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Blackjack's MPF Application Empty Blackjack's MPF Application

Post by BlackJack on Tue Jun 04, 2013 2:45 am

Steam Name: Blackjackâ„¢
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:31458926
Steam URL: Cannot post for the 7 days. Will edit then.
HL2RP Server Playtime: 5hr

I agree not to ask admins to check my application.

Do you have any experience role-playing as an "Civil Protection Officer"?
-8 months of it to be exact.

Give an example between your loyalist and an MPF Unit:

/me pulls her keys out from her pocket and places them into the lock on her apartment door, proceeding to turn it, unlocking the door.

/me opens the door, walking in and then closing the door, proceeding to lock the door behind her.

/me inspects the area of the apartment..

/it She finds an empty-clipped 9mm in the bathroom...

/me gasps lightly and runs toward the nearest MPF unit.

Me: Sir! I found a firearm in my apartment!

/it The unit stares briefly before responding, "Show me where, ma'am."

Me: Of course..

/me leads him toward her apartment..

/me shows him to the bathroom where the gun rests.

/it The unit picks it up and places it in his inventory.

/it The unit takes out his datapad and asks her name and CID.

Me: Snow Verisity.. 49898

/it He taps some stuff into her information...

Unit: You have earned yourself 2 Loyalist Points, congratulations. Continue on.

/me nods courteously, replying with a "Thank you, Officer."

Give an example between your MPF, and a group of heavily armed rebels:

/me stands at the Nexus doors, ready to leave.

/me checks his gun's ammunition, seeing it's at a full clip.

/me activates his radio and calls in, "Unit on duty, 10-8. Requesting permission to patrol Precinct four."

/it A brief silence before a response is heard, "Granted, take a few partners."

Radio [From SeC]: "VAMP.03-13498, APEX.02-00134, and REAPER.02-53951, make your way up and patrol with GRID.01-86753."

Radio [From the mentioned units]: "Copy that."

/it The three units follow suit behind the GRID into Precinct Four.

/it The squad comes into meeting with a rebel group of seven, they wield light kevlars and SMGs.

Me: Shit! Get to cover!

/me swiftly runs to a warehouse..

/it The APEX is plugged full of 5.56 rounds and drops to the ground dead.

Me: REAPER, cover me! VAMP, on me!

/it REAPER now has a hole through his head. He drops to the ground dead.

Me: We're getting court-marshalled!

/me turns to VAMP, who gives him a medpack in-case he is shot. "Thanks!"

VAMP: You are mighty wel-

/it VAMP is hit through the thin metal, a bullet skewering her neck. She profusely bleeds.

/me tenses, returning to her the medpack.

/it A rebel comes behind the GRID unit and smashes the back of his head with the stock of his SMG.

/me collapses, knocked out from the immediate blow.

/it The VAMP quickly bleeds out and dies off. GRID is dragged into the sewers, where his fate is to be later determined by who leads the rebel group.

Give an example between an MPF unit and a free vortigaunt:

/it The GRID unit patrols around the plaza precinct, getting tired as the time strikes it late at night.

/me notices a green creature with a large red eye, inspecting it.

/it He seems entranced by curiosity and slight amazement.

Vort.: This one means no harm to the Union... This one wishes that the Unit means no harm to this body.

/me shakes his head, shaking off the daze, realizing the being. He draws his 9mm and runs after the now-fleeing vortigaunt.

/it The vortigaunt makes it's way into the sewers, taking advantage of the dark environment surrounding him.

/it The vortigaunt charges his vortessence, being the elder he is, he performs the action with great ease.

/me runs past the door, having missed it in the dark, smelly sewer.

/it The vortigaunt uses his foot to push the cracked-open door outward. He turns the corner and fires the charge at the unit.

/me turns, but is blown backward by the explosive force of the vortessence.

/me yelps, trying to hold in his organs, growing weaker as he bleeds profusely.

/it The vortigaunt makes his way toward the unit and blasts him in the chest with another vortessence.

/it The unit falls limp, his body resting at the bottom of the 3-ft water height.

Give an example between your MPF and a higher ranked unit:

/me walks the streets, patrolling the plaza district.

/me notices a man, who chatters to himself propaganda and insane ideas..

/me activates his radio, calling for help. Being the RCT he is, he didn't know what to do.

/it An EpU arrives, staring down the man and flicking his stunstick on.

EpU: Citizen, stand up and face the wall!

