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Purple Haze's CCA Application Empty Purple Haze's CCA Application

Post by Purple Haze on Sun Jun 09, 2013 10:13 pm

Out Of Character Information
Steam Name: [SN-HA] Dot Matrix Hero

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:49460844

Steam URL: steamcommunity.com/id/walletso

HL2RP Server Playtime: Your server? I've probably racked up about 4-6 hours on it, not quite sure.
I agree not to ask admins to check my application: Yes, I do.

Do you have any experience role-playing as an "Civil Protection Officer"?:

I've owned HL2RP communities before, and in one of them I was an average SeC, in another I played a ruthless, opinionated, chauvinistic, and misogynistic CmD, and I've played many other high ranking units, and low ranking units.

Regarding Your Character And The MPF
Give an example between your loyalist and an MPF Unit:
**My Loyalist walks into the Nexus lobby, and spots a unit standing alone
My Loyalist says "Excuse me officer, I tripped, and broke my request device, would it be of any bother to you if you retrieved a new on for me please?"
**MPF-APEX.04.43891 Nods, and walks past the first open gate, then pushes the second aside and walks through it
**My Loyalist lets out a deep breath, and sits on the bench in the lobby
**A citizen walks in and notices the gate is open, as he begins to walk towards it, My Loyalist speaks
My Loyalist says: "Sir, you don't want to go in there without authorization."
**The citizen grunts awkwardly, and walks out of the lobby back into the city
**MPF-APEX.04.43891 Walks back through the open gate, a request device grasped tightly in his left hand
My Loyalist says "Thank you officer, thank you very much, you might have just saved some lives."
**MPF-APEX.04.43891 sniggers, and speaks
MPF-APEX.04.43891 says "<:: That's what I joined up for."
**My Loyalist nods, and leaves the room with a pleasant smile directed towards the officer

Give an example between your MPF, and a group of heavily armed rebels:

**My MPF is patrolling, when he notices men in kevlar, standing to one side of the street, holding weapons. he waits at a distance as to not be spotted
**My MPF reaches for his radio, and speaks into it
My MPF radio's in: "<:: Requesting backup, I've got possible group of 647e's here."
MPF-APEX.01.53489 radio's in: "<:: Inbound."
**My MPF waits at a distance, worried about being spotted
**The group of men seem to not be moving, looking like if they were to move, it would be closer to the Nexus
**MPF-APEX.01.53489 arrives, and SMG in hand
MPF-APEX.01.53489 says "<:: On me."
**My MPF Nods, and follows the 01
**As the two units approach, they are spotted, on rebel begins to fire on them, missing his shots
**MPF-APEX.01.53489 Grabs My MPF and pulls him into an alley just to the left of the MPF units, and peeks around the corner and starts firing back while yelling to My MPF
MPF-APEX.01.53489 yells "<:: Radio it in!"
**My MPF Nods, and reaches for his radio, shaking heavily while doing so
My MPF radio's in: "<:: Confirmed 647e's, heading towards the multi-unit patrol zone! We need two more units to proceed!"
**Two Units radio in: "<:: Inbound."
**While waiting, the gun fire stops, and the opening of a gate, followed by muffled shouts can be heard, then silence...
**Moments later, the two units arrive
MPF-APEX.01.53489 says "<:: Approximately three heavily armed 647e's just fired upon us, we're proceeding into the multi-unit patrol zone, where they have fled too."
**All units nod, and proceed to sweep the area
**After a given amount of time, no one was found, the search was called off by a Divisional Leader

Give an example between an MPF unit and a free vortigaunt:

I apologize for not being able to do this one, as my knowledge in vortigaunt RP is lacking, the RP aspect has never appealed to me, and also I have yet to see how you handle vortigaunt RP specifically on your server. I hope this doesn't hinder my application review, and I hope you understand. If extremely necessary, I will make a RP scenario for this, but I can tell you it probably will not be well made.

Give an example between your MPF and a higher ranked unit:

*My Unit has been radio'd in to meet an OfC*
**My Unit takes a deep and sharp breath in, before knocking three times on the door.
MPF-APEX.OfC.65933 yells "<:: Move in!"
**My Unit walks into the room in a civil manner, clicking his heels together and saluting.
**My Unit says "<:: Ma'am."
**MPF-APEX.OfC.65933 looks up from her paperwork, nodding.
MPF-APEX.OfC.65933 says "<:: Take a seat, unit."
**My Unit nods, slowly setting himself down on the chair.
MPF-APEX.OfC.65933 says "<:: Do you know why I've called you here today, unit?"
**My Unit shakes his head, gulping slightly.
My Unit says "<:: No I do not, ma'am."
**MPF-APEX.OfC.65933 nods slowly, setting her paperwork down before interlocking her thumbs and fingers.
MPF-APEX.OfC.65933 says "<:: I've called you in unit, because of your performance."
**My Unit gulps, knowing he's done something extremely bad. He takes a sharp breath in.
**MPF-APEX.OfC.65933 senses the unit's fear, grinning behind her mask.
MPF-APEX.OfC.65933 says "<:: Your performance...it's outstanding. You're receiving a promotion."
**My Unit holds his hand up, sighing lightly.
My Unit says "<:: Ma'am, with all due respect...I feel I do not deserve a promotion."
**MPF-APEX.OfC.65933 raises her eyebrow a quarter of an inch, cocking her head to the side.
MPF-APEX.OfC.65933 says "<:: Oh? Why not, unit? Please elaborate."
**My Unit sighs, placing his hands on his lap. He gulps, before continuing.
My Unit says "<:: Well, ma'am...I believe my performance is not that of an 04."
**MPF-APEX.OfC.65933 would sigh, crossing one leg over the other and setting her hands in her lap.
MPF-APEX.OfC.65933 says "<:: Unit, you mustn't put yourself down."
My Unit says "<:: I'm not, it's just that I want someone else to be EpU...give them a chance.
**MPF-APEX.OfC.65933 nods slowly, sighing.
MPF-APEX.OfC.65933 says "<:: I understand, unit. In that case, you're dismissed."
My Unit says "<:: Thank you, ma'am."
**My Unit rises from the chair, saluting yet again before exiting.

