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Post by Nobu on Sun Jun 23, 2013 12:01 am

Out Of Character Information
Steam Name:-=AOU=-Nobu
Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:9923881
Steam URL:
HL2RP Server Playtime:Server Playtime a few days...Career A couple of years (Started with Somekoolkid)
I agree not to ask admins to check my application.
Do you have any experience role-playing as an "Civil Protection Officer"? Couple of years. Highest Position held would be DvL (All with Skk)

Regarding Your Character And The MPF
Give an example between your loyalist and an MPF Unit:I do not have a Loyalist
Give an example between your MPF, and a group of heavily armed rebels (Skk Approves of using his characters)

The Scene Starts off with a firefight erupting in the slums...
*MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231  Waits at the back of the formation guarding the rear.*
MPF-C17.JUDGE-05.96852 "Unit Down 11-99!"

*MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231  Turns and rushes forward responding to the call...*
*MPF-C17.JUDGE-05.96852 Holds onto the Downed Unit's wound keeping pressure on it.*
*MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 Rushes up to find the two units and rushes further and slide into a kneeling position as she nears them.*
MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 "Where is he hit!?!?"
MPF-C17.JUDGE-05.96852 "He took a hit to his vest and it went through!"
*MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 Sets down her field pack and opens it grabbing a pair of scissors and proceeds to cut the the Velcro hold the units Kevlar in place...*
*MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 Cuts through the Velcro and and rips the downed units vest off*
*MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 Notices that the Unit has a hole over its right lung*
*MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 Rolls the man over to check for and exit wound and finds one...*
*MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231Keeps the downed unit rolled on his side while she grabs medical tape some gauze and several layers of a plastic film.*
*The downed unit begins groaning and moving*
MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 "Hold him still will you?"
MPF-C17.JUDGE-05.96852 "Sure."
*MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 Presses the Film against the Exit wound and covers it neatly with gauze and continues putting pressure on it as she secures it all neatly with the medical tape.*
*The downed unit groans in agony*
MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 "Just Hold on!"
*A Few Bullets Whiz overhead hitting the wall behind the units*
*MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 Leans over the downed unit covering his body and opens wounds with her body*
MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231"If you can, can you please cover fire?"
*MPF-C17.JUDGE-05.96852 Nods as he says "Roger that"*
*MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 Nods and continues*
*MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 Finishes securing the wound on the units back and gently rolls him on it*
*MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 Places more film on the Open Chest wound and neatly places gauze on it....*
MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 "Breath in deeply!"
*The Downed unit does so*
*MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 Puts all of her weight into it as she places pressure on the wound as the unit exhales*
MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 "Stay like that!"
*The Downed unit complies*
*MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 Secures its with medical tape and reaches into her back pulling out a pressure strap and snake it under the unit.*
*MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 Grabs the other end and lines it up with the exit wound and entrance wound and feeds the end of the strap through the locking device and pulls as hard as she can*
MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 "Breath in now!"
*The Downed unit breathes in sharply*
*MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 hits the locking device on the strap securing it*
*Looks up at the units around her...*
MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 "Can I get covering fire while I get him to safety?*
*Several unit in Unison "Roger that!"*
*Several weapons discharge at the Rebels!*
*MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 reaches into her bag grabbing a "medivac sled" and unrolls it*
*MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 rolls the downed unit on his side and slides the sled underneath him*
*MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 Gently rolls the unit onto his back*
*MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 slides around and grabs the sled closes to the units head and begins dragging him to the back of the formation*

Give an example between an MPF unit and a free vortigaunt:Well it all depends on the rank of the unit he can call it in if he is a low rank and hope for the better or if its a high enough rank they can move to enslave it.

Give an example between your MPF and a higher ranked unit:
*MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 Arrives in the Med Bay*
MPF-C17.NOVA.DvL.79021: "Unit Come here"
*MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 Obeys the order*
MPF-C17.NOVA.04.79021 "I need you to take inventory on our supplies so I can see what we are low on."
MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 "Yes Ma'am"
MPF-C17.NOVA.04.79021 "You are Dismissed"
*MPF-C17.NOVA.04.74231 Salutes her Commander the does an about face to carry on with her assigned task*

Your character's backstory:
Alice was always fascinated with medicine. She Graduated from various Collages for medicine. Anything she could do to save people appealed to her highly. so after the 7 hour war was all said and done she seeked to use her knowledge to help others. But.. she has no Access to any of the supplies of means to use her knowledge... and after several very close calls with the MPF and others who would not allow her to practice any kind of medicine without the proper papers... she turned to Joining the MPF Hoping to get better results there.

In Character Information
What is your name?
Alice Walker.

Why do you want to become a part of the CCA?
Alice Hopes that she can use and gain further knowledge in the field of Medicine

How would you be an asset to the union?
I want to become more adept in the field of medicine to save lives and she is willing to throw away everything to do it.

Where do you wish to take your CCA career?
Well I am wanting to Join Nova if that is acceptable.


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Nobu's CCA App Empty Re: Nobu's CCA App

Post by Gerby! on Sun Jun 23, 2013 12:04 am

ACCEPTED - We need lots of MPF, and this application is exceptional. If the backstory was expanded on it would be a 10/10, though.

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