mechanical devices that would be sent to his father for repair each day. On his fourteen birthday, he was giving a engineering kit full of tools and wrenches that his father trained him to use at his early ages. On his early teens, his father let him work at one of the businesses he owned outside the street, 'Anderson's Mechanics' it was called. Everyday after school, Spencer would head to that location and work on all day on it, he took classes and Extra activities towards this kind of work. When he was eighteen, he graduated off high school, going to classes for Robotic and Electrical mechanics that he took and learned wisely, maybe it was just he wanted to follow his fathers foot prints and do what he wanted to do, or he loved this kind of activity so much he took his own classes on it, for himself that would never be known. After his years, he got a full education on mechanical and robotic science and engineering towards repairing and creating. He one day wanted to become some sort of inventor, create all kinda of things. The main thing he focused on was mechanical and electrical robotics where he would be able to train and inform different kind of activity. When he was twenty one, he took a job as a mechanic and computer software developer at this store that was placed down the street, he worked there for.

Months later, he moved from his home, Toronto, Canada towards Massachusetts where was went to a university for Engineers and Mechanical Robotics. He stayed and finished his fourth year towards classes, and eventually worked his way up to be his own Robotic Inventor. He worked on creating such inventions as, 'Unmanned Vehicles' for developing and helping other company's out, and build mechanical devices for large factories and company's scattered almost all across the world. Until this one day. He was in Hamburg Germany, teaching and developing future robotic engineers and scientists, there was a large explosion outside as he fell over to the side. Seven men busted open the door, it wasn't clear if they were wearing Gas-Masks or not, but it didn't matter for him, he was eventually forced unto the ground and quickly drugged were he was stationed to another area across the world.

He woke up on a train, there had to be at least fourteen other citizens all around him. One of them were looking down on Spencer, tilting his head slightly on the confusing. Now, Spencer had no idea what happened hours ago, or maybe it was days ago. No one in the train never seemed to know. Once he pushed himself up, he scanned his eyes down and up the train, slightly confused of what was going on in the area. He looked around, the train stopped and he almost fell forwards in front of himself. As he stood up, he looked to the left, noticing the dark hall and the large screen that glowed up the darkness. After that, Spencer was forced off the train, then placed in a large division and group of other citizens that all stood around him, he looked up to the large screen that glowed a large blue light, after a while it showed a face of a man, he was wearing a Brown Suit, and silk brown hair, speaking to us about being the administrator of the city, Spencer didn't really catch on to his name but listened to all of his words. After that, all the citizens were forced to go down a hallway, once he did so, he went down the stairs and scanned his vision all across the area. There was propaganda of the 'Civil Protection' everywhere he seemed to go, he was very confused, at the same time he felt as if the Civil Protection always existed, and they were maybe the only saviors we had.

On his way around the city, there was a large sign that was over some store, it said, 'Enlistment for the MPF, duty is the great gift!" over on the top of it. Somewhat, he nodded, shrugging slightly as he entered the building. There was two Civil Protection units, one wearing a Trench coat, and another in a Dull white uniform. It appeared as no one else was in the building, the unit in the Trench-coat gave a dull sarcastic 'clap' as he entered, then shrugging to the other unit right after. He then said to Spencer right after, "There is application forms right here, fill them out then send them in. We will inform you of if your accepted or not." Spencer carefully stepped forwards, looking down to the sheet that said, 'Work' on the top of it right the Universal Union logo on the top of it. Spencer shrugged slightly, then sitting down on the bench next to him, filling out the application as he slowly read it over again right after. When he was done, he placed his application in the bin that was full of only three papers, after that he opened up the door and walked out of the room, scanning his eyes over the bright dull TV's that rained over the plaza square, not knowing what his future will end up towards.

In Character Information
What is your name?

My name is, Spencer Keys.

Why do you want to become a part of the CCA?

The CCA is what we call 'Duty'. I take that for my full respect and honor to ever be a member towards it. As they say, "A true citizen knows, duty is the greatest gift". For myself I will honor that gift! Show that the CCA is what saved us through the dark times, and then gave us a re-birth through the ashes.

How would you be an asset to the union?

I will asset the skills I have for myself, show the value I have in myself and then express it for the Union, maybe I can even make my skills better, to become a great Asset towards the Union, help the Union in all ways possible that I could imagine.

Where do you wish to take your CCA career?

I'm going to take my CCA career to the farthest I could! Be proud of my work and honor, I will show that I could make it to the best position I could ever be inside, and be true towards the union and make it to the best of my abilities I could ever do for anyone.

What is your age?

My age is Twenty-Seven years old.

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Oryx's Civil Protection Application Empty Re: Oryx's Civil Protection Application

Post by Gerby! on Sun Jun 09, 2013 6:34 pm

I absolutely love it. The fact you bring so much experience to the table, and you have proper grammar, a good backstory, and excellent examples... A no-brainer for me.


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Oryx's Civil Protection Application Empty Re: Oryx's Civil Protection Application

Post by Oryx on Sun Jun 09, 2013 6:38 pm

Thank you kind sir, I respect your decision.

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Oryx's Civil Protection Application Empty Re: Oryx's Civil Protection Application

Post by Gerby! on Fri Jun 14, 2013 6:08 pm

ACCEPTED - Absolutely outstanding application. I loved everything about this. Ask an SA, or owner for your whitelist.

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Oryx's Civil Protection Application Empty Re: Oryx's Civil Protection Application

Post by Oryx on Fri Jun 14, 2013 6:59 pm

I promise I won't make any mistakes OOCly, or just goof around for the rest of my career on the CCA. For now, I'll see how much future will tie up towards.

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Oryx's Civil Protection Application Empty Re: Oryx's Civil Protection Application

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