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Skittles CCA Application Empty Skittles CCA Application

Post by 5ym5 on Mon Jun 03, 2013 3:54 pm

Note: I posted this for Skittles because he cant log in :S
Steam Name:[HL2SG] Skittles
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:45420277
Steam URL:
HL2RP Server Playtime: 3 or 4 hours
I agree not to ask admins to check my application.
Do you have any experience role-playing as an "Civil Protection Officer"? Yes!

Regarding Your Character And The MPF
Give an example between your loyalist and an MPF Unit:
/me Notices a Rebel run by in an ally way.
Justin Laurence: Oh god! I need to find a unit quick!
/me Runs quickly over to the nearest unit
Justin Laurence: Officer! I just saw a rebel run by in an ally way!
Unit: Alright! Show me were you saw this rebel! Quick!
/me Nods and motions the unit to follow
/it Justin and the unit run back to were Justin saw the rebel
/me Points down the ally way
Justin Laurence: Down there sir!
Unit: Alright, stay here!
/it The unit runs down the ally way and yells Anti-citizen!
/me Stares at the unit and notices him reloading hi 9mm
Justin Laurence: Oh god!
/it 9mm Shots are heard with a human scream then silence
/it The Unit runs back down to Justin
Unit: Alright, Citizen, you have earned 3 Loyalist points! Move along!
Justin Laurence: Thank you sir. . . . .
/me Nods and walks off

Give an example between your MPF, and a group of heavily armed rebels:
/me Takes out his radio and speaks into it
My Unit: Unit is on duty, 10-8!
/me Unclips his 9mm and slams a full mag into it
/me Runs out of the nexus doors
My Unit: Alright, lets see what happens today in this city, Haha!
/me Starts to walk around the plaza when noticing a citizen run into an abandoned CWU Building
/me turns safety to [OFF]
My Unit: /radio Citizen spotted walking into abandoned CWU building, going to check it out. . .
/radio (another unit): Copy that, inbound!
/me Quietly walks over next to the Abandoned CWU building door
/me Waits for another unit to accompany him
/it A unit runs out of the nexus doors over to the CWU building
My Unit: Alright, Stay behind me, Go sharp, Watch for anti-citizens
Other Unit: Copy that!
My Unit: Three. . .Two. . .One. . .Inject!
/me Kicks the door open
My Unit: Civil Protection! Come out now!
/it Three resistance members pop up from behind the counter
My Unit: Shit, Get down!
/it The two units duck behind a Small wall
/it the Rebels begin to fire at the two units position
/me Pops up and begins to fire at the rebels with his 9mm
My Unit: /radio Overwatch! We have heavy Resistance! 10-20 Old CWU building!
/radio Overwatch: Copy that! Inbound!
/it the two units start firing at the rebels when one rebel gits hit right in the head by a 9mm built
My Unit: Got one! Haha!
Other Unit: Taking fire! Ah! I'm hit!
/me looks over at the unit to see a bullet went right under his Kevlar and hit his chest!
/it The Top window of the building bust open and Overwatch units come down from ropes
Overwatch: /radio At 10-20! Engaging Heavy Resistance!
/it The Overwatch Units begin to fire aopn the rebels killing them One by one
Give an example between an MPF unit and a free vortigaunt:
/me Walks out of the Nexus doors
My Unit: /radio Unit on duty, 10-8!
/me Walks out to the plaza and up to the ration distribution
/it a vortigaunt runs by the door to the slums quickly
/me Notices the vortigaunt and runs over to the doorway to the slums
My Unit: Biotic! Hold it right there!
/it the Vortigaunt turns and stares at the unit
/me Shakes a bit at the vision of the large, built vortigaunt
My Unit: B-Biotic! I said hold it!
My Unit: /radio Biotic In slums! 10-20 Slums Block two!
/radio "Indistinct Radio Chatter" Adv-vice biotic S-Spotted in S-slums Block Two!
My Unit: Stay right there!
/it the Vortigaunt Runs at the unit
/me Pulls the trigger and hits the vortigaunt in the left leg
/it the vortigaunt trys to run but falls over
/it The sounds of other units running is heard
/it Other units rush around the Vortigaunt
My Unit: Biotic! Your coming with us!
/me Grins under his mask

