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Post by Ronald. on Sun Jun 09, 2013 9:40 pm

Ronalds 's Overwatch Transhuman Arm Application
Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:42494393
Steam Name: [DG] Ronald
Steam URL: Wont let me post
Previous experience with faction: None for OTA but about a day for MPFHL2RP Server Playtime: Around 9 days 6 hours
I agree not to ask administrators or above to check or view my application.I have read and fully understand the Overwatch Transhuman Arm information thread, and the Metropolice Police Force policy.I understand Overwatch are not robots.
I understand all of the above

Regarding roleplay with the Overwatch Transhuman Arm
What you think we expect you to do whilst utilizing this faction: I am meant to act as a soldier for the CCA with loyalty only for the union and commanding officers. I am expected to be the best of the best and never show fear or sadness.

How you believe we expect you to behave whilst using this faction: I am expected to be mature and never break character while role playing as an OTA unit.

Provide an example between an OTA unit and a loyalist:
Two OTA units are positioned out the front of district six entrance
*A loyalist approaches one of the OTA units
Loyalist: Sir, can I come through here?
OTA: No citizen, move along.
Loyalist: Why not? I’m a hard working loyalist, I deserve this!
OTA: You’re not coming through, now move along.
Loyalist: This is shit, I work my ass off for the union and this is what I get in return.
*The OTA lets out a laugh before bringing up his Pulse rifle and swinging it towards his head with augmented force, cracking his skull.
*The loyalist is hit over the head with massive impact, falling to ground and face planting on the hard cement
OTA radioing: X-ray, come take care of this citizen
X-ray: Inbound

Provide an example between an OTA unit and a union-03:
*A Union 03 unit comes approaches an OTA unit who is guarding the front of the nexus
03: Uhh sir, I would like t-
OTA: What is it.
03: I just wanted to know what it’s like, you know, being an OTA unit.
*The OTA looks straight ahead, a blank expression on his face under the mask
03: S-Sir?
OTA: I serve and only show loyalty to the Union, I would die to protect my leaders and those above me; now get back to patrolling unit.
03: Don’t you think you could be a little more spec-
*The OTA pushes the unit back, snarling at him
*The 03 falls onto his backside, looking up at the OTA
OTA: I said get back to patrolling.
03: Yes, right away sir.
*The Union 03 gets up and walks off to the plaza, shaking as he does so.
Provide an example between an Overwatch unit and a PvC:
*The PvC is about to take a tour through the new city, accompanied by four OTA units. Three OWS’s and an EOW.
PvC to EOW: Now, I want you to make sure your squad protects me the whole way, if anything happens to me or your squad, it’s in your hands.
EOW: Affirmative.
PvC: Alright, let’s move.
*Two OWS’s stand behind the PvC, the other OWS and EOW stand in front him, AR2’s at the ready
*The squad passes through the district six entrance, heading into the slums
*The OTA’s aim their weapons around every corner they go around, focusing hard.
PvC: I’m not so sure about these slums, too many rooft-
*A bullet comes flying from a roof, smashing through the PvC’s head sending blood and bits of skull all over the place
OTA 1: Go sharp, take cover!
*The four OTA’s slip into cover, one of them pulling out their radio.
OTA 2 into radio: Call an autonomous, the PvC’s been killed!
*OTA 3 points to an apartment complex in the distance “Shot came from over there, I say we head over there and take out the sniper”.
EOW: Copy that, move out squad.

Provide an example between a squadron of OTA (4) and a group of (6) heavily armed rebels:
*The Judgement Waiver siren blares throughout the city, an autonomous judgement being held.
*The squad of OTA’s head through the city, moving through swiftly and tactically.
*They turn the corner, spotting a scared woman standing in the middle of the alleyway with her hands over her mouth shaking.
*She barely gets to say a word before she is torn to pieces by a hailstorm of dark matter rounds heading towards her.
EOW: Keep moving; shoot any citizen not inside on site.
OTA Squad: Copy that.
*The squad arrives at the apartment building, stacking up against the wall, ready to move in.
EOW: Stack!
OTA 1: Ready.
OTA 2: Inject!
*OTA 3 shoots the handle, kicking down the door with his AR2 aimed at head height.
EOW: Push up the stairs, stay sharp and don’t break a sweat.
*OTA leads the squad up the stairs, finger on the trigger ready to fire at any moment.
*Yelling is heard on the top floor, it can be made out to be “Get ready, we got OTA comin’ up!”
EOW: Top floor, keep moving.
*They move up to the top floor, getting ready to breach the door.
EOW: Stack!
Squad: Ready!
OTA 2: Inject!
*OTA 2 fires a round into the door breaking off the handle, kicking down the door and throwing a flash bang in.
*OTA 1 moves into the room before getting blindly sprayed by SMG’s
*The OTA falls to the floor covered in bullet holes
*One rebel moves to the side of the door, Spas 12 at the ready
OTA 3: Moving in!
*The OTA moves into the room, getting blasted from the side by the rebel he sprays his Jackhammer towards him, completely destroying the top half of the rebel.
*OTA 3 aims his Jackhammer at a flipped table, firing off a whole clip at it, blood spraying over the wall, two rebels dropping to the floor
*Another rebel pops out from over, diving across the room and firing towards the OTA
*OTA 3 gets hit across the chest by around ten bullets, sending him to his knees
OTA 2: Moving in!
*OTA 2 rushes in with shoulder up, barging into the rebel and slamming him into the wall breaking his ribs
*OTA 2 brings up his fist, bringing it into the rebels face with massive augmented strength, smashing his face in, his fist going right through his head
*The other two rebels pop out of cover, aiming their G36’s at the OTA unit.
Rebel 1: Drop the fucking gun and get out of here and we won’t have to kill you!
OTA 2: I’ll die for the union!
*The OTA turns to Rebel 1, spraying his pulse rifle at him
*Rebel 1 gets his head blown to pieces by the shots before the other rebel fires at his back, making him swiftly roll into cover
*The EOW runs in with his X-Rifle, shooting the rebel through the chest
*The rebel looks down at his chest and then gets shot through the eye by the OTA on the floor with a .357
*The EOW looks around the room at the six dead rebels
EOW: Rebels cleared out, you two get up and head back to the nexus, patch yourselves up.
EOW to radio: Send two X-ray’s out to the slums apartment building, clean up this mess.
X-ray: Copy that, inbound.

