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Post by Oryx on Fri Jun 21, 2013 5:59 pm

Helpers of Peace Equality (WIP) I8TIDKI    
                    "No one is so brave that he is not disturbed by something unexpected."
                                                                 - Julius Caesar

H- Hope, trying to wish for what kind of future they could lead to. Knowing that the outcome will be good at the end.


P- Peace, trying to end war that rages out through the land, even if the remove of the Universal Union has to take place, that will be authorized. But only if everything can be back to normal without violence, but diplomatic.

E- Having the ability for each citizen to be equal themselves, this can mean that there would be no more bigger powers that have more authorization against the HOPE, maybe one day control all the outer-lands of the city's, then end the combine menace that way. 


                                                 OOC Owner: Oryx
                                        FOUNDER: Zarak 'Mortui' Despera 
                                                      (2nd model)

                                  Helpers of Peace Equality (WIP) Male17fix

  About: The HOPE is a small faction, may only consist of small amounts of people that include the knowledge of peaceful actions and medical history. We help the citizens, we do not fight against the Union in many ways, we are the loyalists and the helpers of all the anti-citizens and free vortiguants. We wish to sustain a peaceful and non-reckless environment for the citizens without using force against them. The loyalists of the Union will not be assaulted, or EVER be taken from the hands of the Union. The units of the CCA will not be attacked, only for certain purposes only. We take only honor and knowledge through our organization, and pride with the others. The HOPE also dislike being called 'Rebels.' We do not force and rebel against the CCA constantly, we just enjoy to have it more of a underground area, not some junkies that hang on the side of the road. 

   Goal: Our main objective is not to kill, slaughter, or even end. We are trying to make the citizens feel safe and equal with knowledge that tomorrow will be a better day for them. We will respect any citizen, no matter if they are loyal to the Union, or against the Union. We seek technology and help from the Vortiguants. Even though we do know the CCA do not ever want to confess a peaceful agreement, but diplomatic will work. But if force takes it, that's up to Delta Green, not us. 

 Future: We can see ourselves a strong faction, we will attempt to find our way to the outer-lands as seek another civilization there of well and strong citizens, do we expect this to happen? It will take blood and many honorable sacrifices to do so, and at the end we will understand and take pride for the fallen. 

 Legion: The hope are pride of the Legion sign  of the fist and the wings. It shows glory of the first, spirit and future of the wings, and the feather resemble the peaceful actions that will be taken to the end. That's how we spread propaganda of the faction all across the city, without people knowing that it was really us who did so.

 Latin: Commissioner Mortui did not enjoy the fact that the language of Latin was dead all across the city, he knew the only way to revive it was to spread it all across the faction itself. Latin is their culture language, we shall use it in our names, and our knowings. English is used for everything besides our names, and main things such as checkpoints. It's only a traditional teaching language other then a known one.

Rome: Indeed, we revive the roman culture with certain types of salutes such as 'kneeling'. When it comes towards everything else, it's a no. Commissioner Mortui also enjoyed roman combat that the Legion did years over years ago. He would try to teach his followers about tactics that he learned in books when he was a kid inside the cellar of his fathers house, such as attacks with his K-BAR knife.

  Backstory/How it became: Zarak Despera, the founder and merchant of his small shop inside the sewers. Ever since his only friend left, all he depended on was the help of any other anti-citizens in the area of the sewers. He eventually fell in love with medical attention, he eventually got used to selling medical supplies to the citizens, but weaponry was not sold as much. He met with more people, spreading word around about what he wanted to do for the future. After a while, he ended up with some other anti-citizens inside the sewers (Authorized or Applied ones) who also shared the same knowledge. They came out with a idea, to end the Universal Union with a slap across the face, but not a gun pointed to his head. He got the best speakers who told of everyone his plan. Then they decided the HOPE was one of the ideas that would lead to total success. The faction has attempt to challenge it's power, going through many challenges. 

Misc Information:
 Friendly/Hostile/Status list.

