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Isaac's OTA Application Empty Isaac's OTA Application

Post by Isaac~ on Wed Jun 19, 2013 9:01 pm

OOC Information
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:19131794
Steam Name: [EG] Isaac~
Steam URL: 
Not allowed to post.
Previous experience with faction: EOW of REAPER division on previous server, ECHO unit several times.
HL2RP Server Playtime: I started a few nights ago, and i'm playing ATM.

I agree not to ask administrators or above to check or view my application.
I understand Overwatch are not robots.

Regarding roleplay with the Overwatch Transhuman Arm
What you think we expect you to do and how you should behave whilst utilizing this faction: I act as a solider and a grunt unit for the UNION, I go in to take down heavy anti-citizens and rebel teams.

How you believe we expect you to behave whilst using this faction: Mature, loyal, active and too, at the very least, try to always remain in character, only leaving it to solve problems.

Provide an example between an OTA unit and a loyalist:
*Two OTA units are plastered at the nexus door.*
*A Loyalist walks up to them.*
Loyalist: Sir's, may I go inside?
OTA: No. Move along.
Loyalist: B-b, I'm a loyalist! I worked for the union!
OTA: Too bad. You don't go into the nexus without clearance.
Loyalist: I.. um.. have clearance! From the Sectorial!
OTA: Alright, i'll radio in, but if you don't have clearance, your dead.
Loyalist: Oh.. umm.. I.. uh..
OTA Radios in: Loyalist says he has the clearance to go inside the nexus, given by the sectorial.
SeC Radios in: I haven't given any loyalists permission to come in here..
OTA: Well then.
*The OTA rises his pulse rifle, kicking the Loyalist down the stairs.*
*The Loyalist tumbles down, nearly dead by the fall.*
*The OTA walks over, smashing his boot into the skull of his head, and shooting Ar2 bullets into his body.*
OTA Radios in: X-Ray, clean up this mess.
X-Ray: Copy that.

Provide an example between an OTA unit and a Patrol-03:
*One OTA views the plaza from the nexus.*
*The OTA leaves the balcony, going downstairs to the 03, sitting in the armoury.*
OTA: Oh-Three!
03: Y-Yes sir?
OTA: Why aren't you patrolling?
03: I uh.. I.. have.. a wound.. in my leg..
*The OTA walks over, picking him up by the leg and observing it.*
*The OTA drops him. glaring at him through his mask.*
OTA: Patrol. NOW!
*The 03 stumbles up, leaving the armoury.

Provide an example between a squadron of OTA (3) and a group of heavily armed rebels (6):
*Loud OTA Footsteps are heard throughout the slums.*
*The three OTA reach a large building, housing armed rebels.*
*The EOW takes place on the other side, holding his pulse rifle ready.*
EOW: Stack up!
Squad: Ready!
EOW: Inject!
*The EOW shoots the door handle, kicking it off its hinges and tossing in a flashbang.*
*The Flash goes off, the two other OTAs running in, ducking behind cover made inside the room.*
*As the EOW runs in, bullets begin flying at him, he gets shot in the side and falls.*
EOW: Partially wounded, fire!
*OTA1 vaults cover, blasting his jackhamemr at two of the rebels.*
*The bullets slam into one of their chest, he flies into the wall, blood drizzling down from his chest.*
*OTA1 falls into another cover, several bullet wounds in him.*
*OTA2 looks over the cover, getting a bullet square into his gasmask, it slams through, killing him instantly.*
*EOW looks at the fallen unit, turning cover and firing his pulse rifle into the head of the rebel who killed him, the rebels brains makes a gush noise, then he face plams into the ground.
*OTA1 uses the distraction of the dead to vault over cover, firing his jackhammer into two of the rebels again, one of the wounds he had wounded before.*
*The bullets kill the wounded, dropping the other non-wounded to the ground, as he holds his chest in pain.*
*OTA1 pulls a grenade, as he tosses it, hes shot by an array of bullets.*
*The rebels try to run away from the grenade, but they are blown up on their feet, smashing into the wall, dead.*
EOW Radios In: Need some X-Rays to this slums area, several dead.. major casualties.
X-Ray: Copy that, moving.

