Riley's MPF Application.

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Riley's MPF Application. Empty Riley's MPF Application.

Post by Isaac~ on Thu Jun 20, 2013 1:50 am

Out Of Character Information
Steam Name: [EG] Isaac~
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:19131794
Steam URL: Can't post.
HL2RP Server Playtime: Started a few days ago.
I agree not to ask admins to check my application.
Do you have any experience role-playing as an "Civil Protection Officer"? Tons, I was a SeC, DvL, EpU and OfC a few times before Smile

Regarding Your Character And The MPF
Give an example between your loyalist and an MPF Unit:
I don't have a loyalist character.

Give an example between your MPF, and a group of heavily armed rebels:
*MPF1 is walking around.*
*A citizen walks up to him.*
Citizen: Sir, I believe I saw a man with a gun walking through the apartment building.
MPF1: Copy that, what room and floor?
Citizen: Second floor, first room.
MPF1 Radios In: Calling in back-up, possible anti-citizen having level six contraband.
MPF2 and MPF3 Radios In: Copy that, moving!
*The Two other MPF move to MPF1's location, then the squad moves to the apartments, searching it quickly.*
MPF1: Moving up to the reported apartment.
*The Squad moves to the room, preparing.*
MPF1: Stack!
Squad: Ready!
MPF1: Inject!
*MPF1 shoots the lock, kicking open the door, watching as the units run in, then running in after them.*
*Two rebels switch out of cover, killing MPF2 and MPF3.*
*Another rebel jumps out, grabbing MPF1 and throwing him to the ground.*
Rebel1: Hey there, buddy.
*Rebel1 takes off the MPFs mask, kicking him in the face, then firing a bullet into his skull.*

Give an example between an MPF unit and a free vortigaunt:
Not sure what MPF do to free vortigaunts ;p

Give an example between your MPF and a higher ranked unit:
*MPF/Me walks up to the OfC, asking him about something.*
"Uh.. sir.. when do we erm.. house.. rations?"
*The OfC just stares at the unit, the MPF looking at him.*
*The MPF realizes his mistake, quickly saluting to his higher officer.*
OfC: Salute faster, unit. And we only house rations when the sectorial or divisional leaders believe it is necessary.
MPF: Copy that, sir.
OfC: Unit!
MPF: Yes, sir?
OfC: If any citizen asks when the next rations are, tell him the time has been increased by a few hours since he asked.
MPF: Yes, sir!
*The MPF walks off quickly.*

Your character's backstory:
The Car. Her worst enemy.
She sat in the back seat, on her mothers lap and in her hands, observing the snowy outside of the car. At the time, Riley was a cute, little, friendly baby, smiling at most people around her. The car was driving home from the hospital the mother was happily cradling Riley. She smiled, leaning down and kissing her on the forehead. They were in Paris, France. Riley lived in a rich family, the second kid, so she was unlucky to be their second, most likely going to be ignored by her parents. Suddenly, a flash happened, the car skidded into a fence and the airbags flew open, hitting the driver in the face. The baby fell out of her mothers hands, looking around and waving her little hands. Suddenly, the doors busted open, some men with guns aimed at the people inside. Riley watched as her father was shot in the head, his head exploding in blood and gore. Riley began softly crying, this kill scarring her. The mother was forced out of the car, at gun point, and the baby was picked up by the leader of the gang. The leader decided to spare her, as she might be of use to them. The mother was soon murdered, and the baby was placed in a dirty cradle.. and drifted to sleep.

The Young, Killing Years.
Riley fired the beretta rapidly at the targets, squaring most of them. "Good job, girl." Her friend Logan said, patting her on the back. Logan was the leader of one of the major squads of their gang, 'Skull Ones'. Logan brought her in and saved her from his own squad, nursed her and taught her the way of killing and fighting. "Alright, you haven't robbed anyone, so I think we gotta set you up. You've been trained fully, Riley, do this right, alright?" He said, smiling at her. Riley sat at the corner of the alley, as a man walked by, she grabbed hi and pushed him into the alley, pointing the gun at his head. "Money. Drop it!" She said forcefully, waiting for the man to drop his money. The man slowly pulled out his wallet, and as he put it on the ground, made a dash away. Riley shot him in the back of the leg quickly, making him tumble. The cops barely patrolled this area, way too dangerous. She put the gun to the back of his head, firing a bullet square in his skull. His head exploded with blood, and memories appeared back in her head, of her father, dieing, the blood flying everywhere, hitting her in the face.. she quickly ran back into the alley, giving the cash to Logan. "Alright, I think its time you go to school, you'll be our most educated killer." He smiled, patting her on the head.

School, a terrible place for a killer.
First year in school. First grade. She already got street smarts, knew how to talk, knew all that.. most of the teaching was under her level. All the kids thought she was weird, they knew she carried a combat knife in her left boot. School went through quickly, no bullies or anything.. until sixth grade hit her in the face like a brick. When she was in the bathroom, some pompous rich girl and her gang of bitches fucked with her, badly. She got so pissed, she went to the main one of them's house, broke into her bedroom, and stole anything worth value. She earned tons of cash like that, was able to get extra intelligence from side classes and tutors at her apartment. Years passed, nothing too bad happened.. until high school. She met this guy named Jeremy, she really liked him. He was bad, she thought he might even be in a gang, like her. She tried to go out with him, but Jeremy said that he was going with Jennifer.. Jennifer, the bitch who made fun of her back in middle school.. Riley had robbed Jennifer before, but this time, it was too far. Riley went to her house, killed her, and stole most of her belongings. Riley went up to Jeremy, gave him a twisted smile and asked if he wanted to go out. Jeremy looked at her, obviously scared, saying "Er.. uh.. I just.. had.. something go up.. sorry, Riley." The next years of her life wizzed past, until she was twenty, and then, the police busted down her apartment door and took her into interigation about the murder of Jennifer. She lied expertly, sneaking out of it. She said that the murder was now after Riley, so they put Riley away in another city.

New City, New Country, New Gang!
When Riley arrived into America, she couldn't find any gangs. The streets were cleaned, no killers around. She didn't belong here.. so she decided to go to a military school to bolster her training a bit and meet knew people, and maybe, to satisfy her lust for blood.. Her training was cut short when the major portal storms appeared, then hours of war began. Time seemed to slow down for her. She hid in her basement, then tripped, falling unconious, when she woke up found herself inside an apartment building, a weird tattoo on her arm saying a 'CID'. Apparently , the 'Union' had taken over. She studied more and found they were kind of killers, so she applied to join them, to satisfy herself.

In Character Information
What is your name? Riley Fustein Eisen.

Why do you want to become a part of the CCA? I'm a trained fighter, and I wish to aid all the union in removing the scum and un-civil failures of the city into death. The CCA are the strong suits and power, the real cause, the A-C's are weak failures, and I wish to join to remove them all from the city.

How would you be an asset to the union? I'm strong, capable, determined  and not afraid to get my hands a little.. 'dirty.'. I'm not afraid to kill, or from Gore, I have some things in my past that remove myself of any fear of those.

Where do you wish to take your CCA career? I wish to rank up and fully become with the CCA, I want to take down all scum and become respected and high ranking with all the CCA.

What is your age? Twenty Three.

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Riley's MPF Application. Empty Re: Riley's MPF Application.

Post by Gerby! on Thu Jun 20, 2013 3:44 pm

ACCEPTED - We need A LOT more CCA, as the rebels are getting WAY out of control, plus this is a GREAT application. Your whitelist awaits you.

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