King Death's Vortigaunt Application.

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King Death's Vortigaunt Application. Empty King Death's Vortigaunt Application.

Post by MrDeath1255 on Thu Jun 20, 2013 4:35 am

Steam Name:King Death
Steam ID:Just check my other apps
Steam URL: STill can't do this!
HL2RP Server Playtime:Well i believe its been around 3-4 days so far on this server.
I agree not to ask admins to check my application.
Do you have any experience role-playing as a vortigaunt?
Are you enslaved or free?: I wish to be a Free Vortigaunt as i want to improve my RP Skill as more then just a BMD and a resistance member and i think it would help me and others in there RP as well.

Give an example between your Vortigaunt and a Rebel: Fre'Tek walks around the sewers coming across a rebel 
Rebel: "W-woah..a-are you a v-vort?" 
Fre'Tek nods at the humans response and walks towards him "This one is known as Fre'Tek i mean you on harm." the vort speaks to the rebel
Rebel: /me The rebel nods at the vort and looks around and asks the vort a question "Do you got a place to hide or not?" Fre'Tek Shakes his head no to his question "This one, Has no home, One Requires a home." the vort responds in and the rebel leads him to grotto's and takes him down in the vort cave 
Rebel: Alright you can stay here as long as you want okay?" Fre'Tek nods and speaks "We are most greatful" he responds as the rebel walks off confused slightly of why they always say We.

Give an example between your Vortigaunt and a Loyalist: Fre'Tek walks around the city trying to find someone when he came across some citizen looking at him and the citizen quickly ran away trying to get away from the Vort and report him to the MPF Fre'Tek had to act quickly and zapped the human with a bolt of green lightning and walked over to him "Oh no what have we done.." Fre'Tek quickly brought the human to an a safe area an healed his wound with his powers and made sure to that he was okay before walking off back into the sewers.

Give an example between your Vortigaunt and an MPF Officer: Fre'Tek explored the outlands as he came across and MPF officer, The officer saw him and slowly walked towards the creature 
Fre'Tek:Stand back human, This one will fight back if you do not leave.." He warned the CP but the cp was cocky as hell and walked towards the vort more quickly now, Fre'Tek sighed and charged his attack and sent a green bolt at the CP knocking him to the ground as Fre'Tek then ran over and started to maul his armor to shreds and soon got into his flesh ripping it piece by piece 
Fre'Tek: "We warned you to stay back but you didn't listen." Before he walked off he did a small chant for the CP hoping he would live a better life in his new one.

Your character's backstory: Fre'Tek like a lot of Vortigaunts came from black mesa, When he was teleported into the chamber he had escaped the tubes he was in and ended up killing a few guards along his way, When he finally escaped he felt his slave collar loose it's power and knew he was free and he walked off into the desert wasteland. Years later he had made himself a home in a cave, He has stayed there for quiet some time and has eaten nothing but head crabs for most of the years, One day a few OTA had come by his cave, He didn't know who these people were but he knew they weren't friendly so he sneaked past them and left his home for now, Soon he came across City 17 and saw the industrial district as he looked for a way in he found a passage way into the sewers, Opening the grate he went and started to exploring hoping he would find a new home to live in. 

OKay there we go i worked really hard on this with my brain i hope it pays off


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King Death's Vortigaunt Application. Empty Re: King Death's Vortigaunt Application.

Post by Gerby! on Thu Jun 20, 2013 3:40 pm

DENIED - Quite a few grammar errors, plus it's obvious you don't exactly know enough about vortiguants as I'd like you to. You may re-apply in two weeks.

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