Provide an example between a squadron of OTA (6) and a group of free vortigaunts (4):
*The Dropship sails through the sky, over the city.*
*Many citizens look up at the dropship, as it flies out of the city.*
*The Dropship flies into the outlands, slowly landing infront on the roof of a possible rebel base.*
*Several OTA members run out quickly, crouching down on the roof.*
*Two OTAs are armed with jackhammers, and four with a pulse rifle.*
EOW1: Stack up!
Squad: Ready!
EOW1: Inject!
*The EOW blasts open the door, allowing his squad to run in, then sprinting after them."
*All they see is a huge pit, in a large corridor.*
*The units moving in, hooking onto the top. All of them hook down to the bottom, aiming up their weapons.*
*They slowly walk through, ready.*
*Two balls of green appear, and two vortigaunts jump out of them, firing at one of the OTA quickly.*
*The shock flings through the OTA, killing him.*
*As the OTA fire at the vortigaunts, they disepear in the green balls again.*
EOW1: Stay alert! Bio-tics are quick..
*Two vortigaunts appear again, flinging bolts into one of the OTAs and making him dissepear.*
*The OTAs expected this, killing one of the vortigaunts quickly*.
*A flash of green appear behind them, they turn around, and suddenly two bolts fling into one of the OTA's, killing them. The Vortigaunts then dissepear again.*
EOW1: Be ready! Bio-tics are coming from all sides!
*Another flash of green, EOW1 was blinded, he fell to the ground..*
*When EOW1 woke up, he found himself chained, upside down, looking at hanged bodies of his squad. He had no suit on, and watched as headcrabs crawled and ate away at him.*

Provide an example between an Overwatch unit and a PvC:
PvC Radios In: Requiring EOW-069 to go to my office.
*EOW goes to his office, stepping infront of his desk.*
PvC: Prepare a squad and check the city, I wish to go for a walk.
EOW: Copy that.
EOW Radios In: Squad! Three of you go to main nexus door, the rest, check the rooves and hidden spots for any anti-citizens.
Squad Radios In: Copy that!
*After a few minutes, the city is checked around, nobody is found ready to assassinate.*
*The Squad and the PvC starts walking out.*
*After the walk, as they are walking back, several gunshots fly toward the PvC.*
*The EOW quickly moves him in, then a lockdown to find the Anti's begins.*

Your character's backstory, including the reason and method in which they ended up in the Overwatch:

Born, in the cold winter night of December 15th, 1993, was Jensen. As he was hurried to the car, parked near the hospital, he was driven home. As the car bumped over a few times, skidding a bit on the snow, Jensen fell asleep, oddly enough. Jensen didn't have much of a young, toddler life. He attended school at a very young age, moving up to elementary pretty fast. He was one of the youngest in his grade, but rather tall. He was intelligent and friendly with everyone in his grade, not really eyeing on the shy side. He was also one of the nicer kids, someone being left out, he tried to get them into their games. The other kids didn't really like Jensen when he did that, often preferring being with only a few of the 'cool' people. Jensen's friendships faltered around the fifth grade, as he was sometimes called a nerd by the other kids. He tried to change his ways and be more friendly with the kids, but they simply didn't like him. Soon, his father had a job transfer, having to leave the state. As Jensen flew away in the airplane, he looked down over his old school and home, how he might miss it.. then he realized, in this new state, he could start anew, a new beginning with the kids at his new middle school. As he sat in the plane, he smiled.

As Jensen lugged his things and headed inside his home, he took in the nice, wax scented air, by the nearby burning candles. He bumped the suitcase up the stairs to his room, dropping it down and beginning to unpack the things into his drawers. He set up a few odd sorting ways, then lay'd down, bringing the air in once more. It was only six PM, so he wandered around the home. Another room beside his was a study room, most likely for his dad. He spoke to his father about this, and his father said there was a larger one for him. He said that Jensen could have the smaller one by his room, and Jensen smiled. Slowly, school began to start and Jensen jumped onto the bus, heading to school. He sat by a man named Adam, starting small talk and finding things alike about each other. Jensen asked about the school, Adam saying that his brother and sister already attended this place, and said it was really good. One of the teachers, Mr. Furfenheir, an old german guy, was someone to look out for, Adam said. He was mean and was said to hit people with his cane that he didn't like. When Jensen went into his first class, he found that Furfenheir was his language arts teacher. He sighed, leaving the class room. As he went through, class to class, he spoke to more people, making new friends along the way. By the time he was leaving, he had known most of the kids on his grade. When he hopped on his bus, driving home, he smiled. This could be a fun, new life.

