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Isaac's Vortigaunt Application Empty Isaac's Vortigaunt Application

Post by Isaac~ on Thu Jun 20, 2013 4:03 am

Steam Name: [EG] Isaac~
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:19131794
Steam URL: Not allowed to post it.
HL2RP Server Playtime: Started a few days ago, trying to get more active.
I agree not to ask admins to check my application.
Do you have any experience role-playing as a vortigaunt? A bit as a free vortigaunt and a little as an enslaved.
Are you enslaved or free? Enslaved.

Give an example between your Vortigaunt and a Rebel:
*My Vortigaunt spots a rebel sprinting into D6.*
Rak'Vall: Sire.. this one.. wishes to come.. unbind me, sire, I beg of you..
Rebel: I'm sorry, vortigaunt, but I can't, no time!
*The Rebel runs to D6 quickly, Rak'Vall follow him."
Rak'Vall: Take this one in, unbind this one.. please..
Rebel: I don't have any knowledge, i'll contact some of my friends.. whats your name?
Rak'Vall: This ones name is Rak'Vall, this one is enslaved and has no happiness..
Rebel: I'll remember, i'll send help! Don't worry!
Rak'Vall: This one is very greatful.
*Rak'Vall bows his head, then runs off into the plaza.*
Rebel: Good luck, Rak'Vall!
*Rak'Vall begins to go to his regular duties of sweeping and cleaning.*

Give an example between your Vortigaunt and a Loyalist:
*The Vortigaunt is sweeping quietly, then goes over to the wall, leaning on it and resting.*
*A loyalist runs up to the vortigaunt.*
Loyalist: Hey ugly, get back to work!
Rak'Vall: Excuse me, sire?
Loyalist: I said move your ugly ass and get back to work!
Rak'Vall: This one does not command this one.. who be you?
Loyalist: I'm Doug, now GET BACK TO WORK! Or i'll have you KILLED!
*Rak'Vall makes a glare at the loyalist, still leaning on the wall.*
*The Loyalist yells out: GET BACK TO WORK YOU UGLY FUCK!*.
*A MPF turns his head, running over to the loyalist.*
MPF: Wall. Now.
Loyalist: Oi, I was just telling thi-.
MPF: Wall. Now.
Loyalist: B-
MPF: Want to die over this?
*The loyalist goes over to the wall, the process goes and the loyalist walks off.*
MPF: You alright, vortigaunt?
Rak'Vall: This one thanks you for the help and sympathy.
*Rak'Vall bows his head, and the MPF officer walks off.*

Give an example between your Vortigaunt and an MPF Officer:
*Rak'Vall is sitting in the jail cell for him.*
*The door opens, and a OfC looks at him.*
OfC: Its your time, vortigaunt.
*The OfC drops a bucket of water and a mop.*
OfC: Clean up the blood in the detainment room and the interigation room.
Rak'Vall: Yes, my sire..
*Rak'Vall picks up the broom and water, going over to the detainment room and beginning to mop.*
Rak'Vall: Sire, will I ever earn my freedom?
OfC: Freedom? HA! You'll never get freedom, you worthless worm.
*Rak'Vall looks away sadly, working harder.*
*After hours of working Rak'Vall puts away the cleaning equipment and goes back to sleep in his little cell, sadly, hoping one day, to receive freedom, and maybe get revenge on the putrid union, who destroys the everyday, friendly life of the vortigaunt and the civilians*.

Your character's backstory:

Birth and Enslavement - Xen
He was born in Xen, little Rak'Vall. He was born a wise, friendly vortigaunt, always trying to aid those around him. He grew up at a rapid speed, learning the ways of the vortigaunt, their intelligence and their powers, their physical abilities and odd parts that made them more powerful then some other races. Soon, ninalth came, and began enslaving many of the vortigaunts. Rak'Vall was enslaved by him, coming from Xen in portals and fighting against the people of the black mesa facility. Most of the time, Rak'Vall hid away and tried not to fight for ninalth, he wished to be a peaceful vortigaunt. He was a friendly, loving vortigaunt, who always believed in intelligence over fighting. Soon, ninalth was defeated by the fabled and worshipped by Rak'Vall, Gordan Freeman.

Combine Attack / Enslavement
A place known as earth, where the black mesa compound facility was, began to recieve portal storms. The people at Xen wondered about this odd occasion.. soon, the combine appeared and began enslaving the vortigaunts, young and old, of Xen. They were brought to earth to work for them. As Rak'Vall hid away, he was soon captured and sent into C45 as a slave for the UNION. Soon, he broke free and went in with the resistance, becoming strong and powerful for that city. Then, he was captured and sent to C17, they kept more watchful eyes on him, making sure he doesn't rebel at any times.

(I know the backstories kind of bad, but i'm not very good at these kinds of backstories, with vortigaunts and everything, also i'm pretty tired and i've been creating backstories ALL NIGHT :_Smile

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Isaac's Vortigaunt Application Empty Re: Isaac's Vortigaunt Application

Post by Gerby! on Thu Jun 20, 2013 3:38 pm

ACCEPTED - We're quite low on vortiguants, and it looks like you know your shit. Ask for your whitelist in-game.

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