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Post by Gerby! on Mon Jun 03, 2013 3:27 pm

Out Of Character

Steam Name: [SN-OP]Gεℜβϒ!

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:52269753

Steam URL: (New members are not allowed to post links, so I had to remove this. In seven days, I will post it.)

HL2RP Server Playtime: About an hour or so. I helped set it up (You know me, 5ym5).

I agree not to ask admins to check my application.

Do you have any experience role-playing as an "Civil Protection Officer"?: Yes! I have over ten month's experience as a Civil Protection officer.

Regarding Your Character And The MPF

Give an example between your loyalist and an MPF Unit:

Me: /me is sitting on one of the plaza benches, when the JUDGE-DvL approaches her.

JUDGE-DvL: /me approaches the woman sitting on the bench, until he is literally two steps away from her.

Me: /me slowly gets up, awaiting her orders.

JUDGE-DvL: /me reaches into his pocket, dropping a can on the ground, "Citizen (Voice command)."

JUDGE-DvL: "CAN 1 (Voice command for "Pick up that can")"

Me: /me nods slowly, bending over and firmly grasping the can in her right hand, before standing back up.

JUDGE-DvL: "CAN 4 (Voice command for "Now put it in the trash can")"

Me: /me nods, taking a few steps towards the trash can, and tossing it in.

Me: "There you go, sir."

JUDGE-DvL: "Citizen. (Voice command for "Citizen")"

JUDGE-DvL: "Apply. (Voice command for "Apply")"

Me: "Angela Shepard, Number: Two-Four-Five-Zero-Five."

JUDGE-DvL: /me unclips his datapad, typing something into it, "Citizen. (Voice command for "Citizen")"

JUDGE-DvL: "You have earned one loyalist point for your actions. Congratulations."

Me: /me nods, "Thank you, sir." before sitting down again.

JUDGE-DvL: /me continues on his patrol.

Give an example between your MPF, and a group of heavily armed rebels:

Me: /me is standing at the Nexus doors, /radio "Permission to patrol Precinct Three (Slums), divisional, sir?"

JUDGE-DvL: /radio "Permission granted, but bring a partner. Seven-Seven-Eight, go with Seven-Two-Nine."

778: /radio "Yes sir. Inbound!"

/it Seven-Seven-Eight arrives at the Nexus doors.

778: "Alright. On me!"

/it The two exit the Nexus, making their way to the slums, and entering.

Me: /me draws his 9MM, scanning his surroundings, before noticing a rebel with a sniper on a rooftop.

Me: "Seven-Seven-"

/it Seven-Seven-Eight's head suddenly has a hole through it, and he is lying on the ground.

Me: "Shit! Get down!"

Me: /me rushes into a warehouse.

/it A group of four rebels, armed to the teeth, approach the warehouse, planting a breach on the door, and blowing it open.

Rebel 1: /me enters first, followed by the other rebels, before looking around.

Me: /me is hiding in a corner, breathing heavily.

Rebel 1: /me spots the oh-five.

Me: /me notices the rebel has spotted him, as he completely freezes up, dropping his 9MM, and raising his hands.

Rebel 1: /me waves his fellow rebels over.

/it All four rebels approach the oh-five, aiming their guns to his head.

Rebel 1: /me points to Rebel two, "James, and Shawn, hide the body of that other one Catherine took out. I'll take this one. Catherine, open the base up."

Rebel 1: "Go, go, go!"

/it The three rebels do their assigned jobs.

Rebel 1: /me hits the oh-five in the head with the bud of his gun, knocking him out instantly.

Rebel 1: /me carries the oh-five into the sewers...

Give an example between an MPF unit and a free vortigaunt:

Me: /me notices the vortiguant, somewhat intrigued by it...

Xan'Norl: /me looks at the unit, slowly backing away, "This one means...... No harm. This one asks if you mean harm."

Me: /me stops, intrigued by it's way of speaking.

Xan'Norl: /me slowly backs away, turning to make a run.

Me: /me realizes what the vortiguant is, as he snaps himself out of his trance-like state, drawing his 9MM and chasing after the vort.

