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Post by Nobu on Tue Jun 25, 2013 11:02 pm

OOC Information
Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:9923881
Steam Name:-=AOU=- Nobu
Steam URL:N/A
Previous experience with faction: I have been an OTA on other servers over the years but most servers I played on they where rarely used.
HL2RP Server Playtime:a few weeks

I agree not to ask administrators or above to check or view my application.
I understand Overwatch are not robots.

Regarding roleplay with the Overwatch Transhuman Arm
What you think we expect you to do and how you should behave whilst utilizing this faction:

How you believe we expect you to behave whilst using this faction:To always follow my Commander Officer's orders. I am a highly Trained and modified Soldier. I am expected to act like one (Not LOL I AM INVICIABLE More like a Standard Soldier...)

Provide an example between an OTA unit and a loyalist:I Dont have a Loyalist Nor have I rped one

Provide an example between an OTA unit and a Patrol-03:
The OTA Unit Patrols the inside of the Nexus Spotting an 03 Sitting on the floor and proceeds to walk to the unit.
OTA Unit : Why are you not out Patrolling Unit?
MPF Unit : I am awaiting my Commander's Orders...
OTA Unit : Go on Patrol...Now...
The MPF Unit Quickly hops up and runs out of the Nexus Lobby Doors.

Provide an example between a squadron of OTA (3) and a group of heavily armed rebels (6):
     Shots Ring out in the construction site as the MPF Battle it out with Several Rebels...The OTA land on the roof top and scan the site spotting the battle that is taking place.
One OTA Unit Points to an MPF Nova who seems to be Working on a downed Unit... as the Rebels Press against the MPF Pushing the MPF back, The Nova Unit Screams for covering fire as she covers the unit so nothing gets in his wounds. The Ota Units React Quickly Hopping roof to roof until they all have clear shots at the Rebels the quickly form a firing line and take aim... In Unison the OTA Units Shot a wall of heated plasma at the rebels covering the MPF below...Instantly 2 rebels are cut down that the rest retreat as the OTA repel down the wall they notice the Nova Unit Dragging the downed unit away on a medivac Sled... The OTAs Boots hit that ground and instantly they all raise their Rifles aiming at the rebels as they run away and fire into them cutting 2 more down... the last two round the corner with MPF Units Chasing, The OTA Units run to the side in an attempt to cut the rebels off.. the rebels round the corner with with <PF in town and slow to a halt as they see the OTA with Guns Raised...
The two look at each other... one a man the other a woman ther man rasies his gun once more and the OTA put several rounds into him...The Woman now all alone looks at the OTA then looks at the MPF and Drops her weapons and Takes off her Vest and drops it to the ground... the MPF Advance up and Detain her the OTA walk up and look her in the face.. She looks the EOTA in the Lens of his Mask and the MPF Take her away...( decided to go with the Story mode instead of Just rp.)

Provide an example between a squadron of OTA (6) and a group of free vortigaunts (4):
     The Dropships roar as they fly away from the 6 OTA Units they had dropped. The OTA Gather Aroun to Review the Mission Plan... as they Finish a Flash of energy Lances out from a cave Hitting the Closest OTA... The OTA Drops to the ground dead...the OTA Units Level their Rifles and fire into the mouth of the cave a screech is heard the OTA Units Sprint to the mouth of the cave and peer inside it is dark so they all turn on their Flashlights they scan the inside and see a dead Vortigaunt... they plunge themselves into the cave in a tactical Coulum 2 to the front two one to the left and one to the right and one to the rear...they go in deeper and deeper until the reach a Dome shape in the cave... more energy lances out and focused fire is returned dropping two more vortigaunts when the ground begins rumbling the OTAs scan the Dome shaped area to see an Antlion guard rushing at them... they pour ammo into it, Reload, Then fire into it again making small retreats covering each other... as they do this they see a lone vortigaunt running away... as they near the mouth of the cave the antlion guard catches up and Bashes them together... killing four of them Instantly... As the last OTA Unit lay in a crumpled heap the Antlion Guard walks up to him and stabs its leg through him killing him...( Once again tried story and OTA are OTA Yes But they cant always win.)

Provide an example between an Overwatch unit and a PvC:( I am assuming this means the CA because I have never used the term PvC in any server I have ever played on)
   The train arrives at the train station and the MPF ready themselves. the train door opens and the MPF Stare as two OTA Units walk out with Pulse rifles ready then the City Administrator then two more the form a dimond formation around him as the walk towards the Nexus as a Citizen gets to close attempting to hand him a letter the OTA unit closes to hit Bashes the man with the Butt of his rifle the man falls to the ground and stays there fearing to be hit again...The Group continues on at the CA makes occasional stops to enjoy the Scenery and everytime he does the OTA Units go into High alert mode... after abit they reach the Nexus and go inside (This app looks like crap compared to my CCA one then again Im tired.)

Your character's backstory, including the reason and method in which they ended up in the Overwatch:
      Alison was a Promising young girl... Born and raised in Houston Texas in 1993, her parents didn't have much money but did everything they could to make her happy. When she was 5 she witnessed her brother die in a drunk driving car accident...for several years she was an emotional wreck up until she got to middle school where the joined the schools Football team...Working out at the practices and playing the games she felt alive in a way...on the day of the last practice she left the field saddened as she relived all her memorys of football  and her friends she walked home when she arrived she was greeted by her parents with the warmth they always gave her... when High school came  around she didnt want to play foot ball anymore and looking at all the other options for sports did appeal to her when she some student in what looked like military uniform she stopped and  asked them what it was for... she found out that it was for JROTC or Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps... A class in the school so she signed up for it she joined the Land Nav Team and the Rifle team...Learning Land Navigation with map and Compass was a hard ordeal Shooting the Various rifles they had she found fun High school seemed to breeze by.. after she graduated she joined the U.S. Navy and went though the SEAL Training programs she failed it 4 times until the fifth time She Finally passed it.. on Graduation day steh dressed in full battle gear for one final Drill when the Combine invaded....Her unit got together to form a resistance, but it was to late The Last thing she Remebers from that day was her and her unit being split into different rooms, Being stripped Naked and being injected with a weird some drug.....

Additional relevant information: (I was really Like Bleh when I made it so yeah)


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Post by Gerby! on Tue Jun 25, 2013 11:43 pm

ACCEPTED - I'm on my phone, so I'll specify reasons later.

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