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Monkah's Blackmarket Application Empty Monkah's Blackmarket Application

Post by Monkah on Mon Jun 17, 2013 8:31 pm

Steam Name:  [TV-VII] Monkah
Steam ID:    STEAM_0:1:29540081
Steam URL:  steamcommunity .com /id/monkahtv 
Why do you want BMD flags?:  I wish to receive blackmarket flags in order to enhance roleplay on the server as well as fill in a small backstory gap of Mikhail Kazimirov's character. I see myself as a quality roleplayer and I believe that I would be fit for the role, being able to take it seriously and roleplay it properly. There's no need for another rise of the Lolwebullion.
Backstory(List how they got black market supply line): Since Mikhail's backstory is from at least 75 hours of cross-server gameplay, this might take a while.

Mikhail was a Chicago student of Loyola University majoring in Computer Science when the Seven Hour War began. Born in Russia (leaving only due to economical problems with the town they lived in) and having lived there for twelve years, Mikhail's initial plans were to return once he had finished college, and yet due to the Unification of Earth, that specific dream never came true.

Mikhail was sent to City 63, and then after a generator malfunction, to City 45. Mikhail's faked-loyalistic attitude was often what saved him, eventually earning his way up to fifteen loyalist points. With the intentions on becoming a unit to hopefully smuggle supplies to those in need, he failed the application miserably due to a past violent offense. Pushing himself forward, Mikhail enters the Restricted Area of the slums only a day before they are locked down due to the growing anti-citizen population. Mikhail, only wishing to continue eating and sleeping comfortably, occasionally partaking in minor rebellious activities such as drinking with his friend Josh, and panics at the thought of being unable to return to the plaza and legal areas of the city.

From there, Mikhail affiliated himself with a small group of bandits in which he would live the next year or so of his life. He made close friends with some of them and definite enemies with others (more-so specifically an ex-unit) yet managed to live in the sewers system until an Exogen breach. When Antlions managed to get into the city, many were killed as Dusk, a fellow bandit, helped escort numerous citizens and friends out of the city and into the canals. Within the deep canals of City Forty-Five, many were killed by other factors such as sickness, hunger, or infection. In the end, only Mikhail, Dusk and two others had made it into the Outlands. 

The Outlands were rough, although sticking within the caves kept the small party safe. Between dropships and other survellience, the group stayed usually within a small abandoned town. 

Eventually, after a lack of food had strucken the group, Dusk had killed himself with his own shotgun. Mikhail seeing this, leaves and flees the town until he reaches a set of train tracks. Mikhail waits another few hours until a supply train passed, grabbing on, awaiting his next destination. Within the cargo he found various metropolice supplements among other things, keeping him well-fed until he reached the city.

Before Mikhail left the train, he examined the terrain around him. He managed to toss a few crates out of the emergency hatch up top, managing to leave a few boxes of supplies in a small fenced in area outside the city. The boxes, containing supplies, scattered throughout the small fenced in area, Mikhail noticing an easy way to get there from the catwalks, keeps note of where his stash is hidden.

He arrived at City 17 (Industrial Sector) and managed to sneak into the city before detection. With the next citizen train arriving only an hour later, he joins the bunch and registers himself before entering the grand city of City 17.

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Monkah's Blackmarket Application Empty Re: Monkah's Blackmarket Application

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