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Post by TeddyHunter on Tue Jun 18, 2013 7:53 am

Steam Name: TeddyHunter
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Why do you want BMD flags?: In Dark RP servers the BMD is my favourite class to be; I'd really love to try out the BMD in HL2 RP to enhance my RP experience and other players RP experience.

Backstory (List how they got black market supply line): Nathan Fowl has always been a sly person, he always found out ways to cheat in his schools tests and sell the answers to kids who haven't done them yet. Nathan gradually moved onto bigger things when he got older like small time drugs, like marijuana to  gain some extra cash in his pocket.             
Nathan is very intelligent and learns from the not-so-many mistakes he has made. He is excellent in observing peoples behaviour and predicting on what they might do next, he is also very good at talking his way out of (or convincing people) nearly anything.

Now for the actual story: Nathan was living in City 81 creating homemade pistols and rifles (That he designed himself) he sold to the small resistance and citizens that could be trusted until the Combine captured one of the Rebels in a trap and tortured him until he gave up the information leading to the Rebels exact location and how he got the gun that he was going to use to assassinate one of the high ranked loyalists.

Nathan was instantly put on the most wanted list and was the top priority person to find in City 81. As Nathan was now a most wanted fugitive, he only had a few options to choose from, he obviously couldn't stay otherwise he would eventually be captured and killed so he had to somehow escape the prison-like city he was living in. He wished his loyal friends good luck and prepared his escape plan, all it needed was a combine suit that he already had in posession and a 9mm default issued pistol. If you haven't guessed already his plan was to disguise himself as a combine soldier and escape by using the train.

His plan actually succeeded and he managed to escape into City 17 where he hid the suit behind some loose bricks outside an apartment building, he came up with a new name called Nathan Fowl as his previous one in City 81 had been compromised. Nobody has ever discovered his true identity.

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