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Subject: Delta Green Empty Subject: Delta Green

Post by Cag Sharpet on Fri Jun 14, 2013 5:10 pm

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To my closest associates:
I have been in hiding for the past several days, as the MPF have been alerted of my presence in the city but are still unaware of my location.

It would also seem that the two kids Artyom recruited turned out to be liabilities rather than assets, looting the Country Club and taking it for themselves. All agents are to be ready for a wetworks operation on the two. If spotted before the operation, orders are to interrogate and sanitize.

The code of the Country Club entrance has been changed to: A,1 | A,6 | C,6 | F,3 | D,2

I have transmitted this through our securely laid line and therefor any reports are to be filed as a reply to this.

Kate Cognomen - MIA
Taylor Quick - MIA

Agents (New agents are to add themselves to the list)
Forrest "Darren" James -
Artyom "Adam" Sabitov -
Sinka Degtyarev - MIA

Agents are to memorize the radio codes as follows:
The NATO phonetic alphabet
Night at the opera - An operation
Country Club - The Den under the bar
Sanitize - Kill
Wetworks - Assassination
Friendly - One who is not with us, but is aware of our presence 
Number Cruncher - Computer terminal
Eyes only - Only to be seen
Ears only - Only to be heard

As obvious, this info is eyes only.

Subject: Delta Green 37157158_p

Forrest James
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