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Out Of Character Information

Steam Name: [SN-Op] L!ghtn!ng_Tr!gger
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:36050460
Steam URL: (New members can't post links, once the 7 day limit is up, i'll post the link)
HL2RP Server Playtime: If this is for the server: Not long. HL2RP in general: I started back in 2010
I agree not to ask admins to check my application.
Do you have any experience role-playing as an "Civil Protection Officer"?: Yes I have. A 05, 04, a DvL and a 01.

Regarding Your Character And The MPF:
Give an example between your loyalist and an MPF Unit:
MPF unit: /me walks up to the citizen on the bench, a can in his hand.
Me: /me looks up, noticing the unit.
MPF unit: /me drops the can, saying "Pick up that can."
Me: "Right away sir!"
Me: /me stands up quickly, bending over to pick up the can.
MPF: "Good. Now put it in the trashcan."
Me: /me quickly walks over to the nearby trashcan, dropping it in.
MPF: "Good. Now apply."
Me: /me tells him his name and CID.
MPF unit: /me checks his data, looking up and saying, "You've earned 1 loyalist point." Before walking away.
Me: /me sits back down onto the bench, sighing and smiling slightly to himself.

Give an example between your MPF, and a group of heavily armed rebels:
Situation: My unit is captured by 4 rebels

Me: /me awakens, strapped to a chair with a bright light shining in her face. Wearing only a undershirt and light pants.
Rebel: "Good, she's awake."
Rebel 2: /me turns off the flashlight in the unit's face. stepping back. The unit can see 4 rebels, all wearing masks and carrying MP7's and shotguns.
Me: "Who are you? What do you want!?"
Rebel: /me attempts to rifle butt the unit in the face with his shotgun.
Me: /me is rifle butted, the chair tips over and his nose is broken from the impact. He squirms in the chair.
Rebel: "/y No talking asshole!"
Rebel 3: /me walks over, putting the chair into an abrupt position.
Rebel 4: /me chuckles.
Me: /me is able to re-focus on the situation around him.
Rebel: "Listen, we want answers. If you don't hand them over, it won't be a pretty thing for you, now will it sweetheart?"
Me: /me nods, now fearfull of the situation.
Rebel: "Now tell me. What's the quickest way to get into the CA's office?"
Me: "Gent b-bent."
Rebel 2: /me attempts to punch her in the gutt.
Me: /me is punched, grunting loudly and breathing heavily, looking up again.
Rebel 3: "Now, the information please?"
Me: /me shakes her head again.
Rebel 4: /me takes out a knife, stepping foward and driving it through her leg.
Me: /me howls in pain, crying a bit.
Rebel: "/y Answers! Now!
Me: /me quickly babbles out the information.
Rebel: /me nods to Rebel 4
Rebel 4: /me rips the knife out of her leg, covering it hastily with a bandage roll around her leg and secured with medical tape.
Rebel: "That's all the information we need."
Rebel 4: /me steps forward, rifle-butting her in the head with his MP7
Me: /me is knocked out, the chair tipping over.
/it The rebels leave. And after a week and a half the unit starves to death.

Give an example between an MPF unit and a free vortigaunt:
Situation: A judgement waiver occurs after rebels attack the ration terminal during a distribution.

Me: /me rushes into the slums, following a 05, 04, and a EpU.
/it The group turns the corner, and a vortiguant is there.
OfC: /me quickly pulls up his gun seeing the vort.
MPF 05: /me quickly does the same.
MPF 04: /me follows
Me: /me quickly pulls up her gun, arms shaking.
Vort: /me stops, staring at the units and thier guns.
OfC: "/y Get on the wall! Now!
Vort: "Ah, I see this one does not know the powers we present."
OfC: "/y Just shut the hell up and get on the wall!"
Vort: "This one is conflicted. For I should not be subject to this abuse."
OfC: "/y Last chance!"
Me: /me 's hands start to shake, attempting to aim down the sights and sight the vortiguant.
Vort: /me spreads his arms, and a green orb starts to emerge in the middle.
MPF 05: /me panics and fires a shot at the vortiguant, it landing inches away.
OfC: /me glares at the 05, yelling, "FIRE!"
Vort: /me sends out the orb before anyone can fire, it pushes everyone away with great force.
/it All the units fly backwards. The 05 hits his back against the wall, same with the 04. The OfC slams into the nearby door, (Grotto) breaking the door off it's hinges and sending him into the bar. And the other 05 (me) into the nearby trashcan.
Me: /me 's eyes flicker open, moaning in pain and soreness.
Vort: /me runs down the alley.
Me: /me is sitting down against the trashcan, she fires very inaccurate shots at the vortiguant.
/it None of them hit.
Me: /me passes out from the impact of the force.