Give an example between your MPF and a higher ranked unit:
/me Pulls out his radio and is about to speak into it
/it a DvL speaks through the radio
/radio Unit! Come to my Office now!
My Unit: /radio C-Copy that!
/me Runs up to the elevator, goes up and walks up to the DvL Office
/me Opens the door
/it the DvL is standing right in front of the unit
DvL:Well then! I've heard of what you did with those rebels at the CWU building. . .
/me Clears his throat
My Unit: Yes sir, I spotted a citizen run in so I engaged. . . .
/it the DvL Nods
DvL: I see. . . and how was that situation taken care of?
my Unit: I called Overwatch to come and engage the Rebels sir. . .
/it the DvL nods once again
DvL: Well unit you did the right thing, Engaging suspicious behavior. . .
/me Nods
My Unit: Yes sir. . .
DvL: Oh and for your brave act of engagement! Here. . .
/it The DvL holds out a higher ranked armband
/me Looks down at the armband
My Unit: Thank you sir. . .
/me Reaches and takes the armband. . . .
/me Takes the old armband off and gives it to the DvL and puts the new one on
DvL: enjoy that promotion, You earned it. . .
/me Nods and turns and walks out the door. . ..

Your character's back story:
Justin Laurence has always obeyed and helped the Union in any way he can, He's always been loyal and reported any suspicious behavior he saw. Justin always wanted to join the Union but never got the chance to. He lives by himself in an apartment. Justin was relocated from City18 to Industrial. He has never helped or joined with resistance, he stays away as best as he can from resistance. His mother and father died from age in City18. His sister and older brother were relocated to different citys. Justin is unable to see his brother and sister and does not know if there even still alive. Justin has little medical experience from being a doctor for a bit before the combine took over earth. During the seven hour war Justin didn't bother to help the resistance during the war. He accepted that the combine would and will take over. When in City18 Justin had met with many groups of resistance. He's always turned them down and reported them. Justin was once forced into a group, but he decided to tell the Union that he'd been spying on them. The Units agreed that if he took them to the resistance he'd get more Loyalist points. When Justin took them to the base he knocked and said "It's Me guys open up!" The door opened and they saw Justin standing there Grinning with two units next to him. The Units shot and killed many and took some as prisoners. When Justin was 3 years younger when his uncle was still alive, a group of resistance found Justin and his uncle. They forced him to give everything he had to them and never tell anyone. They took everything from Justin and his uncle. The Resistance members shot his uncle because they couldn't trust him. They left Justin for dead with nothing. That day Justin had a huge hatred for the Resistance. He swore that He'd Turn in any rebels he saw. All of Justin's family is either dead or in a different city. Even tho Justin is alone by himself he likes the feeling of the Union there to protect him. He feels more secure than any other Citizen because of many of his loyalist points. Justin found out a little after he was relocated to Industrial that one of his friends had joined the Resistance. Justin new that he was the only friend he had in Industrial and that He knew he would get killed. Justin didn't care that his friend would be killed because of resisting the Union. The next day his friend was caught and ordered to a public amputation. Justin stranded in the back grinning at his friend that was about to be killed. His friend saw him and before he got shot gave him the middle finger. After that Justin had no hard time of turning in any rebels he met. He swore to the Union that he'd help in any way he can and become a loyalist and useful to the Union.

In Character Information
What is your name? Justin Laurence

Why do you want to become a part of the CCA? I want to become part of the CCA to protect civilization and stop anti-citizens from breaking and destroying civilization!

How would you be an asset to the union? I would obey and command I was given, I would act fast and quick to any actions of resist against the laws, And be tough, strong, and aggressive to all citizens.

Where do you wish to take your CCA career? I wish toa achive farther into CCA by Ranking up and being useful to the Union! I wish to become more aggressive and honorable to my Superiors, and to also teach recruits and help them achieve there goals in becoming CCA! I wish to also Join JUDGE as a 01 or the EpU!

What is your age? I am thirty-five years old.

]Application Filled out by; Citizen: Justin Laurence, CID:#30083]

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