/it The man doesn't listen and ends up being brutally brought up and shoved into the wall.

/me flinches lightly, watching the EpU do his job..

EpU: Citizen, Apply!

Crazy Man: The name's Jack Shepard!


Crazy Man: #75899

/it The EpU pulls out a tie and attempts to constrict the man, who tries to resist but fails, being held firmly.

/me stands back, amazed at the EpU's skill and strength...

/it The EpU throws the man to the ground and walks to the RCT.

EpU: You did the right thing calling me, recruit.

/me nods, helping the EpU get the citizen up.

/it The RCT carries the man to the Nexus jails while the EpU uses his datapad to place information to trial amputation, Mental imperfection and resist of arrest.

/it The man is later amputated after passing trial. The RCT heads to the barracks and makes his rest, until the next day.

Character Backstory:

Born and raised in Russia, a girl named Snow Verisity stayed with a loving, medium-classed family. She lived a noisy and non-tranquil life in the city of Moscow until she found a terrible steep downward slope that represented her life.

Snow grew up thinking of the future. She had imagined what all others had imagined in their time: Hoverboards, self-lacing shoes, automated pet-feeders, robots.. She, of course, was wrong like most others. She only found herself to be cowering in fear as the Seven-Hour War ravaged on...

The war ends, and Snow is forced away from her family and pushed into a train. She rides into a city where she lives a miserable and malnourished life. She finds a strange being, he has armor around his body and wields an SMG. She stares at him as he walks by, he nudges her and puts a finger to his lips, signalling to tell no one...

Snow thought it over and looked for what was to be the police of the city, which were these tall, muscular men and women in suits. They wear gas masks, strangely. She reported the rebel, who was in turn found some-two hours later and amputated. The strange, tall being awarded her 3+ Loyalist points and sent her to move along.

Snow walked along, shuddering from a slight fright and starving. She comes to conclusion maybe joining the rebels would help fix the hunger problem. It seemed impossible because they might know that she turned one of their best comrades in and had him killed. They figured it out and knocked her out, proceeding to drag her back to the plaza unnoticed.

She awakens to terrible headaches and cramps. She knows she wouldn't have the hunger problem solved and gets up, starting for home. Snow comes across a poster, stopping to read and view it.
"Sign up today for the Metropolitan Police Force if you wish to protect the civil society and city all around you!"
She pondered a minute as a broadcast came about, blasting over the city, reminding citizens that serving the Union will lead to a better future that everyone desires.

Hearing the broadcast, Snow thinks it over and decides that maybe it would be the right thing to do and fill out an application.

Snow finishes her writing and hands the form in.

Now... she waits.

In Character Information:

What is your name?: Snow Verisity

Why do you want to become a part of the CCA?: To serve the glorious benefactors and further continue the hard-work and loyalty to the Union.

How would you be an asset to the union?: By assisting in the removal of the rebellion and uncivil behaviour. To protect civil society.

Where do you wish to take your CCA career?: To go as far as I can, and still shoot for the heights of ranks and respect.

What is your age?: Twenty-Eight years of age.

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Blackjack's MPF Application Empty Re: Blackjack's MPF Application

Post by Devildrvr on Tue Jun 04, 2013 9:48 am

Average application, nothing special. Few to none grammatical errors, backstory checks out. Just one thing, you didn't neccessarily have a solid reason for your character wanting to join the UU. I mean I assumed it was for the basic benefits of not starving, more elaboration on that would be nice. And, you're from russia, but your name is...Snow? Hah, doesn't matter, still an alright application all around. +1 to rep or whatever the fuck


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Blackjack's MPF Application Empty Re: Blackjack's MPF Application

Post by Gerby! on Tue Jun 04, 2013 2:43 pm

Don't know what Devil's mumbling about 'Average application' I loved it, myself. Though, I tend to go a little easy on people's apps.

+Support, +1 rep... Whatever the fuck we use on here.

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Blackjack's MPF Application Empty Re: Blackjack's MPF Application

Post by 5ym5 on Tue Jun 04, 2013 3:12 pm

We will use +____ pick whatever you want for it (Ie +Spaghetti)
Edit: Also Accepted

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Blackjack's MPF Application Empty Re: Blackjack's MPF Application

Post by BlackJack on Mon Jun 10, 2013 12:07 am

"Few to none grammatical errors"


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Blackjack's MPF Application Empty Re: Blackjack's MPF Application

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