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Full Name: [OOC]: Katniss Everdeen, the girl on motherfucking fire, bitch. Just kidding... [IC]: Chelsea 'The Living Hell' Hutchcroft
Race: Caucasian
Nationality: American
Age: Twenty-Eight
Gender: Female
Height: Six foot Four.
Weight: Two-Hundred, and Two Pounds (Mostly made up of certain augments.).
Build: Athletic, somewhat strong.

Hair(Shape+Color): Long, flowing reddish orangey hair.
Facial Hair: None.
Details(Scars,Burns etc): Large scar following from her cheek to her forehead.
Hat: Modified Metropolice Mask.
Glasses: None.
Face: -The scar explained in details-
Top: Brown command shoulder pads.
Arms: Standard issued CCA arm-length sleeves of her uniform. Also, highly augmented.
Hands: Standard issued CCA gloves.
Pants: Standard issued CCA slacks.
Legs: Highly augmented, and large.
Shoes: Standard issued CCA combat boots.
Image of character (Picture): 

UU-C17.CmD.11828 Female61


Chelsea 'The Living Hell' Hutchcroft

Chelsea. She was a Living Hell before she got the nickname. Always crying her eyes out as a baby, waking people up, rebelling at school. Despite the stereotype following females, she could gauge your eyes out before you could get in the first punch. After eight years of her being alive, both her parents died in a car crash she was in. Despite their age, and size, the airbag crushed their skulls, right in front of her eyes. Leaving her an orphaned. She wasn't adopted within the first year, second, third, or fourth, when finally a loving family of Christians came to adopt her. By then, she had established her opinions, and was already homophobic, hating religion, and men.

She didn't keep this a secret. And that's why she got the belt, and the spoon time upon time. At seventeen she ran away, living on the street, and scavenging dumpsters for food. Finally scavenged up enough money for a revolver and a box of ammo.

She ran home, pulling the revolver out and opening the foolishly unlocked sliding glass door from the backyard. One of her "Parents" heard the door open and came running to the kitchen, screaming and raising her hands when she saw Chelsea with the revolver. Chelsea didn't hesitate when she pulled the trigger. The gunshot alerted her "Father" and he came running to the kitchen, when Chelsea saw him, she smiled for a short time, "Hello, Father..." She said, "Time to go up to that place you seem to worship so much..." She pulled the trigger once, firing a shot into his gut. He screamed and fell to the ground. Chelsea just laughed, standing there and watching him bleed to death.

When he finally did, Chelsea ran out. Burying the revolver in the backyard, and running to the parking plaza she was living in at the time, scavenging for some more scraps and eating whatever she found. She continued to barely live like this for years.

When she was twenty-one, the F.B.I. confronted her as a possible suspect for the murder. Being the amazing liar she was, she got out of the interrogation scot free. It may have also helped they felt bad for her, being completely homeless, and parentless. They assisted in that, though. Placing her in the Witness Protection Program. Moved to Phoenix, but she protested the name change, enough for them not to. Once living alone with enough money to scoot by, she reflected on life. She decided to attend a military school at this point, even though she was twenty-two. After completing it, she returned to her home, now twenty-seven. The Combine attacked.

She, like anyone else would, hid in her basement. And seven hours later, she blacked out from hitting her head on the stairs on her way up. When she woke up, she was in City Eighteen, welcomed by a few Metropolitan Police Officers. She was asked to apply, then told it would be a good idea to apply to become one of them. She did, leaving a paper inside a box.

The next day, there was a broadcast calling her by name to the Nexus doors. They opened, and she was welcomed in. Changed into her kevlar, and such, and trained. She immediately went into JUDGE, picking up on torture easily. She was named "The Living Hell" because all of her "Patients." would've rather been in Hell.

Working her way up the ranks, she slowly became the Commander, being moved a few times in between.



"...Was that an audio-violation out of this one? Why, I must be hard of hearing..."

"I swear to God if you take one more step I will put a fucking bullet through your brain, now do you hear me?"

-A amputation is completed, involving both the JUDGE-DvL, and the CmD herself-

"Nicely done, Judge... I especially liked how he screamed when you were dunking his feet in the acid."

Extras: None.

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