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Post by JoeyCorpCEO on Sun Jun 16, 2013 3:36 am

Steam Name: JoeyCorpCEO

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:31092053


HL2RP Server Playtime: I have not played on the server for too long, but I have been playing HL2RP as a whole since 2010.

I agree not to ask admins to check my application. I agree.
Do you have any experience role-playing as a vortigaunt? Yes, on multiple accounts.
Are you enslaved or free?  Free.

Give an example between your Vortigaunt and a Rebel:
**The Vort is walking along the sewer catwalks when he spots a wounded man. He approaches the man cautiously, and begins to speak.
V: Your vitalities worry us, human. What is the matter?
**The man, coughing up blood, responds.
Reb: The combine found our hideout and gunned us all down. They shot me pretty bad, I don't know if I'm going to live.
**The Vort feels saddened about this, and responds.
V: You are brave for trying to make a difference, human. We harmonically resonate with your emotions.
**The man nods, although the Vort detects he's clueless on what he just said.
**The Vort then begins chanting in Vortigese, summoning the essence to help him.
**As the essence flows through his veins, he channels it to the man's metabolism, rapidly healing the man to the best of his abilities. The man's wounds begin to close. However, the vort is exhausted and is unable to finish.
V: We have done our best to help you, human. Go seek better help. We will stay here and spread your wisdom.
**The man bows gratefully, before running off for help.

Give an example between your Vortigaunt and a Loyalist:
**The Vort, visiting the surface for the first time since a month ago, has been found my a human. Identifying her armband, the vort deems that this human is a loyalist, and could turn him into the combine. The Vortigaunt attempts passive conversation with the loyalist, seeing if he can turn her mind around.
V: Hello, human. We have been blessed by your presence.
**The lady responds.
Loyal: Yea... sure...
V: May we ask why such a delicate flower such as yourself is doing in such a... desolate locale?
**The loyalist hesitates, before responding.
Loyal: Looking to explore this new area. Never been here before.
**The Vortigaunt notices that the woman is being sketchy.
**Before he can properly think it through, the woman speaks.
Loyal: Well, it was nice to meet you. but I must get... going.
**The woman starts skeptically walking away, giving it away
**Without thinking, the vort panics and fires a green orb of power, knocking her out.
V: Oh no... what have we done?
**Thinking fast, the vort disposes of the body in the sewers and goes back into hiding, should she remember and report him.
Give an example between your Vortigaunt and an MPF Officer:
**As a MPF officer does a sweep of the sector, he discovers the Vort's alcove.
**The Vort, confronted with a life/death/slavery situation, panics and attacks the man. 
**Shooting a green orb at the officer, the officer dodges and replies with a bullet to the back. The Vort weeps from pain, but stays solid. 
**The Vort then shoots a green bolt at the officer, catching him off guard this time. The officer gets blown back into the sewage, and the vort advances on him.
**Getting up close, the Vort and the Human have a physical fight. The Vort scratching the officers kevlar as the officer stabs the vort.
**They both get brutally worn, both damaged and hurt.
V: Why do you persist, human? What have we done wrong?
**The MP replies.
CP: It's... it's just orders. I- I have to follow them.
V: Do you enjoy following orders? Do you enjoy being the higher's slave labor?
**The officer pauses for a moment, but shakes his head and screams.
CP: Get out of my head!
**The CP attempts to stab the Vort one last time, but the vort intercepts with a quick bolt of energy, which stops the officers heart.
**Saddened by the death, the vort chants in vortigese for the officer to live on well in the next life. 
**The Vort then passes out from pain.

Your character's backstory: 
Etharg was born into the tyranny of the Nihilanth, never seeing any free days. As a young vort, Etharg dreamed of a future of freedom and peace. Although he never knew it, Etharg's dreams would one day come true. When the Freeman defeated the Nihilanth, setting the vortigaunt species free, Etharg left the Xen dimension for Earth. Upon entering, Etharg found the humans and decided to live peacefully amongst them. However, the good days were short lived. When the portal storms started, the combine invaded the Earth, dominating Etharg's friends and allies. Etharg wouldn't take it though; he wouldn't stand to be enslaved again. Etharg hid from the UU along with a handful of other vorts, being shipped by different resistances from city to city. However, in City 17, they were caught; and were to be amputated. Etharg narrowly escaped from the CCA, making his way to the outskirts of the city. Etharg now presides in the Industrial district of City 17, planning a new resistance to avenge his lost brethren and overthrow the combine tyranny.

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JoeyCorpCEO's Vortigaunt Application Empty Re: JoeyCorpCEO's Vortigaunt Application

Post by Gerby! on Sun Jun 16, 2013 9:29 am

DECLINED - It seems you put NO work into this at all. The examples should tell a story, not just how you would act. You may re-apply in two weeks.

EDIT: Ugh, I just woke up when I put this.... Being the dumb shit I am, I put "Denied." I meant to put PENDING. Edit it to the same way you edited your CCA application, please.

EDIT #2: ACCEPTED - Now that you fixed it up, it is an exceptional work of art. Your whitelist awaits you, my good sir.

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