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Post by JoeyCorpCEO on Thu Jun 20, 2013 1:01 pm

Steam Name: JoeyCorpCEO
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:31092053
Steam URL: [Unable To]
Why do you want BMD flags?:
I believe that having more perspectives on the RP, the better. Although I've played rebels, vortigaunts, even MPFs and OTAs, I've never played a BMD. I want to see what it is like and how different the roleplay differs from regular resistance. I know that I won't abuse the flag (I love you Gerby) and will handle my abilities with maturity and respect.

Backstory(List how they got black market supply line):
 (assuming this is just how I got the supply line)

Ray Jett couldn't take anymore. For weeks, he had been on the run from the combine, running from city to city seeking shelter whenever and where ever he could. Injured, cold, sick; ultimately near death, Ray finally stumbled his way into the City 17 industrial district from the outflow pipes outbound from City 17. He feared his cannot make it any further, pleading for his friends to go on without him. After finally convincing them it was for the better, the team reluctantly split and left Ray behind to his fate. Finally, Ray's head hit the hard sewer floors, knocked out cold and awaiting death.

Suddenly, Ray's eyes burst open. Unaware of where he is, Ray stumbles and falls on the floor. Shocked, in pain, he hears a rusty voice call out to him. "Caaaaaaaaalm yourself." 
Ray stumbles off the couch he rested on and hits the floor.
"Where am I? Am I dead? Where are you?"
All these questions flooded Ray's mind, one after another, until the voice called again.
"Caaaaaaaaaaaalm yourself."
Ray suddenly felt calm. He felt at ease, warm, and nourished. His eyes flutter closed. Was he glowing green? He must've been going mad.

Ray awoke again, but to his surprise; a vortigaunt standing in front of him.
Yet again riled up, Ray started taking deep breaths and situating himself. 
He was in a cold, small set of two rooms. The words "Vort Cave" sprawled in green on the ceiling,
"Wh-where am I?"
The Vortigaunt replied, "You are safe, we have protected you. Denied your fate."
"My... fate?"
Ray then remembered he should be dead. He fell on the concrete sewer floors. He should be... dead...
This vortigaunt had saved his life!
"You... you saved me! Y-"
The vortigaunt interrupts. "Shhhh... you must rest, human."
Suddenly, a noise is heard outside. Instantly, the Vortigaunt runs to a button, opening a hidden door, and runs through it; leaving Ray alone. Within seconds, he hears a whisper.
"Psssst, Ray."
Looking around, Ray spots a man... he immediatly recognizes the man.
This man is Leeroy Tebet. His best friend from the old days. He left him for dead... or did he?
"Leeroy! What are you doing here?"
"Shh, I'm getting you out."

Before Ray could protest, Leeroy slung him over his shoulder and began running out. Ray's state of alert slowly slipped away, he fell asleep.

Ray awoke in darkness, small space.
Below him, through a grate, he saw Leeroy.
What was he... doing...
Ray's brain then figured it out.
Leeroy was stealing supplies from a parked Razor train! Watching silently, Ray observes his friend steal the crates of weapons and munitions from the train. As he finishes, he darts away from the train towards Ray. 
But something's wrong...
Suddenly, Leeroy drops. A bullet hole piercing the center of his chest.
Ray yelps with his little energy, but is suddenly snatched by someone... 
He goes out cold. 
He wakes up once again inside the Vort Cave. 
"Human, we only wish to help. You have no reason to run."
"Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalm yourself."
Ray then gets ahold of himself.
"Leeroy... he- he was raiding a combine train... they got him..."
"Oh? Do you know where this train was? Is it in the City?"
Ray suddenly remembers what Leeroy was doing...

He was raiding that old Combine Train they could never get opened, it was a little into the drainage sewers... but Leeroy finally unlocked it... He could raid it!

The Vortigaunt, whom Ray figures out his name is Etharg, finally finishes the healing and releases the man. 
Ray promises not to release the secret of the cave, and nods off the vortigaunt for his help. As Ray walks away, he walks towardst the drainage pipe, ready to check the train for supplies.

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JoeyCorpCEO's Black Market Application Empty Re: JoeyCorpCEO's Black Market Application

Post by Isaac~ on Thu Jun 20, 2013 2:36 pm

Fantastic backstory, amazing roleplayer from what i've seen of him, major +support.

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JoeyCorpCEO's Black Market Application Empty Re: JoeyCorpCEO's Black Market Application

Post by Gerby! on Thu Jun 20, 2013 3:28 pm

ACCEPTED - Great backstory, and an amazing RP'er in-game. Your vV flags await you in-game!

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