 Delta Green: Unknown, if found they would be neutral and to stay focused towards.

 The Rangers: Unknown until further information.

  Lambda: Denounced, we do not enjoy their kind of activity, they are widespread across the district and are fearful for their power

 Universal Union/CCA: Hostile, not shoot on sight.

 Black Markets: Friendly, we get our weaponry and gear from them.

  Citizens: We will stay cautious of them. We do not know if they are going to report activity or not.

  Anti-citizens/Alone Rebellion: We take care of them, feed them, medicate them, they are the ones who keep this area alive. We will respect them fully.


Radio codes:

Shield: Protect that person/site/objective.
Midnight: Radio silence. Avoid making noises so civilians don't hear you.
Sword: Weapons hot. Be aggressive.
Lance: Be aware, possible hostile suspects.
Pacify: Knock out the target.
Lockdown: Block position/Lockdown location and civilians.
Uniform: Division Unit.
X-ray: Sweep of the area.
Stabilise: Administer medical assistance.
HVP: High Value Person.


(Not allowed to leave designated area.) Newbie: Oh boy! You just joined the HOPE, it's exactly what you expected it to be! You stay in the base and help out with citizens in need, and get trained and taught by the Knights and Guards. You are very fearful, the Knights play pranks on you, and you don't really see the Commissioner in person a whole lot, but cant you wait to get promoted! You've fired a pistol during training, but you never actually got to use one ever in combat. Your scared of all the high ranks, you would expect them to beat your ass, and you enjoy citizens a lot! You love to talk to them and make friends, also with the peacekeepers and other Newbies.

(Not allowed to leave designated area.) Peacekeeper: You have joined the actual HOPE, now you do not know what to expect. All you hear of is chatter between the others, and you wish that you were going to be a higher rank. Your scared of the Union, and most of all scared of what you do. You like the money you earn but the Higher ranks still want you to learn about medical knowledge. You seem to get a good amount of money for the pay you get, but you still want to earn yourself throughout the ranks right after.

(Must be ordered to leave designated area.) Scribe: You enjoy your work slightly, the Union still scare you but you can get used to it. Sweeps are your weak point speaking that you will be scared of what happens during so. Now your talking to you friends, making friends, and understanding what to expect in the future. You help out your Newbies for knowledge of how life is going to be, you also get to pick your own division to go in! But don't be to happy, after that you must sign a oath saying you will devote your life towards the HOPE at no cost.

(Must be ordered to leave designated area.) Guard: Knowing medical knowledge is very well for you. The Higher ranks are enjoying your contact and knowing that you will gain in the future. You slightly boss around with the peacekeepers but the higher ranks also don't enjoy when you do so. Loving the life. You understand what will happen at knight, you train till' the end, once you have your chat with the commissioner, you may or not be accepted to a knight. 

(May ask to leave designated area.) Knight: Instead of medical now, since you know most of it, maybe even all of it. Combat and weaponry is what you study, and now you have your brand new MP7! Don't think you are all happy with it also, it may seem awesome but it's not that nice to use. You can boss around the Peacekeepers and command will not care at all, you train scribes to the art and medical, but don't expect to get promoted so fast. Over watch squads still scare you, but your fearless inside a large group, when out-numbered you start to have a large sense of fear running down your body. If you get captured by the Union, you are scared of the details, but you would rather kill yourself then give information to the Universal Union at all, after all you have pride!


                                    Here is the ranks that have more power

(Only one)Inquisitor: You feel strong, you command the Guards and the ranks before that, the knights also fall under the command. You know what you do, and what you have to do. Your not scared of the Union anymore, you despise them but you can screw up around them. You don't leave the base as often because the higher commands don't want you to die, knowing that you are a great help. 

(Only one)Dux: Dux, the Dux is the 'Leader' in Latin. The Dux understands what happens and what goes on, the Dux is like the SeC for this faction, he runs it, and speaks to the Commissioner about problems that is happening in the faction. He never does really leave, but manages what happens when and there, knowing what could go in the future of the faction. You may give promotions to rank up the Guard if they seem ready enough for it, also check oaths.