Xan'Norl: /me turns into the subway, running behind a pillar, and closing his eye. Using the darkness to conceal himself completely.

Me: /me slowly enters the subway tunnels, missing the vort completely, and continuing forward.

Xan'Norl: /me slowly opens his eyes, seeing the unit continue forward, as he slowly summons his vortessence, being an elder, he does this with ease.

Xan'Norl: /me concentrates hard, before letting go of a green lightning bolt, straight towards the unit.

Me: /me is hit, falling to the ground, and wakes up in the medbay about four hours after.

Give an example between your MPF and a higher ranked unit:

Me: /me rushes towards the citizen, the citizen is standing on the Nexus stairs.

Citizen: “Shit…” /me already walking towards the wall says, “S- s- sorry, sir!”

Me: /me calls for backup, not knowing what to do as he is a RCT.

/it Backup arrives, a OfC, and a 01.

Me: /me looks towards the OfC, “This citizen was on the Nexus stairs, sir.”

OfC: “No worries, unit. You did the right thing calling me… Its fucking scum like this who can’t read that need to be hit a little harder.”

OfC: /me grins slightly, letting out a soft VoCoded chuckle.

Me: /me nods, “Y- yes, sir!”
OfC: “01, tie him.”

01: “Yes sir.” /me pulls a ziptie out of his backpack, attempting to tie the man (Resist?)

Citizen: [LOOC]: No, I won’t resist. OR: /me doesn’t resist.

01: /me ties the citizen before patting him down. “Cleaned!”

OfC: “Alright, wrap it up!”

01: /me unholsters his stunstick, flicking it to [HIGH] voltage, then hitting the citizen in the head with exceptional force, knocking him straight out. // This is not powergame as the citizen is tied.

01: /me drags the now knocked out citizen to the Nexus as he drops in a cell, posting a paper on the door that says, ‘Detained at 12:13:24, to be released in 3 cycles – 889’

Me. /me after observing the ordeal, rushes back to the Nexus, and into the detainment cells, examining the piece of paper on the cell door, and the man.

/event Speakers crackle on around The Plaza, as a familiar voice booms over them, “Rations are now available in terminal six for the next hour!”

OfC: /radio “All units, report to ration terminal.”

Me: /me rushes to the terminal, flashing a salute to the OfC before asking him, “W- w- what do I do, sir?”

OfC: /me taps his chin, as if thinking, “Unit, apply the citizens.”

Me: “Yes sir.” /me steps inside the terminal, taking position at the small corner of the fences surrounding the terminal.

/it Citizens of all sizes rush into the terminal, grins on their faces.

Me: /me looks at all the citizens, muttering under his breath, “Shit… Big turnout today.”

Citizen: /me steps up beside the RCT, a grin on his face as he applies before being asked,
“Shawn Lavelle, #78999”

Me: /me pulls out his datapad, typing on it.

Me: “Alright, you can go.”

/it This continues, except him asking the citizens to apply, until the ration distribution is over.

Your character's backstory:

Angela Shepard

Born in New York, raised in New York, and even loved New York. Her name, Angela Shephard. She, unlike most, lived on a farm outside of the big city. Away from all of those flashy lights and loud city chatter, life was just simple for her. When Angela was just a young girl, she was always shy, never really spoke unless spoken to. Even with her family, she only spoke to them if they asked a question, or if they simply said hello, that's just the way she was. But eventually, she grew out of this, and began to speak more to others.

During her Elementary years, she began to speak more, mostly to her teachers though. She would raise her hand more frequently in class and answer questions, even if she wasn't positive that she knew the answer, but she didn't care if she got the question wrong, or if others made fun of her for getting it wrong, all she cared is that she tried, and she did try, better than any of her classmates. Out of all of her classes though, her favorite time of the day was recess, because that was the only time of day where she didn't have to think. One day though something had happened, she noticed one student being bullied. She didn't want to do anything, she just wanted to sit in the shade, under the only tree on the playground. But she began to feel guilt, so she looked around her to see what she could to about this situation.

