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Post by [GmG]Skittles on Thu Jun 13, 2013 2:43 pm

Character Names: Jessica Laurence, UCA.C8.JUDGE-DvL

Steam Name: [LeG] Skittles

Steam profile link:

Why do you want to be a Vortigaunt?: I want to be a Vortigaunt to experience what its like to be one and to add another Vortigaunt to the server.

Do you have past roleplaying experience as a Vortigaunt?: I have past experience as a Vortigaunt on one other server.

If yes to the above question, what server did you have experience in?: I've been a Vortigaunt on Lunar Eclipse hl2 roleplaying server.

In-Character Information

What will the name of your Vortigaunt be?: Vorloc Zentar

Please write a 1 paragraph back-story about your Vortigaunt:
Vorloc Zentar came to earth with his faimly because they herd of the Combine invading Earth. Vorloc and his faimly wanted to see if they could help in any way they could to stop the combine from taking over Earth. When they got to Earth they came upon a group of Resistance members that at first were horrified to see Vorloc and his faimly. Vorloc explained why they came and that they would help the Resistance in any way. One day when a squad of OTA was sweeping the area were Vorloc and his faimly and Resistance members were camping the OTA spotted them and began to fire upon them. The group tried to fight back but the OTA was to strong to take care off. Vorloc saw that a AR3 bullet had gone right through his fathers head and another AR3 bullet thre his mothers back. They told Vorloc to go! Vorloc left with three other Resistance members that survived the attack. A year has passed and the combine had completely taken over the earth. Vorloc was the only one left, the other members he escaped with left him and gone to help another group in combat. Vorloc is now 135 years old and has no faimly or friends with him. Vorloc is hiding in the outer canals of City18 when a UTA group sweeped the canals and found him. Vorloc is now a slave Vortigaunt, doing anything that the combine force him to do.

Please write a 1 paragraph example of your Enslaved Vortigaunt cleaning. Vorloc is now 145 years old. He's been a slave for the Combine for a very long time. Vorloc was cleaning the floors of the Nexus traning room one day. A UCA 02 Unit came in and started to watch Vorloc. Vorloc looked up at the Unit with an angry furious face then went back to cleaning. The unit had saw the face on Vorloc and began to walk down to Vorloc. Vorloc turned around and was looking down at the unit. Vorloc is about 6'4 and taller than the Unit. The unit asked him why he stopped cleaning? Vorloc turns back and starts to sweep the floors again. One when Vorloc turned the Unit pushed him over to the ground and started to laugh. Vorloc got back up and faced the Unit with his deep red eyes. The unit says, "Oh what are you going to do about it?". The unit slowly pulls his 9mm from his holster and laughs at the Vortigaunt. Vorloc turns back and starts to sweep again. The Unit walks off, back up the stairs and continues to watch Vorloc.


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Post by Gerby! on Thu Jun 13, 2013 3:23 pm

Sorry, but I don't believe you used the correct format. Please, fix the template, and post it again. The template is located here:

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