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Post by doublethink on Mon Jun 24, 2013 5:23 am

Out Of Character Information
Steam Name: doublethink
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:43823540
Steam URL:
HL2RP Server Playtime: Three to four days.
I agree not to ask admins to check my application: I do.
Do you have any experience role-playing as an "Civil Protection Officer"?

Yes, one month of it.

Regarding Your Character And The MPF
Give an example between your loyalist and an MPF Unit: I am not in possession of a loyalist character currently.

Give an example between your MPF, and a group of heavily armed rebels: 

The story takes place near the forefront the slums. 19849 was assigned with an unexperienced officer to take a flanking path that was though to be relatively safe. I play 19849.

MPF-C17.GRID.02.19849 radios "Multiple reports of rebels massing within slum borders."

MPF-C17.GRID.DvL.16554 radios "Received. All units check weapons and ammo.

The Divisional Leader approaches 19849 and his small squad of five men.

MPF-C17.GRID.DvL.16554 says "This is all we have? It will have to do. 19849, take 87142 with you and flank from the left. All other units are on me."

MPF-C17.GRID.02.19849 says "Right away."

The DvL and his squad begin there insertion into the slums, while 19849 and 87142 flank from the left.

19849 walks down the too quiet alley way, he suddenly hears a branch break, from a foot stepping on it.

Hundreds of bullets suddenly begin being fired.

MPF-C17.GRID.02.19849 yells "Incoming, get down!"

MPF-C17.GRID.02.19849 sprints behind an old metal dumpster, realizing it will provide ample protection.

MPF-C17.NOVA.04.87142 yells "I can't see 198! Oh god! Help!."

MPF-C17.NOVA.04.87142 is hit directly in the head with a large caliber pistol bullet, killing him instantly.

MPF-C17.GRID.02.19849 watches as the young unit falls to the ground, the wound upon his head still smoking.

19849 is now pinned down alone in a dark alley.

MPF-C17.GRID.02.19849 radios "I need immediate fire support, 87142 is dead, we are facing unexpected heavy opposition!"

Bullets can be heard whizzing by in the background, their sound only muffled by the quality of the radio.

MPF-C17.GRID.DvL.16554 radios "Received, what is your location 19849."

MPF-C17.GRID.02.19849 radios "I'm.. I'm at point 7, Grid 31.

MPF-C17.GRID.02.19849 peeks his head over the shoulder, and catches a rebel running across the alleyway to switch cover positions. 19849 pokes his head out and unleashes a barrage of bullets.

The Rebel is hit directly in the knee and gut, knocking him to the ground. This notably shakes the other rebels morale.

The Rebel Machine-Gunner stops firing, presumably to reload.

All becomes eerily quiet.
MPF-C17.GRID.DvL.16554 finally arrives with his squad near the backdoor of the rebel encampment.

MPF-C17.GRID.DvL.16554 prepares to breach the door.

MPF-C17.GRID.DvL.16554 radios "Breaching in three, two, one."

MPF-C17.GRID.02.19849 listens intently as he is crouched behind the dumpster, hundreds of gunshots are heard, but he remains unsure of the victor.

The silence is finally broken after two long minutes of intense gun battle.

MPF-C17.GRID.DvL.16554 radios "We have one dead, two critically injured. Rebel threat neutralized. Requesting immediate HELIX units to scene."

The HELIX units arrive, as 19849 rises from behind the dumpster, covered in 87142's blood.

Give an example between an MPF unit and a free vortigaunt:

MPF-C17.GRID.02.19849 radios "Vortigaunt seen attempting to pick lock of cage."

MPF-C17.GRID.DvL.16554 radios "Received, amputate."

Kr'ivallu says "What say he? Please, do not!"

MPF-C17.GRID.02.19849 says "Silence, face the wall."

Kr'ivallu complies, shaking as she steps up to the wall.

MPF-C17.GRID.02.19849 says "Lock picking is discouraged, perhaps this will teach that to your peers."

MPF-C17.GRID.02.19849 raises his weapon, although he pauses for a moment. He then shakes off any feeling of guilt or anxiousness, and fires.

Kr'ivallu falls to the earth, her body lay now in a pool of blood.

MPF-C17.GRID.02.19849 radios "Requesting unit for cleanup."

Give an example between your MPF and a higher ranked unit:

MPF-C17.GRID.DvL.16554 enters the room, as 19849 scolds a Recruit for an accidental misfire.

MPF-C17.GRID.02.19849 yells "Attention."

All of the units stand upright and firm, with the Recruit stumbling, before he finally gets on his feet.

The DvL takes notice of the Recruits clumsiness.

MPF-C17.GRID.DvL.16554 walks upright with his hands behind his back, then speaks.

MPF-C17.GRID.DvL.16554 says "What is the meaning of this?"

19849 answers seeing as he is the second highest ranking unit in the room, the first being the DvL.

MPF-C17.GRID.02.19849 says "74284 had a misfire."

MPF-C17.GRID.DvL.16554 says "Haha."

MPF-C17.GRID.DvL.16554 points directly at the Recruit, then to 19849. He begins to speak.

MPF-C17.GRID.DvL.16554 says "Strike him with your baton thirty times, perhaps it will teach him not to make such mistakes again!"

MPF-C17.GRID.02.19849 says "Right away sir."

MPF-C17.GRID.DvL.16554 leaves the room, grinning under his faceplate.

MPF-C17.GRID.02.19849 salutes the officer, then turns to the recruit.

MPF-C17.GRID.02.19849 says "Tie his arms."

Your character's backstory:

Unable to conform the the lawlessness of the streets, justice is what he desires. After witnessing the unfaultering fortitude of the Combine rule during the seven hour war, Hans was drawn in, wanting to put his scientific knowledge to... better use. Considered cold, and distant by his peers, Hans considers himself all but ready to fall among the Civil Protection's ranks.

In Character Information
What is your name?

Hans Muller

Why do you want to become a part of the CCA?

To give myself the oppurtunity to progress in a way that would not be possible had I stayed a citizen.

How would you be an asset to the union?

My medical and scientific knowledge could be of use.

Where do you wish to take your CCA career?

To commanding officer status.

What is your age? 



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