(Only one) Commissioner: The leader, the owner, and last but not least, the one who tells everyone what to do. He can do what he likes but only does actions that he knows what problems it could lead towards. If the Commissioner dies, the Dux takes the place of him. Then, the Inquisitor and former Dux discuss who will take the place of Inquisitor. Unless you are authorized by Oryx, you may take this spot. 


These people are meant for helping citizens in need, supplying them with medical equipment and health. Without them, the citizens would not have much to look for.

They defend the place we are stationed with, we never do attack do they are the guards of the area we are in. If someone steals, attacks, or does something stupid, their in-charge.

 This is like the recruit level type of division, they are still training and learning to do certain types of activities, such as; medical, combat, etc. They are to stay a Bellator until scribe when they can choose what division they want to be in.

Only certain people can join this, it is a very small division of a amount of two or even one person. They research different types of materials they can use for medical research, and discover ways to use different types of powers. Their weaponry is very limited, but their medical supply's is as much as they need. Only Knights may be in this division, they are picked by the Inquisitor, they may deny if they want, but they shall never be asked to join again. 

                                                 The knights and Mortui (Masked.)
                            Helpers of Peace Equality (WIP) Male42Fix

                                             Zarak 'Mortui' Despera


                                                     Cesar Russo
                                           WEAPONRY RESTRICTIONS

         Newbie: Radio (If needed), 9MM Pistol (ONLY DURING TRAINING) Medical Gear.
         Peacekeeper: 9MM Pistol (If asked and trained), Radio (If needed), Medical Gear.
         Scribe: 9MM Pistol (Training is required), radio, Medical Gear.
         Guard: 9MM Pistol, radio, Light Kevlar, Advanced Medical Gear.
         Knight: MP7 (Training), Pistol, radio, Medium Kevlar, Advanced medical Gear.
         Inquisitor: MP7 (If wanted) 9MM Pistol, radio, Medium Kevlar, Advanced Medical Gear.
         Dux: MP7 (If wanted), 357 Revolver, radio, Medium Kevlar, Improved Medical Gear.
         Commissioner: MP7/Shotgun (If wanted), 357, radio, Medium Kevlar, Medical (Any).

     NOTE: BY UNDER NO MEANS, IS SOMEONE TO HAVE A RPG OR CROSSBOW, ANYONE FOUND WITH ONE WILL BE FORCED OUT OF THE FACTION WITHOUT THEIR GEAR, DUE TO REASONS: Complaining, power, common sense, weaponry that shouldn't be used in this faction.
                                                          OOC Section:
                                             Application/Authorization information


Steam name:
Steam ID:
Why do you want to join the HOPE?:
Role-play experiences?:

Give combat role-play experience with any combat scenario:

Give a passive role-play experience with any scenario:

Authorization detail:

 If you know me on steam, you may ask if you want to join or not. Since I know most of your Role-play experience, I would put you in a rank that fits you the best.


Questions I may answer:

Q: "There is way to many rebellion characters on the server already? Can you just not do this or put it on hold."

- Indeed, I will wait until the ratio is more balanced, and it's more fair before I launch the faction towards full detail.

Q: "Where would the faction base be put in and it's locations?"

- I'm not going to say anything about that OOCly, it may would be meta'd by someone else. But I'll check with Gerby to check if there is any other space for a faction area if it could be used.

Q: "How would you fix the ass-pulled weaponry that is based on the weaponry restrictions? Will there be a way to get them?"

- Indeed! I will role-play scenarios such as my Guard or Knight units getting the weaponry from the dealers, or even have a large manufacturing role-play event inside the faction for passive Role-play experience that has a reward to the end of it.

 I would love to see your feed back on this faction, I've been planning this out for months now, always liked factions like this.

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Helpers of Peace Equality (WIP) Empty Re: Helpers of Peace Equality (WIP)

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- Due to complaints about too much rebellion activity, this is on complete hold. Until then I will launch it.

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