Your character's backstory:

Born in New York City, in 1984, Harlan was no stranger to to the knowledge of petty street crimes, and was a juvenile delinquent himself. His crimes were mostly motivated by his fathers drunken rampages, in which he would physically abuse his mother, and Harlan. He had a lot of anger built up, and decided to take the life of a thief, for what reasons, he did not understand relieved his anger. He became pretty good at stealing, and knew how most crimes worked. The first time he stole something he was 14 years old, he had stolen a camera from an electronics store, and got away with it. He kept on with his low life stealing for a year, some steals bigger than others, and some, narrowly escaped. He had become familiar with some of New York's underground criminals, and even stole food for fugitive's on the run. One day, his father went off on a rampage like no other, he got in the car and drove off. Harlan turned on his television to see a news report several hours later, about his father driving into a Semi.

Some time passed and Harlan's crimes slowed down, at one point he even considered getting a part time job. He later became disgusted with what he was, all he knew was how to steal, steal, and steal some more. At the age of 18, he was bringing food he had stolen too a group of fugitives, who where skipping bail. Most of them had committed assault and robbery crimes. At this point in his life, he had realized all of his mistakes, and were still coming to terms with them, but only stealing because that was all he knew. One night he had decided not to go home to his mother, but instead, stay where the fugitives were. He didn't even want to hear his mother give him hell for what he does. That night Harlan had heard conversations about beating up people, robbing stores and even assaulting cops. Already upset, and immensely horrified with who he was, he decided he would try to get a job. He applied many places, he ended up getting a job working in a food court at a mall. His life gradually got better, then about a year passed, and his mother died from a heart attack at age 53. He was devastated about the death, and even more horrified about where he was gonna live without enough money to even pay for rent. He ended up living at a foreclosed building; a fugitive "estate" he had known for a while.
About 2 years passed and Harlan had grown sick and tired of not supporting himself properly. He saw the men in the house, talking their stories of crimes like they were glorious, acts of god. At age 20 he knew he couldn't take it any longer, he wanted to join the police force. Suddenly, all hope was lost when the 7 hour war began, it was horrid, the things he saw. Other people, feeling free to commit crimes, this time it wasn't just stories, it was men murdering, during a war between worlds of creatures unknown. Having hidden in many places he knew were hard to find for others, he managed to stay safe at times. He was finally using his skills, for something more than crimes. He was able to get around town and gather supplies to feed survivors, and housing them in safe havens.

After the war was over, Harlan was directed to City 24, where he would later become a Civil Union Worker. At the age of 23 he worked handing out rations and taking other applications for people who wanted to join. After being in City 24 for about 3 more years, one night he was walking to his apartment from the CWU building, and he came across two people fighting, because a man had stolen the other mans rations, he attempted to defuse the situation, but the thief got angry. The thief pulled out a home-made knife, and stabbed the other man in the stomach, before running off too a restricted area. With the man gone, Harlan was the only one to blame for the crime, he was detained until they heard his alibi. Having a straight forward alibi, but no one to blame for the crime, the MPF decided they wanted him out of the city. He was transferred to City 17, where he currently resides. He mostly wandered about, minding his own business, until he finally decided to take his dream of stopping crime, and make it a reality.

In Character Information
What is your name?
Harlan Lesher

Why do you want to become a part of the CCA?
I wish to stop those who are ruining out planet. I wish to end the rebellion, and finally have peace on our planet. I believe in this cause more than any I've seen before, and I believe I can help make a difference.

How would you be an asset to the union?
Having been a criminal myself before the war, as I hate to admit, I have extensive knowledge on how criminals work. I can prove myself to be a very useful asset to the Combine Civil Authority, by using my knowledge to end the ones who resist, and keep the city civil.

Where do you wish to take your CCA career?
I wish to take it as far as it will go, whether it be that I die for the cause, or I come out on top, commanding other officers, and maintaining order in the city.

What is your age?
I am 26 years of age.

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Purple Haze's CCA Application Empty Re: Purple Haze's CCA Application

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+Support I liked the scenarios, they were above average, and the backstory was meh. Other than that, great application.

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Purple Haze's CCA Application Empty Re: Purple Haze's CCA Application

Post by Gerby! on Fri Jun 14, 2013 6:10 pm

ACCEPTED - For all the same reasons I stated in my +Support reply. Ask an SA, or owner for your whitelist.

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Purple Haze's CCA Application Empty Re: Purple Haze's CCA Application

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