Provide an example between a squadron of OTA (6) and a group of free vortigaunts (4) consisting of the Grand Elder, Hero, Elder and Sage:
*Six overwatch soldiers are sitting in a drop ship that is in the air, loading their weapons and preparing for a raid on a suspected vortigaunt base in the deep canals near City 45.
*Onboard there are three OWS’s, Two EOW’s and a CmD, loaded with AR2’s, Jackhammers and an X-rifle respectively
*The dropship finds its destination, coming in for a quick landing.
*It touches down, opening the hatch at the back, the six OTA quickly pile out and taking formation
CmD: Alright, the location of the base is up ahead let’s move out
Squad: Copy that.
*The OTA’s move through the canals swiftly and tactically
*They arrive at a medium sized hatch in the, easily able to fit an OTA soldier through
CmD: Here it is, the base is just down here
*EOW 1 and 2 grab the handles of the hatch, lifting it off with ease, allowing the rest to enter through
*The OWS’s enter first, flicking on their flashlights to illuminate the pitch blackness of the sewer.
CmD: Keep moving through till you see something, they should be about five hundred metres ahead.
*The squad stops in their tracks when one of them shines their flashlight on a horrid sight, an OTA soldier stripped of his top half of armour, his body torn to shreds, his face destroyed beyond recognition.
OWS 3: Fuck, now we know what to expect up ahead.
CmD: Mhm, keep your eyes peeled, shoot anything green
*They continue on for a little while more before the squads flashlights flicker off, leaving them blind except the lights in their masks.
CmD: Stay calm, just a technical problem
*Suddenly a green flash of light illuminates the tunnel for a quick second before darting towards OWS 2, striking her right in the chest; she is knocked on her back in the water, a massive dent in the chest plate
*OWS 2’s bio-signal flares out as the other OTA’s fire blindly down the tunnel, their only light source being their weapons gunfire as they spray randomly to kill their attacker
CmD: Hold your fire, it’s gone!
*The squad stops firing their weapons, their flashlights flicking back on.
CmD: Headcount, who’s still left?
*The CmD looks around the sewers, counting only four OTA’s
CmD: Fuck sake, where’s four seven two?
*A second later an OWS’s body flies down the sewers, the squad ducks down aiming towards it, the body lands in front of EOW 1
EOW 1: Here he is sir.
CmD: Shit, let’s keep mo-
*More flashes of green light appear as the four OTA’s freeze in place hovering above the ground, frozen.
EOW 2: What the fuck is happening
*Their weapons drop to the floor, being vaporized in green flashes.
*A green orb flares up in front of them, fading and revealing an elderly looking vortigaunt
Elder: These masked ones, they plan on... killing the grand one, yes?
CmD: You put us the fuck down, you don’t know what I can do if I got fr-
*The CmD is squeezed tightly by the force, closing his eyes in pain
Elder: This masked one wants to see what that language will get him?
*The last remaining OWS soldier is grabbed by all limbs, being stretched out
*The Elder pulls on his limbs with force, pulling them from the sockets
*The OWS screams in pain at this, clenching his teeth hard
*The Elder uses his vortessence to rip the limbs from the soldier, letting his body drop to the floor, then the rest of his limbs
*A sage and a hero uncloak themselves, stepping forward to reveal they are holding up the soldiers
Elder: Ayuk’Sar, Kuyit’Sen, bring these suited ones to the grand one, he would like to see these three.
*The elder disappears in a green flash as the Hero and Sage carry the OTA’s back to the Grand Elder using their vortessence
*The CmD wake up in front of the Grand Elder who is sitting on a makeshift throne surrounded by unit faceplates, CmD is being held up by the Elder. The two EOW’s are strung up by their feet by chains on the roof, dead, their armour destroyed and torn up, their helmets missing.
CmD: F... Fuck you vort.
*The Grand Elder lets out a laugh, followed by a slight cough
Grand Elder: These ones can try all they want to eliminate us, but they will never succeed in this.
CmD: You’ll die, all of you vorts, I swear it on the un-
*The CmD’s head flies off from his body, landing on the floor nearby
*Grand Elder points to the Hero and Sage “You two, clean up these bodies, get the suited ones out of my sights
Sage: As you wish Grand one.

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