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Devildrvr's Metro Police Force Application Empty Devildrvr's Metro Police Force Application

Post by Devildrvr on Tue Jun 04, 2013 12:54 am

Out Of Character Information
Steam Name: Devildrvr
Steam ID: STEAM_5:5:3654457434
Steam URL: Too lazy to get
HL2RP Server Playtime: Approximately 15 minutes
I agree not to ask admins to check my application.
Do you have any experience role-playing as an "Civil Protection Officer"?
So much I don't even know where to start. Ages and ages go, I roleplayed as an 05 unit for a good 5 months before finally receiving a promotion. This was on XQ28 gaming or something. After that, I attended numorous Hl2 roleplay servers and have risen through the ranks of many different servers. I have been the Divisional leader of countless specializations, I like to focus mainly on medical, however. At one time I was designated temporary Sectorial Commander.
I have also worked extensively with MadCombat in OTA training.
Regarding Your Character And The MPF
Give an example between your loyalist and an MPF Unit:
Laura Rights slowly walks up to the officer, she flashes her civil identification card as she approaches closer. CCA-UNION.04.34543 eyes the woman drawing near. He slowly unequips his datapad and speaks with a rough voice "Apply." Laura Rights says "Laura Rights, sir. Five three two zero one." CCA-UNION.04.34543 nods his head, speaking "How can I be of assistance, loyalist?" Laura Rights points off towards the CCAH "The housing is currently locked, could you open it up please?" CCA-UNION.04.34543 nods his head in confirmation, moving towards the door. He waves his hand over the lock, allowing the citizen inside.
Give an example between your MPF, and a group of heavily armed rebels:
CCA-UNION.03.66778 jogs around the corner, panting beneath his face mask.
/it He almost slams into a group of heavily armed Resistance members transporting wounded.
Jake Heart yells out in a harsh voice "Civil Protection!"
CCA.UNION.03.66778 attempts to grab his radio, as he nearly freezes with the shock of encountering resistance so in his patrol area
Alicia Fret unholsters his pistol, aiming it at the unit
John Gordon aims his submachine gun at the units forehead
Jake Heart attempts to kick the radio out of the units hands, as they are within close quarters
CCA-UNION.03.66778 barely manages to get a beep into the combine radio chatter before his radio is kicked away, he sprawls onto the ground, unmoving.
Jake Heart yells at the unit "Don't move, I'll blow your god damn head off! Eat the ground and stay there!"
CCA-UNION.03.66778 flips onto his stomach, unmoving. He would not resist against the clearly better force, knowing his life expectancy would not be long if he attempted to resist.
Give an example between an MPF unit and a free vortigaunt:
CCA-UNION.01.55424 slowly moves about the construction site, a squad of other units behind him
Hugerah J'bar huddles in a corner of an upstairs bathroom, trembling as he hears the ominous footsteps of the Civil Protection team
CCA-UNION.01.55424 quickly stacks up on the right side of the door, as he plants his MP7 onto the handle. He chokes out "Stack!" as the other units in his team line adjacent to him
Hugerah J'bar cries out, as the door is smashed in by the four units.
CCA-UNION.01.55424 stands amazed at the sight of the creature, however, it barely distracts him as he reaches for his radio, calling in "Located escaped Synthetic, prosecuting"
Hugerah J'bar flings his arms up, attempting to conjure some of his bretherens energy to fight off the squad
CCA-UNION.01.55424 cries out "Amputate!"
Hugerah J'bar flings a bolt of energy at the closest unit near him, sending him smacking into the wall.
The squad of units unholster their weapons, firing upon the suspect.
Hugerah J'bar gives out a small gasp of life, before falling to the ground. Strange blood seeps out onto the floor.
CCA-UNION.01.55424 Radios in "Cleanup teams on my location, medical units needed, 11-99 I repeat, 11-99."
Give an example between your MPF and a higher ranked unit:
CCA-UNION.05.44565 rounds the corner to the armoury, nearly bumping into a 6 foot towering Divisional Leader.
CCA-UNION-DvL.54565 barely flinches, stareing down at the unit.
CCA-UNION.05.44565 sends his hand flying to his forehead, standing upright, he croaks out "S-sir!"
CCA-UNION-DvL.54565 continues to stare down at the unit for a moment, before nodding. "At ease"
CCA-UNION.05.44565 slopes down, however, does not move from the Divisionals gaze
CCA-UNION-DvL.54565 says "Are you the new filth they have brought in from the outside? What kind of posture is that? Here.."
CCA-UNION-DvL.54565 grabs the units arm, promptly forcing him back into the attention position. He edits his posture by moving his back slowly forward, stepping backwards"
"There. That, is how you salute."
CCA-UNION.05.44565 slowly nods his head, speaking out "Yes sir. T-thank you sir"
Your character's backstory:
Andrew Heack. Medical graduate, happiest man alive.
Until the Combine ripped his life to shreds. The seven hour war took away Andrew's entire family, he didn't have much besides what was inside his apartment. He was confused, awoken to his building on the verge of collapsing. Barely escaping with his life, he managed to escape into a sewer grate nearby. Two days of hiding shook his foundation of sanity, crawled inside a 6 foot cubic space. After 49 hours, a patrol of local units discovered him and had him relocated to city 45. Living with others, he was just an average citizen. Barely surviving off of the rations given to him, he had only a picture of his love, Jamey. One afternoon, Andrew was directed to a small room after the ration cycle was initiated. There, a spokes person talked about the CCA, and the benefits of becoming apart of the UU. Andrew looked back at the flames of his past, he knew the only way to help those in need was to join the Metro Police Force. He silently crushed his last remaining photo of humanity beneath his foot before walking out with the other seven or so citizens waiting to fill out applications for the UU.

In Character Information
What is your name?
Andrew Heack
Why do you want to become a part of the CCA?
To serve the UU, and provide them with valuable workablity. I want to remain useful to the UU, a helpful, trustful, associate.
How would you be an asset to the union?
I have adequate Medical training, and proper intelligence. I have worked with Union members before and read several books on proper behaviour within the rule of our benefactors.
Where do you wish to take your CCA career?
I wish to only assist the UU in any way possible, where they need me, I will flow to as if water, with no resistance.
What is your age?
I am 34 years old.

Any further notes will go down here, along with edits.


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Devildrvr's Metro Police Force Application Empty Re: Devildrvr's Metro Police Force Application

Post by L!ghtn!ng Tr!gger on Fri Jun 07, 2013 3:38 pm

Neutral, edging on -support. Expand your back story and RP examples and then i'll go +support. But for now, neutral

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Devildrvr's Metro Police Force Application Empty Re: Devildrvr's Metro Police Force Application

Post by Gerby! on Fri Jun 14, 2013 6:01 pm

Accepted - As Lightning stated, the examples were a little short, but it's obvious you have experience, and you know how to role-play. Ask a SA on the server for your whitelist, or  an owner.

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Devildrvr's Metro Police Force Application Empty Re: Devildrvr's Metro Police Force Application

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