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Post by Oryx on Tue Jun 25, 2013 10:44 pm

                          CIVIL WORKERS UNION

                     "Together as one, we will keep a goal. Duty."

              Civil Workers Union 23rs6ki


Civil Workers Union Resculapian: We take pride towards medical work, and the art of medical. We assist citizens in-needs of check-ups, and sometimes surgery. We consist of Doctors, Nurses, and surgeons, and we work together in one way that we call know, medically.

Civil Workers Union Factory Worker: We work inside the factory's of the civil workers union, we make sure the machines are running smoothly, and all the citizens working devices are all repaired. We are skilled towards repairing and duty towards the factory.

Civil Workers Union Speaker: We are the voice of the civil workers union, we make sure that the pride of the union and duty is spread out throughout the knowledge of the city. We give out public speeches about the union and our benefactors, and give a respective on our lives towards this activity. We share the knowledge and public speech and morale.

Civil Workers Union Business Management: We manage business that runs throughout the district, making sure that the economy in the city if perfect to the price that's inside the citizens wallets. The Manager discusses with the City Administrator about problems of economy throughout the city, then he tells us what to do about it. We share the knowledge of business and economic means.

Department of custodial services: We clean what the citizens happen for us, we clean what the units tell us for, we are the custodians of the city. We help out on messes in the apartments, and get paid well for it. We share knowledge of respect and cleaning.

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