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SomeKoolKid's application(WIP) Empty SomeKoolKid's application(WIP)

Post by somekoolkid on Tue Jun 18, 2013 11:21 am

Out Of Character Information
Steam Name:-=AOU=-SomeKoolKid
Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:4518484
Steam URL:
HL2RP Server Playtime:On this server a few days, Career time a few years.
I agree not to ask admins to check my application.
Do you have any experience role-playing as an "Civil Protection Officer"? Couple years. Highest position held besides SeC would be DvL

Regarding Your Character And The MPF
Give an example between your loyalist and an MPF Unit: I do not have a loyalist character.

Give an example between your MPF, and a group of heavily armed rebels:
**Opening scene a camera pans from the skyline down to a scanner flying into a construction site where an on going fire fight is taking place**
A group of rebels have been chased into the constructionsite after they attacked a supple convoy heading into the city. There are Six units formed up in the alley way near the grotto....
*MPF-C17.JUDGE-05.96852 "Sir, We are not going to be able to push through their line from here, we need to hid them from the back aswell"
*MPF-C17.NOVA-DvL.77767 "I know this unit, I was getting to that..."
*MPF-C17.NOVA-DvL.77767 " 968,853,742 head around to the far entrance and push from the rear, we will keep them busy"
MPF-C17.JUDGE-04.85341 " Rodger that"
MPF-C17.JUDGE.05.96852 "Copy that"
MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 "Understood...."
**The three units take off and cautiously move down the street tot he rear entrance to the construction site**
*MPF-C17.JUDGE.05.96852 takes point while the other two form up on him in spear formation...The group advances towards the gate checking their corners then heads inside.*
*MPF-C17.JUDGE.05.96852 Motions the other two units to advance to the other side of the walk way while he covers.*
*The other JUDGE and NOVA advance and stack up behind a wall...*
*MPF-C17.JUDGE.04.85341 Signals 968 to advance and the units push up to the door to the apartment and stack up....*
MPF-C17.JUDGE.05.96852 "RADIO: Be advised we are entering the building from the rear check your fire...."
MPF-C17.NOVA.DvL.77767: "Copy that"
*The units check their weapons and look at each other then nod...*
*MPF-C17.JUDGE.04.85341 takes a step in front of the door and kicks it in while the other two
units quickly move in sweeping each side of the room... They hear some cry from about "They just kicked in the door!"*
*The units sweep the bottom floor only to find nothing, as they head to the ladder they cautiously peer up is making sure no one was waiting...*
*MPF-C17.JUDGE.05.96852 Slowly climbs the ladder with his gun pointing at the entrance then hugs the wall when he gets to the top. He then peers down the empty hall way and keeps an eye out while the other two follow....*
**The units move down the hall way in a staggered formation approaching the end of the hall a Rebel comes into view with a pistol in his hand but is too slow to react once he realized the units are on top of him. the rebel lunges at 96852 attempting to pistol whip his**
*MPF-C17.JUDGE.05.96852 takes a hit to the mask but is barely affected by the blow.
*MPF-C17.JUDGE.05.96852 Quickly grabs for the rebels Pistol and grabs the barrel of the gun and the rebels fore arm and forces them in opposite directions. (Quick lesson: Your wrist is like a Lever and if you exert force in the proper direction you can overcome the strength of what the person is holding.)
*MPF-C17.JUDGE.05.96852 Quickly leans in to elbow the rebel in the face but falls short when the man leans back then counters with a punch to 968's Ribs
*MPF-C17.JUDGE.05.96852 hooks his arm around the back of the mans neck and give him a pull then goes complete deadweight pulling him to the ground face first.
**One of the other units quickly jumps on the man and tries to ziptie his hands while the other unit keeps watch...
MPF-C17.JUDGE.05.96852 RADIO:77767, Ma'am we have an Anti-Citizen in custody and preparing to move further into the building.
MPF-C17.NOVA-DvL.77767 RADIO: Negative fall back OTA is Inbound they will mop this up...
MPF-C17.JUDGE.05.96852 RADIO: Copy That.
**The Three units make quick work of the man and get him on his feet and force him out the the way they came...
**During Their escape one of the other resistance members spotted the group and opened fire on them and hit his own man in the process...

Give an example between an MPF unit and a free vortigaunt: In the past we usealy just shot and killed the Vorts because there wasnt a high enough ranking unit to properly enslave them.

