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Forrest "Darren" James Empty Forrest "Darren" James

Post by Cag Sharpet on Thu Jun 06, 2013 2:04 am

Full Name: Forrest James
Race: White
Nationality: American
Age: 43
Gender: Male
Height: 6'2
Weight: 180 lb's

Hair(Shape+Color): Clean shaven
Facial Hair:
Details(Scars,Burns etc): Massive scar on his chest
Face: Long face, long brow and high cheekbones
Top: Ripped up sweater
Arms: Silver watch
Hands: Fingerless slash proof gloves
Pants: Baggy slacks
Shoes: SEAL Team 7 Boots
Image of character (Picture):
Forrest "Darren" James 38d765bf80c5a0f697b9df64916f8bee

Forrest James grew up as a fairly normal boy in America, his academic life thriving as well as his interest in sports. As soon as he graduated high school, Forrest made the decision to join the navy, and went off to training shortly. Graduating at the top of his class, he was hand picked to join SEAL Team 7, and quickly rose through the ranks, eventually becoming the commander of said team.

In 1981, Lt. Commander Jame's SEAL team was sent to recover electronic espionage equipment from the USS Santa Cruz, a spy ship that had unaccountably sunk with all hands just inside Vietnamese territorial waters. The SEAL team was transported to the target area by the nuclear attack sub USS Corpus Christi and then descended to the wreck in a small deep-sea submersible. Once at the wreck, some 900 feet below the surface, James and his fellow SEALs found it derelict, the body's of the crew spread out through it. After just a few minutes, James emerged from the water, claiming it was a soviet trap and begging the captain to get the sub away as quickly as possible. The incident was subsequently hushed up as a training accident.

James could never begin to remember what happened down there, or why he was the only one left of his team. He soon began to research the incident, by both fair and foul means, often lying to his superiors and staging break ins. This caught the attention of a conspiracy group known as "Delta Green," a group of ex-goverment employees who devoted what was left of their lives to uncovering government conspiracy's and showing them to the public, often going through extreme measures to do so. Since 1988 until the 7 hour war, Lt. Commander James has served as a resource for commando operations for DG. Proving on a dozen occasions, to be a discreet and reliable operative, albeit perhaps obsessed with slaughtering those who witness his illegal acts.

After researching the Black Mesa incident and gaining the slightest knowledge about the facility, the first portals opened, and knowing they were in over their head, all Delta Green members took shelter in a abandoned underground nuke silo located somewhere in the Mojave dessert. They stayed in said silo for a few months before running out of food, and knowing the chances, they sent 4 people out to scout the outside lands: Forrest James, Dimitri Degtyarev, Artyom Sabitov, and Richard Fields.


"We do the horrific to prevent the apocalyptic."

Extras: Mild PTSD, severe trust issues.

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