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Full Name: Spencer Keys
Race: Caucasian 
Nationality: Canadian
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2
Build: Medium.
Hair(Shape+Color): Gelled backwards.
Facial Hair: N/A
Details(Scars,Burns etc): None.
Hat: Civil Protection Mask.
Glasses: Optics.
Face: Slightly narrowed.
Top: Civil Protection APEX uniform.
Arms: Slightly weak and small.
Hands: Large.
Pants: Civil Protection Uniform APEX pants.
Legs: Slightly strong/medium.
Shoes: Black combat boots. 
Image of character (Picture): N/A Until I can find a good one.

Spencer was a strong and agile boy, he worked with his father at building and repairing the vehicles that would be sent to him each day. When Spencer was twelve, his father would train him towards mechanical and engineering processes towards vehicles and mechanical devices that would be sent to his father for repair each day. On his fourteen birthday, he was giving a engineering kit full of tools and wrenches that his father trained him to use at his early ages. On his early teens, his father let him work at one of the businesses he owned outside the street, 'Anderson's Mechanics' it was called. Everyday after school, Spencer would head to that location and work on all day on it, he took classes and Extra activities towards this kind of work. When he was eighteen, he graduated off high school, going to classes for Robotic and Electrical mechanics that he took and learned wisely, maybe it was just he wanted to follow his fathers foot prints and do what he wanted to do, or he loved this kind of activity so much he took his own classes on it, for himself that would never be known. After his years, he got a full education on mechanical and robotic science and engineering towards repairing and creating. He one day wanted to become some sort of inventor, create all kinda of things. The main thing he focused on was mechanical and electrical robotics where he would be able to train and inform different kind of activity. When he was twenty one, he took a job as a mechanic and computer software developer at this store that was placed down the street, he worked there for.

Months later, he moved from his home, Toronto, Canada towards Massachusetts where was went to a university for Engineers and Mechanical Robotics. He stayed and finished his fourth year towards classes, and eventually worked his way up to be his own Robotic Inventor. He worked on creating such inventions as, 'Unmanned Vehicles' for developing and helping other company's out, and build mechanical devices for large factories and company's scattered almost all across the world. Until this one day. He was in Hamburg Germany, teaching and developing future robotic engineers and scientists, there was a large explosion outside as he fell over to the side. Seven men busted open the door, it wasn't clear if they were wearing Gas-Masks or not, but it didn't matter for him, he was eventually forced unto the ground and quickly drugged were he was stationed to another area across the world. 

He woke up on a train, there had to be at least fourteen other citizens all around him. One of them were looking down on Spencer, tilting his head slightly on the confusing. Now, Spencer had no idea what happened hours ago, or maybe it was days ago. No one in the train never seemed to know. Once he pushed himself up, he scanned his eyes down and up the train, slightly confused of what was going on in the area. He looked around, the train stopped and he almost fell forwards in front of himself. As he stood up, he looked to the left, noticing the dark hall and the large screen that glowed up the darkness. After that, Spencer was forced off the train, then placed in a large division and group of other citizens that all stood around him, he looked up to the large screen that glowed a large blue light, after a while it showed a face of a man, he was wearing a Brown Suit, and silk brown hair, speaking to us about being the administrator of the city, Spencer didn't really catch on to his name but listened to all of his words. After that, all the citizens were forced to go down a hallway, once he did so, he went down the stairs and scanned his vision all across the area. There was propaganda of the 'Civil Protection' everywhere he seemed to go, he was very confused, at the same time he felt as if the Civil Protection always existed, and they were maybe the only saviors we had. 

On his way around the city, there was a large sign that was over some store, it said, 'Enlistment for the MPF, duty is the great gift!" over on the top of it. Somewhat, he nodded, shrugging slightly as he entered the building. There was two Civil Protection units, one wearing a Trench coat, and another in a Dull white uniform. It appeared as no one else was in the building, the unit in the Trench-coat gave a dull sarcastic 'clap' as he entered, then shrugging to the other unit right after. He then said to Spencer right after, "There is application forms right here, fill them out then send them in. We will inform you of if your accepted or not." Spencer carefully stepped forwards, looking down to the sheet that said, 'Work' on the top of it right the Universal Union logo on the top of it. Spencer shrugged slightly, then sitting down on the bench next to him, filling out the application as he slowly read it over again right after. When he was done, he placed his application in the bin that was full of only three papers, after that he opened up the door and walked out of the room, scanning his eyes over the bright dull TV's that rained over the plaza square, not knowing what his future will end up towards.


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