Give an example between your MPF and a higher ranked unit:
**all the units are in formation after they reclaimed the supplies the resisance stole (As seen above) The Divisional leaders would like to have a word with their units**
*[/color]MPF-C17.JUDGE.DvL.##### approaches MPF-C17.JUDGE.05.96852 and looks him over carefully...
**The DvL Paces up and down the line then stops and turns to them and say's "Units! You did good..." He then walks up to 968, 853, and 742 and says "You three did an excellent job detaining that Rebel, and nice Handy work 968..Keep it up.!"
*MPF-C17.JUDGE.05.96852 Smiles under his mask and say's "Thank you sir!"
**The DvL Walks back and looks at all the units and say's "That is all, Dismissed"...
**All the Units Salute the Divisional's before they turn and return back to their respective duties.

Your character's backstory:John Field was born in Madison Wisconsin on January 13 1990. He was raised by his Mother Marry Field and Father James Field.
Through his elementary and Middle school years John was a bright student holding a 3.5 Grade Point average. Once John reached high school he hit a wall... Johns Father James cheated on Marry with a younger woman he met at a bar.
John Decided to live with his mother during the Divorce process and hated his father for betraying his mother like that. Completely stressed out by the whole situation John started smoking his sophomore year and let his grades go;
By his Junior year he was in and out of Juvie for possession of an illegal substance but was never arrested for anything too serious. At the beginning of Senior year Life hit him in the face...His mother was Diagnosed with
Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. John was shaken by the realization of the fact that he could lose his mother and he knew there would be no way she could afford the Chemo on her salary. John decided to shape up and get a job as soon as possible and try too pour as much money as possible into the medical bills.
John was able to secure a easy job as a Bank Guard. All he did was watch the security camera's all day and patrol around the bank with his other two Coworkers. This does not last long though because the year is 200- and the job only lasted a few months before the seven hour war. After the Black Mesa Incident (Obviously unknown to John and all the other citizens)
John Reports to work at 6am like normal. Around 11am John makes his hourly routes when he notices something out the window... He stops and stares at it for a moment then calls Jim (His Boss) over to take a look and they stood there not knowing what was hovering in the sky...
Moments later another figure appeared in the sky and hovered off in the distance when suddenly Fighter Jets scream over head towards the two figures in the sky and disappear in the distance...Suddenly a Bolt of lightning rips through the sky and the earth starts to tremble Violently.
A large wall of energy rips through the city and what appears to be a portal rips open in the sky and ships start pouring out. In a panic John takes off running trying to get to the hospital as fast as possible to try and save his mother. The roads were congested with traffic and it was near impossible to get through the city.
Suddenly a Large ship starts flying down the road shooting at civilians as they try to run for cover. John panicked and took off running back towards the bank. Inside the employee's were still held up when the bank manager decided to move everyone into the vault because it was heavily reenforced. John and the rest of the people there spent
the remainder of the seven hours inside the vault with the door opened just wide enough so they wouldn't suffocate. An OTA squad came across the group of people and gathered them out side with the others for processing...John was given his CID and Living quarters in the newly established City 69. About a year passed and John was given a
letter stating he was to be transferred to City 17 as soon as possible. On the Train ride over he decided he doesn't want to be a civilian any more he wants to try and make a difference and make his life a lot easier. He has lost everything and wanted to make sure no one would lost anything else so he made the decision to
report to the Local Nexus and apply for a MPF Position...

In Character Information
Full Name (Last, First):John Field
Civil-Identification Code:96852
Age\Date of Birth:01/13/1990
Distinctive Marks: None commonly Visible
Height (Meters): 1.85M (6'1")
Weight (Kilograms): 75.74kg(160Lbs)
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair Color: Brown

Why do you want to become a part of the CCA? I believe that the people of earth should stop fighting the Union, We lost the war and I want to make sure the people learn things are not so bad now. I have seen too many people get gunned down because they do not know how to listen! I want to be able to make them understand that the Union will make everything better in the end, I want to make a difference.

How would you be an asset to the union? I am very dedicated when it comes to work like this, I am willing to learn anything required and I am willing to do what ever is necessary to survive in this world.

Where do you wish to take your CCA career?Anywhere it will take me.

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SomeKoolKid's application(WIP) Empty Re: SomeKoolKid's application(WIP)

Post by Gerby! on Tue Jun 18, 2013 6:16 pm

Just finish your final example, and you're pretty much accepted.

Very Happy

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Post by TeddyHunter on Tue Jun 18, 2013 9:55 pm

Pretty good app, it's yes for me.

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Post by Gerby! on Wed Jun 19, 2013 3:46 pm

ACCEPTED - Exceptional RPer, and the app was great. Your whitelist awaits you in-game.

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