The first year of school whizzed past, friendships going up, some going down, and often high grades of classes. Some of the higher up kids and jocks called him a nerd, but he didn't mind, he learned to just ignore them from Adam. When the school year ended, he hopped on his bus, and when he got home, was greeted by his parents happily. They had bought him a weird game system, he installed it upstairs in his room, playing on it for a few hours, before passing out in the chair he was playing it in. When he awoke, he found himself holding the controller, head on the ground, drooling onto the rug. He found the time, five AM. He rubbed his head, groaning. He wandered over to his bed, falling down onto the back of it and slowly falling back asleep. As he dreamed, he was in the weird racing game he was playing, surfing on the cars. Suddenly, the controller flew up to him, knocking him off, and he flew off and died. He woke up with a start, six am only.. he went over, and started playing the game again. When he parents opened the door at eight AM, they asked him if he had been playing all night. He nodded his head quickly, playing faster. As the year passed, Jensen's mass playing of the system lowered. The years of school seemed shorter then ever, he flew through them, his grades kind of lowering each year. He realized he needed to study more, but while he was studying, realized his fitness. He wasn't working out much, so the next day, after school, he biked to the gym. As he worked out there, he found Adam inside. He talked to him about why he was here, and Adam said his parents told him to go here. Jensen said he wanted to improve his fitness, and Adam rolled his eyes. They worked out in silenced after, summer coming up near. The days were longer and nights shorter, and when he finally ended up in the summer, he realized he was going off to high school now.

When he arrived home for the last time in that summer, his parents presented him with some grave news. Once again, he would have to move to another state, though this time it was back to the state from before. He was worried, sad and kind of angry at his parents and his fathers job. He sadly packed up his things, dragging his suitcase down stairs and into the car. He decided it would be best if he didn't tell anyone at the school. When he arrived on the plane, he quietly thought to himself, then fell asleep. When he awoke, he found himself laying down on a medical bed, in a white room. He looked around, and found nobody. He yelled out, then someone burst-ed through the door. "Ah, finally awake." He walked over to Jensen, looking him down. When Jensen left the hospital and got filled up on what happened, the plane had crashed on the borders of Canada, some how. He was rescued by some people nearby hunting, and was brought to the hospital we awoke in. He was one of the only survivors, the other one was someone in college, named Samuel. Jensen had all his parents insurance money, taking it to own an apartment and get a part time job. He went to school, finding out most of the people in his elementary school were there. He hid his identity for a while, until someone found him out and they bombed him with questions. He slowly grew up, and when the time came to go to college, he could barely afford it. His years of college whizzed past, and when he left, the portal storms were plaguing the country and the world. As months passed, the rumors of a new empire appeared. Time flew and flew past in his eyes, soon finding himself inside City 17, an industries friendly city, owned and ruled by the union. He decided to apply to join up with the union, smiling as he spoke with the recruiter. He was denied by the recruiter, after that was driven by rage, he soon attacked a CP, oddly enough taking him down and escaping into the slums. The Bio-Signal went off, and a few CPs went into the slums to remove all the resistance that maybe up, looking to take down the combine. They found Jensen in there, and they took him in, believing him to be a high scaled rebel. They turned him into a OTA, heavily augmenting him. (Sorry this part isn't very good, i'm really tired xD).

Additional relevant information: None.

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Isaac's OTA Application Empty Re: Isaac's OTA Application

Post by Gerby! on Thu Jun 20, 2013 3:41 pm

ACCEPTED - Great backstory, very long and descriptive. Also, you show obvious experience with OTA before. Ask for your whitelist in-game.

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