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Post by Oryx on Tue Jun 25, 2013 1:37 pm

(Source, Half life 2 wiki

Alright, after a while I heard constant complaints about the over-watch, and about how they are part human, some people even think there emotionless robots. For now, let me lay down some basics on what the over-watch have limits, and their skills. (This also goes for units, weaponry, and such.)


     "Despite the extensive surgery and modifications they receive, Overwatch Soldiers still appear to have certain human characteristics - for instance, they still feel pain, and during the Nova Prospekt chapter, Doctor Breen is giving them what appears to be a morale-boosting speech, and they sometimes can be heard shouting expletives in the heat of battle, indicating that they still have human emotions to a certain extent. For example, after throwing a grenade at certain Overwatch units, they can be heard saying "Shit!" before the grenade explodes."

- See what it shows, it shows that Over-watch units still have fears, pain, and they need morale during most combat. I'm sick when people say, "I hate it when OTA soldiers act like humans", they are humans!


Overwatch Soldiers are humans that have undergone extensive modifications including, but not limited to, brain and chest surgery, removal of genitalia, and implantation of various mechanical devices in the throat and around the abdomen. This procedure is carried out at Nova Prospekt and the Citadel. It is notable that in the B2 cell block of Nova Prospekt, after a few switches of a security moniter, a shirtless soldier can be seen lying on a table between two control panels. His eyes are open, indicating the soldier is not asleep, and is being prepared for clothing.

- They are modified, and brain wiped. They still have full emotions, but they aren't as emotional a little girl. Yes, there is times when they are gunning down rebellion members showing absolutely no emotion, but it's your character, how would your character react?


Ok, here's a VERY main one that I hate. This goes for both Rebellion, and Over-watch units. First of all, Divisional leader armor, pretty strong right? But guess what, multiple pulse rifle shots which burn as much as a cigarette and has the power of a 50. Caliber/10-50MM canon round would most likely tear inside it between three-four shots. Here is the weaponry and armor basics:

                                    Only adding the weapon damages that's needed.
Basic Kevlar
Pulse rifle: Two shots, kill.
Shot-gun: Doesn't really matter what round, this armor is like stuff you could buy on E-Bay, nothing that strong and resistant against any shot-gun round.
RPG: Easily killing them, sometimes even if their in cover.
Cross-bow: Deadly at all positions.
9MM/Revolver: 9MM would take maybe, four-three shots? Revolver would take his breath out, two-three shots close range, four in long. 
MP7: Multiple shots will kill the user, only one will hurt like hell.

Tier One Kevlar:
Pulse rifle: Rip through in maybe two or even one shot, burning the quickly.
Shot-gun: Depends, 10MM slug would take one shot, with-in a common 20 Gauge shot-gun would rip through in maybe two-three shots. 0/0 buck would pretty much kill the target with-in breaking all of their back bones.
RPG: Deadly, in cover would be fine. Shrapnel would rip it apart, going directly inside. Direct is a kill.
Cross-bow: It would take pretty much one shot. (Depends if you can get it right)
9MM/Reolver: 9MM Would take maybe around six-four shots, it would break while inside the armor or injure the target quickly, with-in 357 would take two-three shots, IN THE CORRECT POSITION, if far range, six. 44? Doesn't exist in this canon.
MP7: Multiple shots will hurt the user, and even more will kill. Expect this to be in a harsh position while being under fire by one. 

Tier Two Kevlar:
Pulse rifle: Rip through in maybe three-four shots, not a whole lot of burns.
Shot-gun: Depends, 10MM slug would take maybe three-four shots? Common 20 Gauge (Or 12) would rip the armor apart, would take at-least three shots. 0/0 Buck would RIP the living hell out of the armor, at the same time 
RPG: User would break bones if the RPG round was in distance, at the same time be heavily injured by shrapnel. If direct, kill.
Cross-Bow: If shot in chest, kill. If in leg, it would break their leg, meaning the user would NEVER be able to walk (Unless augmented).
9MM/Revolver: My oh my, 9MM would most likely have to take multiple shots to take, Revolver maybe four-three shots? Can even be six.
MP7: Multiple shots will hurt, but it would most likely take lots in-order to kill.

              All armor down here is very heavy, taking proper training to use correctly
                 (I'm not saying its impossible, but if not trained, its like a juggernaut vest) 

High Grade Armor (HgA)
Pulse rifle: Depends a lot, maybe around five-four shots would destroy it? But at the same time lightly defend the one wearing it. (Sometimes can take six)
Shot-gun: The only deadly rounds that would kill most likely would be 0/0 Buck and Four Gauge, Four Gauge is stuff only OTA would use though, so it would be pretty rare. Common 10 Gauge rounds would hurt the wearer pretty good.
RPG: Shrapnel would lightly damage the wearer, direct hit will hurt to shit, most likely either killing the one or some-how surviving. 
Cross-Bow: This is a hard one, it only depends were you are shooting them, chest would injure them heavily, leg would hurt heavily, but only a shot to the critical areas can do a complete kill, since EpU/DvL need to wear this importantly.
MP7: MP7 at this rank is not generally feared, you can literally run from fire at this, get shot four times, and keep moving. But the only problem is the fact if you get sprayed down by one. It will most likely take 1/2 or 3/4 of a magazine to kill.

Universal Union Dark Armor (UUD)
SeC-CmD-NOMAD-OTA (One of the most unique armors in the UU armory, its very heavy. Doubtfully anyone could carry it besides NOMAD and the SeC-CmD. Also, this armor isn't a type of Kevlar, it's different.)

Pulse rifle: This could even take even 10 shots, or even 15 if your lucky. The armor is not made on earth, it seems to be VERY strong with resistant power (It's pretty safe to call this a 'Bullet Proof Vest')
Shot-Gun: 6 Gauge is the only round next to 0/0 buck that can possibly break through this armor, others like the 8 Gauge or common 12 Gauge will take a tough time trying to bust this sucker.
RPG: Shrapnel can hurt less, since the RPG is pretty much human technology, shrapnel can barely effect this kind of armor. Direct hit would hurt to hell, put due to the armor grading, it would only injure, not kill. Unless the RPG round stabs the unit in the chest and blows up.
Cross Bow: Hell, the only thing that would hurt is the burning, it would stab into the armor, hurting the skin only slightly. It would have to take a unknown amount of shots towards the user in-order to kill.
SMG: This is the only 'deadly' type of round that will possibly injure the target. Now the others say, "They are generally feared" but since the SMG has constant fire on to the target, the bullets wont injure, but on impact it will force the target, or even go into the wearer that leads to lead poison. But in reality, you wont be scared of running in-front of one with this armor on.

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