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Post by MrDeath1255 on Tue Jun 25, 2013 3:41 am

Full Name:Alexander Richman|iNsAnITY GRID
Weight:157 LBS.
Build: Strong looking build

Hair(Shape+Color):Can't be seen under his mask but its Dark blonde  
Facial Hair:None
Details(Scars,Burns etc): Scars under his mask and a small burn
Hat:A gas mask.
Face: White gas mask with a Red bloody smile on it
Top: Long and tall but averange size.
Arms:Normal length quiet strong looking
Hands:Covered by gloves that have a Bloody smile face on them
Pants:Long dark blacked armored pants
Legs:Average size
Shoes: Dark red like boots.
Image of character (Picture): I would but i don't think i could get ap icture of him.

Backstory: Not many people know about him except he has no family he was a orphan who raised himself. Before the 7-hour war he was a normal man who worked a normal job when the attacked happened he got into everything and thought when he was in City 17 industrial sector he went into the office's and signed up as a CP, Later over his training and when he went patrol he slightly snapped something in his head and gave himself a nick name iNsAnITY  GRID was the name he gave himself and painted a smile onto his face using real blood. [Back story is shit probably i  was tired]



"You seem sad...lets put a smile on your face shall we?"

"You look so pretty with a smile on your face hahahaha"

"Smile smile smile."


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