Give an example between your MPF and a higher ranked unit:
Situation: A DvL is patrolling with my unit.
Me: /me walks with the DvL, in the plaza.
Citizen: /me runs past the next corner, slamming into the 05.
Me: /me falls over with the citizen ontop of me.
Me: /me attempts to punch him in the face.
Citizen: /me is punched, falling off the officer and landing next to here. holding his mouth and rolling on the ground.
Me: /me gets up quickly, unclipping her stunbaton from her belt.
MPF DvL: /me walks over, grabbing the citizen by the collar, hauling him up. and pushing him on the wall. Hard.
Citizen: /me grunts in pain, squirming to get out of the officer's grasp.
MPF DvL: "Shoulda punched him harder unit."
MPF DvL: /me thrusts his knee into the citizens groin.
Citizen: /me hollers in pain, slumping in the officers grasp.
MPF DvL: /me turns him over, slamming his front-side against the wall.
Me: "M-my mistake s-sir."
MPF DvL: /me chuckles. "Come over here and tie the fucker, unit."
Me: /me rushes over, saying "Yes sir!"
Me: /me attempts to tie the citizen, resist?
Citizen: /me doesn't resist.
Me: /me ties him easily, a zip can be heard and she ties him.
/it A group of citizens walk by, they look like there looking for something.
MPF DvL: /me ignores the citizens, crossing his arms as he watches the other unit tie.
Me: /me ignores the unit as well. Finishing to tie.
MPF DvL: Assaulting a MPF unit and resisting arrest. Take him in unit.
Me: "R-right. Yes si-sir.
Me: Sets her voltage up, striking the citizen across the back until he is knocked out.
Citizen: /me yells in pain with each one, cowering down.
Citizen: /me is knocked out.
Me: /me clips the stunbaton to her belt, bending down to drag the citizen to the Nexus.
MPF DvL: "You'll make a fine unit one day."
Me: "Th-thank you sir."
MPF DvL: /me nods, following the unit as she drags the citizen into the nexus.

Your character's backstory: Rachel Cliff, born in 1994. San Francisco, California. She was your average girl who lived on the coast. Her parents were High-middle class and loved her very much. She did the things a girl would normally do. Go to school, do her homework, and hang out with her friends. She was a normal girl. When she turned 5, her father died in a car accident, leaving her with just her mother, and a golden retriever named Jessie. To Rachel, Jessie was the best dog in the world. When she turned 8, she was on the honor roll and had straight A's.

When Rachel turned 10, she took a interest into paintball. On her 11'th birthday, she went paintballing with her dad, and 4 other friends. She soon got into paintball very easily, becoming quite good with it. So much that her dad spend nearly 6,000 dollars of equipment into her gear and guns. She even participated in some state-wide tournaments. Actually even placing some times. Paintballing soon became a hobby for her.

Rachel was 20 when the combine invaded. She didn't think much of it. Just some prank someone spread on the internet. But when she went outside and saw the massive dropships, she knew it was real. During the war, she hid out in her dad's basement with her friends. Her dad was military and was called away to help fight off the invasion. She never heard from him again. She watched and learned how everyone was rounded up and sent to these "city's" They called them. She watched how a world seperated by difference, prejudice, racism, and poverty, unite under one army. Under one flag. Under one leader. The combine. She has wanted to join them since and keep the resistance from ever seperating the world, ever again...

In Character Information

What is your name?: Rachel Cliff

Why do you want to become a part of the CCA?: I saw how a world seperated by many things was united by the combine. I wish to join because I want to stop the resistance with many loyal, trusted people who would give thier life to the combine. As would I.

How would you be an asset to the union?: I can provide a smart, learning person who will treat her higher-up's with respect and dignity, just like they deserve. I will not be a waste and will help in any way possible.

Where do you wish to take your CCA career?: I want to have a very successful career within the CCA and to make myself a valuable asset.

What is your age?: I am 22 years old.

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