So, she saw a rock, she thought of throwing it near the ground just to get their attention, but thought what the consequences would be if she accidentally hit one of them, but not caring, she picked up the rock, and tossed it near the group of boys. One of the boys noticed the rock, looked around and saw Angela near the tree looking at them. The boy then walked over to her. "Did you just throw that?" He said. Angela just looked up at him. "No answers, huh? Well let me tell you, if you ever do that again, you won't be happy." Angela then slowly stood up, towering the boy due to her height, the boy then began to shake but kept eye contact with her. Angela simply smirked and looked at the boy. The boy then walked away slowly from her and then jogged over to the group. The then told them to get away from the boy, so they did, and they simply began to play around in the playground. The other boy though noticed that the group left, and looked around to see what the cause of the group leaving had been, he saw Angela looking over at him, smiled, and went on with the rest of his day. That was the only problem that Angela had encountered during Elementary School, she kept up with her high grades and studied.

Over quite an amount of time, she was now in 11th grade. She was one of the best students in all of her classes, she was doing good in school and obviously her grades weren't even close to bad. Although if her grades had ever slipped, she would work even harder to make sure that she reached a goal to make her grades go back up, or even exceed that of what her grades used to be. She lost some friends, because they moved, one moved to somewhere else in the U.S.A, and another moved to Europe with their family. She never really talked to those friends that moved, seeing that she knew there was nothing she could do for them if they needed help in anyways possible. All that mattered is that the people around her and her family were in the best of condition.

One day when she was walking down the hallways of her High School, she noticed something that she didn't like at all. She noticed a student being bullied by a group of students, except she knew that boy, and that group of students, was now only 2 students. She looked at the 2 boys as they stopped the student with one of their arms, and began to make fun of him. Angela quickly went to the General Office, which luckily was nearby, and asked for help from one of the teachers in the office looking into their mailbox. The teacher quickly went out side and looked over at the students, and told them all to get to class, so they did. As the one student was walking by her, he looked at her, smiled, and kept walking. Angela began to walk to her other class as the other 2 students told her to stop. They aproached her, "Did you just tell that teacher that we were messing around with this kid?" They said, as she just stared at them. "Well, you better watch your back after school today.". She then ignored them and walked to class.

She then reached the library, and saw the boys behind her stopping, indicating that they were about to fight, no one was in sight to assist her. She slowly backed away from them as they approached her, and she eventually made contact with the building wall. The boys then walked up to her and one threw a punch as hard has he could, she ducked as his hand came flying at her, and he hit the wall with all the force he could. The boy then let out a yell and fell to the floor grasping his hand in pain. The other boy looked back at his friend, and as he turned back, Angela's hand was about an inch away from his face. As it made contact with the boys face, he fell to the floor on top of his friend, and his friend let out another shout. Angela then asked the boys for their home phone number so their parents could pick them up, but they said got up and began to run away from her, and as they did, she ran away from them towards her house, but even faster then they had been running. Once she reached the house, she unlocked the door and went upstairs and decided to call it a day, luckily no one had been home to question her about want had happened. Later on through High School those 2 boys always avoided her, and stopped bullying that other student.

Now at the age of 21, Angela was in College and kept her grades as high as they had always been. She studied hard and was as good as a student could be, through hard work and determination. Although, none of her friends were in the same school as she had been in, that is because she was the only one out of her friends to get accepted to that specific College. Life was good, and she was happy. One day when returning home from College she was driving through New York City, and she kept hearing weird noises, not the normal city noises, this was screaming, and yelling. And not just in alley ways or in dark areas, but in the streets, this was followed by citizens running away from these things. She saw them they looked like monsters, or aliens even. She looked at them in shock, she was stopped at a red light when one citizen was looking behind him and accidentally hit into her car. He fell down, got back up, and began to tap onto the window. She rolled down the window. "Quick let me in, please!". She opened the door, he got in and he shut it and locked the door. "What's happening?" she said. "I don't know! Something isn't right though I know that much! And that it isn't safe here!" he said sweating and breathing deeply. "Where do we go?" she asked."I don't know, a government safe house maybe? I have friends in the Military that are stationed at one nearby!" He said. "Okay, I just need to get to my farm first,my parents are there!" She said. He nodded, and began to speed down the streets to get out of the city. Once they had escaped the city and approached her farm, she got out of the car, and opened the door to her house. "Mom, Dad? Are you home!" She yelled. They looked at her and asked if anything was wrong. She said that there was no time to explain, and that they needed to go. So they got in her car, and saw the man in the car with her. "Oh, um, you brought a guest?" Her mom asked. "Not exactly-" Angela says, but he cuts her off. "Um, there is a lot that I need to explain, um, Angela, was it? Please take us to the safe house, I'll explain what I know on the way." He said, and she nodded as he pointed out where to go, and explained to her parents what had been happening. Her parents were shocked at the situation. As they reached the Safe House, they got out of the car, and quickly walked up to the front doors of the Safe House.

A military member escorted them inside of the building were they would be let into one of many rooms. As they were let into the room, they all got unsettled and sat around. "So, what now?". Angela asked. "Well, it is getting late, maybe we should just go to sleep until this wears off?" Her mother replied. Everyone agreed and went to bed. Angela woke up in the middle of the night on the sound of a thud. She looked around the room and saw nothing of an issue. She approached one of the windows in the room looked outside and saw big portals in the sky, huge portals, and flying alien looking machines were coming out, attacking everyone in sight, on the ground, in buildings, even the buildings them selves, destroying everything containing human life, and military personnel. Everyone was awake at this point, looking around asking what was happening. Angela stared outside with wide eyes, looking back at her family and the man. "Everything is coming down, we won't recover from this." She stated sadly. They all looked out the window, buildings falling, people dying, and then the building they were in began to shake. They all looked at each other in fright, realizing that bad things were about to happen to them. They all got in a big group and hugged. Hoping that nothing bad will happen to them, praying, having faith. The building was falling apart, the roof was collapsing, glass was breaking, but their love for one another stayed in that big group as they held each other tightly, not letting go no matter what happened. But as that was happening, a part of the roof fell down, separating them, they all fell backwards looking at one another if fear and sadness. Some of the roof fell over them and hit her parents, with the weight of more then their bodies could handle, it crushed her parents, killing them on sight. "No! Mom, Dad! It can't be happening! Why!" The man attempted to come close to her, but his legs were stuck under some of the debris, and he was stuck their unable to escape. He reached out to her, and she reached out to him. "It's hard to say goodbye." He said. "But we all do it, we all have to face this pain in life eventually, but it will all be okay in the end. Trust me!" He said over the noise and banging happening around them. She looked at him crying, wishing that this wouldn't be happening. Wishing that it never would have to happen, that no one would feel this pain. As their fingers almost came in contact, Angela looked up and saw a piece of debris coming down over the two of them, it seemed like everything was in slow motion, like a picture had been painted of this exact moment, the debris slammed over the two of them.

Everything is black. Nothing can be heard, all that can be seen is a white speck of light. Angela tried to move to it but before she could, everything was being pulled away, she began to see more, see a world, she could feel coldness on her back, like she was on the floor of concrete. She opened her eyes. Their was blood on her mouth, but her clothes were different than before. She had no idea how this had happened, who she was, where she was, or why she was there. All she could remember is her name and age, that were placed on her clothes. All else that she wanted to know was, where to go from where she was. She looked up at a large television looking thing that was broadcasting a message. Saying to sign up today for Metropolitan Police Force, if you want to help others, and the city around you! She was enlightened by this but confused, she looked around for people that looked different than she did. She saw a figure wearing a gas mask, and asked them where she could sign up for such a role that was on the television. He told her that it was out of the train station, at the Nexus. She thanked him and went off to the Nexus that he explained the location of to make an application for this role.

In Character Information

What is your name?: Angela Shepard

Why do you want to become a part of the CCA?: To server our glorious benefactors even more than I do, of course!

How would you be an asset to the union?: By assisting in the take down of all anti-citizens, rebels, and citizens unfit for citizenship.

Where do you wish to take your CCA career?: I've always been one to "Shoot for the stars", if you will, so I am wanting to take my career as far as possible.

What is your age?: I am Twenty-Seven years old.

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Gerby's CCA Application Empty Re: Gerby's CCA Application

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